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  1. one more thing.... isn't this new music coming from the guy that said his new music was 'edgy' and 'groundbreaking' last year, before giving us a piece of audible trash with the lyrics "Girl you got that yummy yum, that yummy yum..."
  2. unbelievably gross. Justin Bieber has been slamming pop music for the past year, claiming his sound isn't "POP" anymore. 'Off The Wall' is the most funky, bluesy piece of perfection. I'm not here for Chance watering it down with comparisons to Justin Bieber's whiny r&b/pop cluster **** of a sound. Next thing we'll here is that Demi Lovato's new music is better than 'Janet'. **** RIGHT OFF.
  3. Too bad she doesn’t like it, because forced or not it was hands down her most interesting work. 😬
  4. there was no way they were gonna let Captain America and Thor disappear 😂
  5. Miley Cyrus is a fun one to rank like this. She really has so much talent, and such a unique voice. Since the first record I was so curious to see where she'd end up, and tbh, while 'Can't Be Tamed' had some fun fillers, it felt so generic and blah in the grand scheme of things. I think 'Bangerz' is one of her best in the sense of the artistic statement she made, and the complete lack of ****s she had to give about people's opinions. For me though, 'Plastic Hearts' is her defining moment thus far. 'Younger Now' was great (in my opinion), but for me it almost got ruined because it felt like Miley desperately trying to retract the artistic statement she made with 'Bangerz', which was so sad to watch. 'Plastic Hearts' though. THIS IS Miley Cyrus. It's a little ***ual, a little edgy, A TON OF PERSONAL, and that raspy pop/rock vibe she excels at. For me this record gives hope to what Miley Cyrus could be in the future, which in my opinion is what an album should be..... a reflection of where the artist is now, and a glimpse of the future
  6. I think this haircut is like a right of passage if you want to be a truly exotic / but feminist pop star. It's overdone, and so basic at this point. Hence why Katy Perry (though I personally thought the was so cute with it) hated it on herself. 😂
  7. Dude I want more success for Zayn. Unpopular opinion, I loved that he had the balls to step out of 1D, and I thought his debut was catchy! The last one was a bloated mess for me though, so hopefully this one will be better.
  8. I find this behavior gross in general. No disrespect .... it’s just not for me. That’s probably my own personal issues with my own skin, but I wouldn’t find this kind of post flattering regardless of whether she looks like Kim Kardashian or not.
  9. She flops because she’s a needlessly whiny, self-centered, drama Queen. Not only does she have an opinion about literally EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, but she feels some sort of compulsory need to constantly share those opinions. Frankly, it’s not exclusive to Demi.... ANY person like that is generally unlikeable Frankly, I’ve always loved Demi’s music and respected the hell out of her vocal ability, but these last few years of constant trips to rehab followed by “comeback” anthems, it’s enough already. I’d love to see her disappear from the industry for a few years, grow up, develop the solid relationships in her life that will bring her personal fulfillment, then come back strong as a better person. just my two unimportant cents
  10. I’ve said it 1,000 times.... Nicole is PCD. Without Nicole, the group is a burlesque unit that belongs in Las Vegas strip club.... you know, the classy kind. I thought ‘React’ was fun, and I was all about seeing the dolls back again. Guess that’s one more thing miss Rona canceled.
  11. This is such a hard one! It makes me so sad to think Britney might just disappear, but honestly, she deserves it. It’s sad to realize what the internet / pop culture took from Britney. They’ll teach psychology courses someday around it. Nobody took a harsher beating than Britney. This Woman gave up her Dignity, her health, and even her kids. She lost her humanity and became a brand. That’s not ok. When you think of it that way, my God does she deserve to be done. I can’t imagine how I’ll handle that news, but hey, best to Britney either way.
  12. I mean.... these comments are super Negative, sorry @Jordan Miller, but I feel pretty negative about Demi too these days. She just gets worse and worse for me. Consistently ignorant
  13. My God I'd love to hear that demo! Here's the thing though... I love what Pharrell said about the song. It didn't feel right for Janet, and she knew that. It's a little young for where she was at in her career, but for BRITNEY.... for Britney this song was an iconic smash. She was the right age, she embodied pop culture at the moment.... it was a perfect match.
  14. New hair? How about yet another lip plumping? Poor girl. I feel like Demi Lovato has NO IDEA who she is as a person. Each year we get a new version of her. I guess no amount of celebrity fixes something like that.
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