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  1. She should have just stayed seated with Ellen and announced it then. Ellen could ask her a few simple questions and then she'd be able to leave, and we'd all be (at the very least) satisfied that it wasn't a Desert Performance 2.0
  2. They should have done this closer to the olympics when he was relevant. Just kidding, it's sweet either way.
  3. I still can't tell if this was better or worse than GMA 2013... Like, on one hand she actually spoke at GMA, on the other hand we kind of knew what to expect this time.
  4. OK the projection is actually pretty impressive given the size of the building. They have a real budget for this show.
  5. omg this megamix alone is a gift. we can close our live streams now, it ain't getting any better
  6. 5 minutes left... So we all agree she's going to perform Apple Pie live from the mojave desert, right?
  7. I'm anxiously having flashbacks to the GMA 2013 meltdowns. But we know it's a residency this time, so it's already 100% better than that mess.
  8. IDK, but I really liked hearing her in those animated reindeer movies I watched around last christmas
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