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  1. She doesn't put on a show better than anybody else, stop kidding yourself. Do we have to use the VMA's as an example of how singing live and including a bit of choreo/good outfits and staging can do WONDERS for a performance? Rihanna comes to mind. I can't with the excuses 'she's always lipped'. (Which by the way she HASN'T!) WE EXPECT IT BUT WE ARE ******* SICK OF IT!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Thank you! There are so many of us that are beyond sick of it, is there ANY way of letting her team know? Or do we just sign out and forget about her?
  3. This is it, she's stuck in the past and her team/fans who worship everything are not helping. She obviously doesn't realise how bad she looks lip-synching to cd vocals ALL THE TIME and doing nothing but moving her arms around; it's embarrassing. I just wish someone would tell her the truth. Fixed
  4. Wtf, she's Spanish? Last time I checked she was American. Spanish people are from Spain Britney. "She's a baby" and she's outperforming you darling, STEP IT UP or step down.
  5. You're right. She'll never be taken seriously and will be remembered as a mime artist who forgot how to dance! Yay!
  6. Because people have the false hope that she'll grow, get better, try to prove to us why she's on the stage in the first place. Is it so beyond your imagination to believe that a singer should SING?1 Just because she's known for it doesn't mean she has to keep on doing it. Blame her, not us.
  7. Yeh, I agree with you on that; there's no need to keep mentioning the breakdown. I didn't like the performance no. I've been really vocal (no pun in tended) about the lip-synching but I've got to the point where she actually angers me watching her moving her mouth to the words and still getting it wrong! The dancing doesn't save it as it's all arm movements and silly faces. It's like watching an amateur sometimes. It's incredible to think she's been doing this most of her life and yet can't seem to get it right. I just feel like it's ever gonna get better and she's ruining her reputation as a good performer. I mean, when your die-hard fans are saying it, it might be time to listen? Or not as is always the case...
  8. It wasn't really nice though. I'm sorry but I don't understand how you can say that seriously? What was nice about it? That she was there? The dancing was out of sync, stiff, reliant on moving her arms all over the place. The outfit was awful. The vocals were a mess as they used the cd vocals each song sounds like a completely different person (a 16 year old girl being one of them!). She didn't record pre-recorded vocals, didn't sing one word live. She looked pissed off quite a lot.... im genuinely curious to know what was nice about it? Maybe we're watching something different?
  9. I don't think it was harsh at all. They even said it was fun. It was completely fair if you ask me. They didn't bash and they made an effort to point out the positives. They told the truth.
  10. It's funny how she has an interview with Radio 1 today and BBC basically just spilled the truth tea all over the place. Nick Grimshaw was at the show (don't know why as he seems to dislike her) so no doubt they're all talking about her lipping, lack of energy, bad dancing etc. and then they'll welcome her to the studio later all smiles and *** kissing. To be honest I hope they just cut the **** and ask her live on air 'will you ever sing live again?' The girl needs a wake up call.
  11. I agree with it. How can you make hand gestures look fierce? They're so wishy-washy and even when she was dancing a bit more, it just looks so stiff. I don't understand why she can't dance anymore She doesn't sing and she can no longer dance, what's left?
  12. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-37489913 "It was all great fun but, without the elaborate set pieces of her Vegas production, Spears' shortcomings were left exposed. Her vocals rarely seemed to be coming from the microphone, while her dancing lacked attitude and bite. The choreography was over-reliant on hand gestures; and Spears showed a tendency to slip in and out of time, like a clockwork doll whose mechanism had worn out. Frustratingly, Spears showed glimpses of her former glories - pulling off a series of impressive lifts, as well as a punchy dance breakdown during Womanizer - but the routines more often felt like they were stuck in the rehearsal room."
  13. Im not surprised as everything is so predictable anyways. I'm disappointed yes, but she hasn't surprised me in a long time. I thought with it being her first show in the UK for so long and it being a festival she'd have the decency to pre-record vocals though...
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