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  1. There's no reason why any Britney album should have less than 4 music videos, so i wouldve made them for: Freakshow, Ooh Ooh Baby, Unusual You, Phonography, Inside out, Passenger, Hold On Tight, Till its Gone, Love Me Down, Change Your Mind, and Man on the Moon. Perhaps the biggest missed op was not doing a mv for Tom's Diner. Id like to see more collaborations too
  2. I love the turn-around on opinion Phoebe gives a a good variety of emotion in her music. Of all the new releases today, her new album is surprisingly my fav.
  3. Not sure if many people are familiar with Phoebe but she is a secret hit machine. I first learned about her when she opened up for Tove Lo about 4 years back and instantly fell in love. "Dark Side" is an EDM banger, "Middle Finger" is relatable to anyone whose been in a relationship and "We Wont" is a raw duet about breaking up. Going into this new era, Phoebs released 4 pre-singles all offering the same type of diversity ("Ring" is my fav). I was surprise just now seeing this is her first FULL first album. I've only just started listing to it about 20 mins ago, but i'm loving it. She has a soothing soft voice over euphoric EDM melodies. Check it out
  4. ive listened to the album a lot today. i was hoping for more feedback in this thread. its not my fav from them - but every album is a appreciated gift For Her and Sleep at night are my favs
  5. Oh, oh, and even in my darkest days Even in my lowest place, you love me the most And even when I can't stay, even when I run away You love me the most
  6. I find the question and choices absurd. She should keep releasing music as she is, work with any of the many other producers. And if you dont like the music, dont listen. Theres a lot more to life than "having a hit" for artists
  7. She dances and sings more like Janet(especially her more mainstream pop hits, "all for you" and "Nasty") But I feel she personally prefers Madonna - has collaborated or covered with her several times - Human Nature, Like A Virgin, MATM, Burning up and covered playing her songs all the time in IG videos and photoshoots.
  8. "Swifties are sending death threats to writers who didn't give Taylor Swift's new album "folklore" a perfect score" example No. 6784280 of toxic pop fans
  9. DAY 28: A song that makes you think about life. Country songs always cut to my heart strings a little more.
  10. I personally prefer Dua, but kinda thought the question was silly - ofcourse Ari is the biggest of them 3, and almost 80% agree
  11. I find music to be distracting during ***, especially pop music. I dont usually listen to industrial, but i find that to be the best for this category.
  12. This has at least 10 cameos, including Miley, Alexander Wang, Diplo, Katy Perry, Rita Ora, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, & Kanye. I wouldn’t count Nicki Minaj as a “cameo”, but she is FEATURED in the video as well.
  13. Love the Marina selections Lead Singer, Beth Ditto has such an under-appreciated voice and this lyrics match the theme so perfectly: One step closer, I'm feeling fine Getting better one day at a time I'm moving forward with all of my might I'm headed toward a new state of mind
  14. iv'e never been a kanye fan, always viewed him as arrogant. but some of his songs are quite good
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