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  1. Rain on me rain rain on me! bop bop bop bridge should be the chorus tho!
  2. Love the new haim! Trey songs released a new song too, highly recommend:
  3. Love Again I like her use of samples on this album, I guess that the nostalgia part.
  4. I don’t care if it’s a Mariah copy, I like it, give it here Ariah, I want it in full
  5. Wtf, does she not have any old people she cares about. How stupid and selfish can one person be. Also, why on earth is gymnastic camp still open!!
  6. It makes me feel gross and I’m think whitney would HATE it.
  7. Me! I love Niall, he makes the bops and this album is no exception. I highly recommend it.
  8. Every new song I’ve listening to tonight has an air of nostalgia about them and I’m living for it. The line from this song: “I’ve been getting comfortable on my own and ****. Loving it, I can handle it” the melody is from an old song, what is it! It’s driving me nuts.
  9. Bop for sure. Could have done without the rap. Lol this gif bops exactly to the music of the song.
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