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  1. I hated Slave when I was a kid but for the past couple of years it has been my favorite of hers!
  2. Oops because it was the very first song I heard from her. And I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing at the time! I was in kindergarten. It has always been one of my favorite songs because it is what got me into Britney! I Will Be There is up there as well because when I listened to it as a kid, I remember thinking Britney (and her music) would always be there for me when I was sad lol
  3. For some reason this pic reminds me of 2008ney. Specifically in FTR when they were driving her to her car. at the 15 second mark
  4. I had kind of a similar thought earlier today, I know it's kind of random but has she ever been to anyone else's concerts before? When POM was happening we would always hear about other celebrities attending, but I don't think I have ever heard of Britney going to anyone else's concert before.
  5. Love this! You did such a great job. I Will Be There has always been one of my favorite songs off BOMT. I'm dying to know if there is a full version to the demo!
  6. When people say "I'm such a huge BRITTANY Spears fan!"
  7. "Messed with Brit, boy, you must have tripped" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kl29pIC-vLo
  8. Baby one more time, Stronger, Oops - this one was cool because I was in urban outfitters and it was Black Friday, so it was PACKED and the music was so loud! My Only Wish - heard this on the same day as Oops because JCrew was already playing Christmas music lol One time when I was working, we had our doors open and some drunk fraternity guys were walking past my shop singing Sometimes. Another time, I heard Sometimes when a car was blasting it with the windows rolled down when I was at work again lol
  9. It was definitely tabloids making stuff up...she does not mention this stuff at all. After reading the book, I looked up old articles that claimed that Lynne mentioned those things in her book, and all of those articles piggybacked off of a U.K. article that fabricated her losing her virginity at 14/doing drugs at a young age and other things that were just not true. People loved to bring the Spears family down and make money off of them. It's so infuriating!
  10. I finished Lynne's book Through The Storm recently and this encounter was definitely mentioned in the book!
  11. I've had a Miley phase but that kind of died down. I've always been a casual Taylor Swift fan but after watching Miss Americana, she is definitely way up there for me now. Not quite like Britney, but I have been listening to her music nonstop for a couple of weeks, watching her music videos, etc. I think I'm starting to become a Taylor stan lol. I have so much respect for her as a person and artist.
  12. Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know! I have been listening to it nonstop after watching this video again: For me, this song is SO nostalgic and these outtakes are so pretty. I wish I could find a full instrumental version like the one in this vid. I love how it sounds around :09!
  13. I was at that show! February 19, 2016. Such a fun night. I was in the pit and the crew that was filming some of these promo videos was in front of me at times, and my phone camera would keep focusing on them instead of Britney when I was taking my own videos. 🙄 lol And then I met her the next night! 2016 was such a great year for me.
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