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  1. The fact EVERYONE in the media had been overlooking this for years (and her team has been continuously trying their darnest to scrub as much as they could off the internet over the years), and the fact there's waaay more stories and of her own personal vids like this... People dragging idk how to embed properly: etcc Paris in blackf*ce: Paris and her military accessories in 2010 doing the **** Hitler salute with her friends in a yacht: There's so much and there's stuff from when she was already in her 30's from the last decade too
  2. There's not gonna be a Mean Girls 2 (with the original cast that is) sadly, Tina is referring to the film adaptation of the musical that was announced earlier this year and nobody wants
  3. And OP you mean mean Fashion Nova selling Britney's iconic sexsi tank top* lol I thought Iggy was selling it on her webstore or something and was like huh? lmao
  4. Really good piece, hope it gets mainstream coverage because it also shines a light on how incredibly shady conservatorships are in general when a lot of people seem totally unaware it's a thing and can be a complete sham.
  5. I can't believe y'all are still giving this man a platform. For all the **** you guys post daily about how Lou is this and that and tried to put Lindsay Lohan in a conservatorship too etc you seem to forget Sam was also what appeared to be very much preying on the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes when they were at their lowest and Courtney Love herself (a vocal #FreeBritney advocate) got a restraining order against him as well. This is shameful and hurtful to #FreeBritney in terms of public perception and quite possibly Britney herself.
  6. "So while it’s possible that this is an example of a thoughtful conservatorship that was implemented as the last resort and is being reviewed carefully, thoroughly, and regularly, that is not the norm for conservatorships, and it appears inconsistent with what we see of Britney publicly. Our view is that in general, conservatorships should be viewed with skepticism and used as a last resort. In most cases, it’s done routinely and without substantive engagement." https://www.aclu.org/news/disability-rights/how-conservatorship-threatens-britney-spears-civil-rights/ period
  7. Girl he most likely knows nothing about her current situation, at best he just wants attention and worse case scenario he's already trying to leech his way back in. He's probably like a less threatening Sam Lutfi in terms of intent. It's fine and all if they allegedly feel bad now and want to support her but their past actions (which literally all contributed one way or the other to her being in this position for over the past decade) mean they should do it from afar and not centre stage like this. The fact at the first sign of her possible being a bit more "free" after all these years these shady people come out of nowhere to be associated with her name again doesn't bother you at all? It's like y'all weren't around last time these people had anything to do with Britney. GOD I really really really really hope she has/finds good trustworthy honest people in her life and to surround herself with if she ever gets to that place.
  8. Britney's fanbase? More like Britney herself, no wonder things got to where they did back in the day and these and other worse leeches took advantage of the situation especially with her being such a genuine soul. Very depressing and if she ever is "freed" I hope she's able to stay away from people like them and has a GOOD kind and trustworthy circle around her even if that must be incredibly hard to find and have for someone like her.
  9. A bit more assured after those tweets by BritneysGram. Still skeptical and hesitant and think there's a real need to keep a close eye on the likes of Lou and especially Ingham/Jodi though - are they just afraid of the conservatorship sham/scheme in general being exposed/more public knowledge so it won't be as easy to exploit other people in the future with it so they're finally trying to look out for Britney's interests now too so they won't look as bad/evil? or do they still have other shady plans to keep making money at Britney's expense in the future? I guess we'll sadly have to wait as usual, ugh. Wishing for the best!
  10. Isn't this just as bad if not worse (considering with her father at least her own family was involved)? This will be a bunch of people unrelated to Britney who have no reason to care for her wellbeing having the ability to profit huge money out of her being in this bizarre legal situation... They're playing the public since the Free Britney movement and fans have been so focused on being anti-Jamie that the general public believes HE might be the sole problem and not the WHOLE conservatorship, they done trying to play us all but keep their cash cow! Don't forget that whole BritneysGram episode with that old man whose mother had been conserved and exposing Jodi as a completely vile unscrupulous individual!!
  11. She's focusing on Sam Lutfi cuz he's unreliable and just as shady as they are so they know he makes Free Britney look bad, fans should stop using his words as the truth or being anywhere associated with him tbh
  12. Read some people on social media saying it felt like from what he's saying that B wants out but is comfortable with having everything done for her under the cship... to me it felt more like it's "she wants out but at the same time idk if she can manage even the most ordinary things of her life if she does cuz she always had someone doing it for her" but then again he never even somewhat seemed to imply she has some sort of ongoing serious health issue/disfunction that would prevent her from being able to do those things, it all still goes back to what happened in the late 00s so... it seems like he just sees her as a little girl or sumn?
  13. The "women of the family" comment did come across as VERY tone-deaf (at the very least and not to outright call him out what he obv seems to be).... and the fact he has a daughter... Anyway, at least he said there was a need for it in the BEGINNING and confirmed that she's always wanted out so. We couldn't realistically be expecting him to be spilling insider tea and give raw honest opinion/throw his family under the bus in this random podcast. Unless yall were expecting him to suddenly go rogue/against his parents and team he's been around for decades?
  14. I don't trust anyone close to her since they haven't said **** about this obviously being a corrupt disgrace (in some way or another) for over a decade.
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