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  1. It seems like whenever people want to discredit something/someone they resort to bringing Sam L**** up. It happened in 2019, it happened in 2020 and several other occasions. Cases in point: BG were NOT the ones bringing his shady *** back to the conversation in 2019 by the way. In fact they advised against it, same as when fans started trying to contact other similarly shady people from Britney's past in their quest to find dirt against Team Con. Y'all said "anything people could find to use against them would be good no matter the source" and I still remember that because I disagreed as obviously that person's always been just as bad for Britney. I'm pretty sure BG has denied being connected to him in their comments before. Just like when people also said they had been sued/subpoenaed or w/e by Team Con and that's why they were MIA in 2019, or were actually working with Team Con, I don't even remember there's been so many accusations (and again, they've never reacted childishly). They've never been a fan update account either, so I don't know why some of you expect them to be making daily or even weekly posts now when they don't find that necessary to the case. I do feel like they could/should block his account so he's not leaving comments on their page to make it seem like there's a connection but I have a really hard time believing they suddenly are in touch now when everyone knows how vile he is.
  2. Yes, clearly I've been the snotty troll wanting to change the discussion in this thread whenever it suits me...
  3. I don't know about you but literally nothing I've learned about her case has entertained me and would ever make me call it "fun", if anything it enrages and disgusts me but that's just me I guess. Britney deserved much better than this, and still does.
  4. Huh? They may not be publishing court docs every other week but they do keep fans informed, especially around the court dates, which is realistically when any substantial movement regarding the case will happen. How is ANYTHING about Britney being under this conservatorship considered "fun"? ...
  5. Why would BritneysGram want to "distract from real issues" when they were the ones beginning and continuously drawing the most attention to it when people (like those Its Britney ***** Podcast guys per example) kept belittling/condemning them for doing it? Make it make sense. Hell they had a whole episode of their podcast dedicated to another conservatorship case unrelated to Britney (well, not unrelated cuz Jodi was also the guardian for that old lady) precisely to cast a light on how prevalent that type of abuse is in the American judicial system. It's been pretty obvious where they stand since day 1 if you've been following from the jump.
  6. But what else do you want BG to say exactly? Their post was enough and not confusing at all? They posted their thoughts and warned fans of what they believe regarding that other account. We can judge and form our opinions after that, I'm not gonna report LFB's account or call them names. I'm glad they apparently managed to get their hands on and share some docs explaining stuff but I'm also gonna question what they do share and the commentary/how they share it from now on when I never really paid much attention before. LFB also had the chance to react and respond and yet they made a fool out of themselves. I'm also sort of glad something like that was said because I've had this feeling lately with certain social media posts that some fans seem to just want Jamie out and might be wondering more frequently whether Britney is ok with the cship as long as he's not involved... And what exactly do they (or anyone) gain with them saying that? Seems like what they mean with stuff they post needs to be explained a lot, that says enough.
  7. But the abuse is not just coming from them, even if they're the main perpetrators there were a lot of other players that allowed (and continue to allow) such disgusting abuse to happen via the corrupt legal system in the first place. That wasn't "small stuff" and I read the full post, that was a beyond STUPID thing to say with a straight face no matter the context, just like the Kingham nickname. If it wasn't for BG most of us probably wouldn't even be here right now talking about this to begin with whether you'll admit it or not, so for LFB to also claim the voicemail was faked and whatnot is ALSO an extremely unhelpful unnecessary comment. And that's a lot of stupid commentary already coming from them.
  8. While that is true I do appreciate now knowing LFB was saying stuff like "while conservatorship abuse exists, it is NOT what's happening in Britney's case" and going around calling King to her court-appointed lawyer, someone who has been more than compliant for over a DECADE to the ABUSE Britney has been under. That is pretty inexcusable, hurtful and misleading as hell to people following the case through their page so I'm glad BG called them out. And besides, it's not like they kept being messy and immature like LFB have with how they reacted since then. BG themselves have had accusations thrown at them since the moment they broke the story and never behaved like them on social media.
  9. Without BritneysGram voicemail #FreeBritney wouldn't have gotten 1/100 of the traction it did. Doesn't Britney herself support #FreeBritney? Enough said. I always thought it was odd how that Lawyers account (and a few others) kinda came out of nowhere but I just assumed they were legit passionate fans about the cause, then again I never followed them like that to form a proper judgment so I'll just believe the ones I've been following all along and thats BritneysGram.
  10. Maybe if we ask the guy he'll say what he remembers the director telling him about the original story for it?
  11. They might have, clearly she shot other stuff since we've actually seen the other leaked scenes too lol I think the guy was just saying the original GM video plot was supposed to be better/more complex, I wish he would've elaborated and explained what the concept was so then we would know for sure... and then he solely referred to the day when she shot the strip dance scenes since that's the video that came out and to like give an insight into her mindset at the time I guess.
  12. Was this already known? Sorry if AP. So film critic/writer Jordan Crucchiola and director Sam Wineman started a podcast together recently called Aughtsterion about 00's horror films: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/i-know-who-killed-me-2007/id1540688394?i=1000501219991 This week's episode was about Lindsay Lohan's "I Know Who Killed Me" that came out in 2007 and when they start contextualizing it (Lindsay's character plays a stripper in the film) they mention the Gimme More video that also came out that year. During that bit (starts around the 9 minute time stamp of the episode) Sam says he actually knows the director of the Gimme More video and was shown the original treatment for it which was supposed to be a commentary on what was happening at the time with Britney's life. Just like with the original treatment that was pitched for the Piece of Me video where Britney was supposed to be crucified on a cross made out of tabloids, but Britney's camp pushed back and she wasn't able to jump in that idea. As for the shooting of the Gimme More club scenes, Britney just showed up to set with her hat and wig that day and said she'd be there for half an hour and insisted on dancing on the pole and that's all they ended up using for it (as we already know). ( I wouldn't blame her if she might've been over it and the fact she was unable to go forward with the ideas/concepts she had originally been presented for videos and stuff :/ ) If you don't want to listen to the full thing there's a clip of the bit abt Britney here: https://voca.ro/15jiefRa30iy
  13. The fact EVERYONE in the media had been overlooking this for years (and her team has been continuously trying their darnest to scrub as much as they could off the internet over the years), and the fact there's waaay more stories and of her own personal vids like this... People dragging idk how to embed properly: etcc Paris in blackf*ce: Paris and her military accessories in 2010 doing the **** ****** salute with her friends in a yacht: There's so much and there's stuff from when she was already in her 30's from the last decade too
  14. There's not gonna be a Mean Girls 2 (with the original cast that is) sadly, Tina is referring to the film adaptation of the musical that was announced earlier this year and nobody wants
  15. And OP you mean mean Fashion Nova selling Britney's iconic sexsi tank top* lol I thought Iggy was selling it on her webstore or something and was like huh? lmao
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