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  1. Rebel Heart is literally better than any album Britney has ever released

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    2. ImpossiblePrince


      It's dubbed as her Ray of Light 2.0, it's not bad at all, on the contrary, it's one of her best albums ever, Ray of Light, Erotica and then Rebel Heart, it's literally the best album of 2015, the lyrics on the album are very fresh and innovative, the album sounds amazing, it's controversial and a masterpiece, MDNA is sh!t, Hard Candy is mediocre, but Rebel Heart is literally perfection, hear the Super Deluxe Edition sweetie and you'll hear how perfect it is, and I can't at you all thinking it's bad, you all literally have no taste in music at all, this is like the album Britney should had instead of that stain of disgrace on her discography that's Britney Jean :britlook:

    3. Jack Falahee

      Jack Falahee

      I heard that edition... even BJ is still better than that thing :rip: 

    4. Cedric


      Rebel Heart isn't a bad album at all, but it's not better than any album Britney has ever released, let's be real.