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  1. Who wouldn’t be happier having a sense of self. We all need a purpose in life. I just hope and pray she goes back when she is emotionally ready and goes back because “she” wants to.
  2. I love the entire album except for Private Show.
  3. I think there are “brilliant” Master Minds working with Britney. Britney and her Team have always been in a “league” of their own. Why be a follower .... when you can be a Leader. 🌎
  4. I would love to see this Britney again. 🙏 LOVE this performance.
  5. Who knows. Who cares. It isn't any of our business. Peace
  6. Britney has serval redeeming qualities... One of her best qualities ...... is her ability to overcome challenges and opticals that comes her way. This woman has been beaten down numerous times by the media/ general public and by sone of fans but she never gives up. I respect her so much for her strength and for courage. This is a positive thread only.
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