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  1. The "she's not capable" comment could be made for various reasons that don't mean mentally. She could not be capable of sitting there and that pig because they aren't ever going to subject her to that. She's capably not able to be present, because they're not going to let her. He would just twist it anyways - just like the "she's not capable" comment. So bullet dodged.
  2. The winner, crowned last night, Yvie Oddly wore neon green underwear last night that said "Free Britney" in her winning performance.
  3. This forum has literally come to this: One single thread. She has no f**king fans/career. Bahaaahahah.
  4. Shade room has been giving her so much love lately. They also posted the "Scream" dance and loads of positive comments were left. Love it in all this bullshit.
  5. I don't know anything about mental illnesses but I don't think she had one until AFTER her conservatorship. That's when the actual obvious anxiety began, and persists to this day. So sad.
  6. So you're changing your tune and suddenly your'e team #FreeBritney when they're showing their true colors?
  7. Honey, you already look insane. You don't seem to care about that in the first place.
  8. you old guys don't have snapchat do you? hahahaha.
  9. Why is this the cutest thing ever? Should I make more? I'm on instagram! (Alright y'all are in one of your moods. It's just a bit of fun.)
  10. If you seriously think the Britney we had from 2010 to now has helped her by being in a conservatorship something is wrong with YOU. I hate her f**king dad and her team. She's been so riddled with anxiety, if she didn't have mental health issues they certainly gave her them. It's been obvious to fans, the media and the general public for years. She was not like this before when she was so called "mentally ill" and needed to be under the conservertorship. I can't believe they drugged her, took away her human rights, her children and her not surprisingly her will to live. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? No wonder she gave up after 2011. I really hope there is an end to this and we can see the real Britney again. I miss her so much.
  11. Exactly. I'd love for her to be out of it because I think it would give her a giant weight off her shoulders she doesn't even realize is there. But all recent signs prove she's not CLEARLY not ready. But she hasn't in the past 5 years. She currently is alright with how things are. She said it in the instagram video. Not since IWG has she, around the time when she last petitioned.
  12. Are you on an antidepressant? Cuz your nostalgia is giving me mom having a meltdown vibes.
  13. Should she be released from her c-ship? Certainly. Is Lou a homophobic alien being? That's to be determined. Until we have the facts. Shhhhh.
  14. What's left of Britney's fanbase is crazy. It would take a crazy person to stay this long tbh. And I'm at the top of the list. With Jordan.
  15. I've come to the conclusion that one of two things is happening with Britney. 1. She's content with the c-ship. 2. She is trying to turn it over but doesn't want anyone on her team to know, thus with the fans going crazy and stirring things up. Lord. I think it's going to stay in place either way.
  16. Wendy's opinions aren't even her own. She asks young interns their opinions and then steals them. Old crunchy *** doesn't even know what's going on in pop culture actually. She's an invalid.
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