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  1. I had a dream with Circusney some weeks ago. Her waist was so slim and she was wearing the ringleader jacket, then she took it off and had a tight black corset. She was nice and quiet. We were at a barn next to a Supermarket
  2. I actually like Robyn. She never gave me bad vibes.
  3. Solo lei los mails y dan miedo pero no entendi ni mierda de lo de la movida de la iglesia de Lou
  4. "Go to the light and see Jesus" era algo que Lou Taylor le dijo a Britney y ella la imito haciendose la burla. Eso es 100% seguro y me entristece
  5. One of Britney's most iconic phrases (at least for the fans) came from Lou. I can't keep up with this
  6. "GO TO THE LIGHT AND SEE JESUS" - Lou Taylor It was her all this time!!! I f**king CAAAAAANNNNN'TTT!!!! https://www.justjared.com/2007/04/14/britney-spears-hat/
  7. I think neither of them posts in Britney's ig page. Britney must send what she wants to the social media manager for her team's approval. But her team takes care of the promotional posts and stuff like that, like in every celebrity's social media.
  8. The videos with her kids were staged by Lou's request?
  9. The quotes with minion pics, food pics and other stuff weren't from Britney? What's real?
  10. She was imitating Lou, I can't Everything makes sense now