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  1. I feel like until Circus she was just pure talent (that natural rhythm, swag, style, instinct, call it whatever you want) that in Circus was just overshadowed by the previous events, which she still hadn't fully recovered from. In POM she is just an executioner, a good one, but without natural instinct. It would be if I were learn how to sing. I would probably learn how to hit the notes correctly and sing other's song, but I couldn't create one of my own that it's creative and original. That's because I don't have that talent. Does it make sense?
  2. I agree. And if he wanted Britney lifestyle for himself, then he should have tried harder to be a good husband and stick around instead of disappearing to chase his going-nowhere career, leaving a pregnant overwhelmed young wife with an infant at home. Karma is a ***** indeed. He can't have it all. It's not fair.
  3. She's really good and shows the execution is a problem not the show itself. Although even though she nailed wb,I still don't like it as a choreo. It's just not fluid at all (dunno if it's like that because she copied britney in that too)
  4. I think "compulsive head nodding" should be included. She always does it, sometimes with a shocked face, even when it has nothing to do with the song/lyrics instead of truly perform the song with facial expressions
  5. Right? As an Italian I would say everyone should stop eating pizza if they're not Italian! But seriously though,I think cultural appropriation is when one uses other culture over a longer period of time as if they were from that culture. Like if you start talking with an Italian accent and act as if you were Italian when in fact you're not. That's at least how I understand cultural appropriation. Dunno if I'm right.
  6. Does anyone have a working link to download the dvd of the concert?
  7. The beginning reminds of a song from the O.C. which was used as promo for the second season I think. Don't remember the title though
  8. I've always thought she spins way too fast at the end
  9. I've always thought that 'I will still love you' would be perfect for my wedding... it has a beautiful meaning and her voice is amazing. I think I will want to play it at my own wedding... one day
  10. That why I said they would. they would get everything if she were to die today with the current will still in place. It's a good thing she decided to change it
  11. As of today, with the current will, they would get everything at 18. With the changed will, a fund would be placed, which they will get at 18, then more at 25, finally everything at 35.
  12. I don't know why I'm doing this to myself. It's like when you watch reality tv and you cringe but at the same time you wanna know how it ends
  13. And it's so cringy I can't even. I mean, I was expecting it to be like that but still... currently watching the dance off scene and it's eye-ripping They made her look so stupid! Who else has watched it?
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