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  1. Another classic case of someone with anxiety meeting someone with anxiety....in a high stress situation. I would be angry too if I was in your position, but you have to step back and realize a few things. You seem like a sensitive over-thinker (I am too, not judging) so you built up the situation in your head to such an immense level that no matter what happened you would be disappointed. You put all that pressure on yourself, and evidently projected that onto Britney who we all know can be awkward/anxious. It was a recipe for disaster from the get go. I think we all need to realize (without making extreme excuses) that Britney is at the end of what's been a fairly extensive tour, shoved onto and off of planes in and out of hotel rooms and probably doesn't have the heart or energy to say no more M&G's / is also contractually obliged to do them. I would be so f**king exhausted if I was in her shoes and forced to meet my fans (of which there are millions) in these weird/tense situations where both myself and the fans are herded in and out like cattle. As usual she needs to step up and take more control for the better of herself and her fans, but yeah that doesn't happen. Not with the current system in place. It's neither her or the fans fault, it's just bad management and planning.
  2. Sorry I phrased that badly, I was referring to the Work ***** single art which was unforgivably just awful. Britney Jean's album cover is possibly the only good thing about that campaign (the colour version tho imo..)
  3. Well whatever that entire album was cheap trash even the cover is an assault to look at. Everyone inc. Britney was asleep at the wheel and I think she did that album to get her 8x album contract over and done with. Glory was her voice and the songs were good so It's all redeemed in my book. NEXT
  4. technically.....this is the full original choreo
  5. The other options are great but if we wan't a hit single Better is the only realistic choice, CYM is too latin gay clubby, If I'm Dancing is too left (I'd die of happiness if they were brave enough to do it as a single) and LMD/DYWCO/LIAR/JLM don't have enough impact, publicly speaking.
  6. Better because it's current but not annoyingly current and catchy/infectious also the music video if done right would smash I' thinking tribal-esque/latin dancing at the beach/in water
  7. To make more money? Also some contracts between producers and the label mean that some songs are released only in some territories. Don't complain Hun if we're getting extra **** wtf
  8. I voted for If I'm Dancing cause it's so special and different but realistically the best contender for a radio hit imo is Better it's got the same modern beat a la Love Me Down/JLM but it's catchier and well......better
  9. So there's no OFFICIAL single cover art for Slumber Party? ......have covers become a thing of the past? I love that each single gets a cover and that pic of her getting out of the car is amazing it just needs some don't slapped on it ugh I hate her teammmmm
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