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  1. Early Mornin' Heaven on Earth Born to Make You Happy Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know Boys Shattered Glass Man on the Moon How I Roll Tik Tik Boom
  2. Why is Jamie doing this ? I mean, if it's for the money he could just ask Britney to give him some and I'm sure she would give it to him ! Is it about the sentiment of power ? I really don't get why a father would do that to his daughter, that is sick. I decided not to buy anything until she's free. And it's hard because I've waited so long for those vinyls that urbanoufitters is selling right now..
  3. OMG I'm so late !!! WHERE CAN I FIND IT ? Edit: Found it
  4. It's probably just a cameo to present the challenge of the week or something like that
  5. I think she could have a come back. She just needs the right sound (at the right time...) For exemple Cher made her biggest come back at 53 years. "Believe" is her most successful hit and it came out almost 30 years after the beginning of her solo carrer. You never know. When you lose someone or almost lose someone it can be life changing experience. You are reassessing every choices you make. Maybe seeing her father like this has given her more strength than ever. When shitty things happens to you, you're experiencing a phase where you're so angry at life and all the things you can't control that it makes you stronger. Maybe she'll come back very strong. At this point of her carrer, anything can happen. What we know for sure: 1 - she'll never come back the way she was and if you think that, then you're probably very delusional. And 2 - she definitely needs time right now. excuse my english if I made mistakes I'm french
  6. I remember watching the NRJ music awards live on television and it was insane! She was fierce, beautiful and humble. There was also, Beyonce, Kylie Minogue, Madonna and many other celebrities that night so she probably thought "I have to nail that performance".
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