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  1. Ugh Robin is horrible. Remember I am Britney Jean, when they asked Robyn if Brit was ok working on her birthday, and she's like, "She's GONNA work on her birthday". See second clip here.
  2. No it's a bug with the pop-up ads. They are too big for the screen so I can't click the X. Sometimes the ads don't show but the site freezes and I can't click anything. And sometimes when I click on a link, a sidebar menu pops up that is also impossible to click X on. I often have to reload the page several times to make this go away.
  3. For me, lately, it's that there are a lot of bugs when using this site on mobile. It's frustrating enough just to manage to get into a thread sometime, so I don't want to use the site more than 'necessary'.
  4. She's so cuute Lately she's looked so calm, confident and happy, and she has a spark in her eyes again. It makes me happy
  5. I've listened to this all week long! Favorite part is the mix of MATM and Gimme more
  6. Not related, but will the bug with the ads be fixed sometime soon? Most of the time I can't use this site on my phone anymore cause the ads are too big for the screen and the site just freezes. It took me forever to get into this thread
  7. Circus all the way. I love that tour! FF is when I started following britney again, after having been a fan as a kid in the early 2000s. Seeing her made me so sad and shocked over how much she had changed. She didn't look like she used to, didnt sound like she used to, and it was clear she was medicated through the roof. It still makes me sad to see her music videos and shows from that time, cause she was so out of it and should not have been in the spotlight in my opinion.
  8. There's something so weird about the whole situation. If it's true it burned down, I still don't get why she didn't get new equipment until six months later. I really hope she wasn't forced to say it.
  9. A few days ago, one of the biggest news papers in Sweden wrote about Britney not being allowed to have more kids. People in the comments were super shocked she was in a conservatorship, saying her father is terrible and stuff like that. Really nice to see people defending her
  10. But she said it had burned down six months ago and she still only had two pieces of equipments 🤔 why didn't thry buy equipment before?
  11. Wasn't her gym burnt down and she only had two pieces of equipment left...? 🙄
  12. There are other ways to help her with her mental health than forcing her into a conservatorship and stripping her of all her rights.
  13. I'm so happy they are writing about this, exposing all the shady stuff! I remember when this first was exposed. Apparently they only wrote she had dementia when they wanted to start the conservatorship. When they prolonged it they never wrote she had dementia again. Obviously shady.
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