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  1. this is literally my feelings.... but I don't feel comfortable not giving Oops the award of a pick..... so I'll say it's 50/50. I'll just combine them into one song!
  2. This is breath-taking. Katy's voice is so unique... I've always loved her ballad work. This song has such a simple message, It makes me prefer the simple production featured here. Love Katy
  3. this is the most important news, in all of the most important news that's ever existed.
  4. Let's celebrate being old together. In the case of these jack-off's, I'm happy to call myself 'Old'.
  5. I won't even watch the video. I wouldn't give any of them the soapbox to cry on. @JordanMiller's reference of mind, "Kim........ people are dying", couldn't be more accurate. YouTube has become SUCH A JOKE. Back in the day people were so creative. Now it's just a bunch of jack-off's acting like, well, jack-off's, until years later when they can cry about acting like jack-off's, and apologize. This whole 'influencer' lifestyle we've allowed as a culture to thrive, is disgusting. Each of these people-- Tati, James, Jeffree, Shane, the blond brothers who's names I can't even remember right now, because I don't give a ****... they're ALL pathetic. It's not about brands anymore, or creativity, it's about DRAMA for revenue. Because that's all ANY OF THESE PEOPLE, will ever be. It makes me so sad to see millennials and teens idolizing this kind of lifestyle and behavior... yet on the other hand, the only positive thing I've seen from quote on quote 'Cancel Culture', is the opposite millennials who just have NO PATIENCE for this crap in their generations name. Let me just say, i'm all for people creating a brand. Do your thing, it's the American Dream. I also understand we're not all starting from a position of fame, or the Kardashian level of sucking up to the right people until you get an eventual empire off the ground. Some of us have to work HARD to create something from nothing, and to be taken seriously. But when it stoops to levels like this..... just drama, lies and bull**** in the name of clicks and add revenue, we have to seriously re-consider where we're at as a society. And why now, TATI? Because Shane Dawson is under fire (yet again)? Is now the time to come out of hiding since the internet turned on you, just in time to throw someone else under the bus with you tears? I literally CAN NOT with these people.
  6. It's so frustrating because 'Cancel Culture' gets looped as one umbrella. There are times when I'm FURIOUS about someone being 'Canceled', because it's over a comment or something made a decade ago that doesn't reflect that persons character TODAY. But then there's these cases with *****s like Shane Dawson who've literally made a career out of being an *******. His humor has never been anything beyond childish, bullying tactics. It's disguised as "comedy", but it's SO unoriginal. EVERY OG YouTube start it seems resorted to this because in the 2000's / early 2010's, it was socially acceptable. Here's the thing though... quit whining about it on Twitter, and just DON'T watch it? People can't claim equality for all and free speech, until it's inconvenient for them. He's an *******.... and I wouldn't care if he disappeared off the internet, but I'm not about to get myself all riled up about it
  7. FACTS, tbh. the bummer is that 'Thank U, Next' was the one that got all the praise and given the 'Album of the Year' nomination, but I agree 'Dangerous Woman' was so much better as an album. The vocals on 'Moonlight', 'Greedy', 'Dangerous Woman' ..... gahhh. I remember when Ariana Grande first came to light, I felt like we had no idea who she was as an artist. The first album was straight R&B, and it was great. I remember this instant Mariah Carey comparisons. Then came 'My Everything' and all of a sudden we drifted into the pop sound of the moment. It was confusing. For me, 'Dangerous Woman' was the album that pulled everything together and I finally GOT Ariana Grande. Don't get me wrong, 'Sweetener' and 'Thank U, Next' have some real bops, and I'm a fan.... I just think 'Dangerous Woman' was the album that really made me fall in love with her voice, and I'm bummed she seems to not be a fan of it anymore.
  8. You know what makes me sad? I used to really like Demi.... but all of her constant personal drama and fights over nothing have just soured her for me. I don't really care about her new releases anymore
  9. I'll say it again.... I think 'Cancel Culture' is the most ignorant, idiotic and hypocritical thing to come from this generation that lives behind their keyboards. Someone like Jenna made us ALL laugh. And let's be honest, back in 2011, following the 2000's where bullying/shaming ran rampant, we ALL played a part in elevating that content. I think it takes real GUTS to remove all of your previous content, and own your youthful ignorance in the way that Jenna just did. There's no make-up, no gloss, no excuses. It was raw.... it was vulnerable. I'll be honest, I haven't watched Jenna's new content. Around 25 years old in 2012-2013, I kind of phased my way out of internet blogs and YouTube because it just got SO DAMN NEGATIVE. I'm glad to hear Jenna grew up, and I'll watch some of her new content. It's really discouraging to see someone genuine who grew up WITH us, have the joy of entertaining literally stripped from her.
  10. This will be the fight of our lives to remove someone as polarizing as Trump. There will be cheating, there will be lies. Though I don't personally love Biden as my choice, I'm glad to see he's up slightly. That being said, this poll is less than 2,000 voters. That means NOTHING. Trump voters aren't out taking little twitter polls to see a slight victory. They're going to show up at the ballots, and they're going to scream as loud as they can to keep their President in power. this is so far from over.
  11. Do you know what I love about J.Lo?? D ----- R---- A-----M-----A!!!!! ALL Y'all can keep sipping that Hatorade, because Jen slays. Can't wait to hear what she does next. LOVED 'A.K.A.' .... 'I Luh Ya Papi' was a BOP. Her 'It's My Party' Tour made my Summer. Her superbowl set SLAYED. When will your fave pole dance in her mid-40's on National Television?? I can't. ICON.
  12. Halsey, Halsey.... her heart is in the right place, BUT.... this is ludicrous. While I don’t disagree with her assessment of our WORST statistics, and there are plenty more to point out, the US is not a 3rd world Country. America is still ultimately a land of opportunity. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t have millions of immigrants flocking to our shores. Now, healthcare, jobs and wages, politics and education may favor the upper class, and that’s BULL****, but it can be changed. When Americans are ready to unite, show up at the poles, and make some changes... things CAN and will change. halsey needs to visit a real 3rd world country. A country where healthcare and human rights don’t exist AT ALL, and women are treated like property .... never allowed to consider a “career” as an opportunity. This Country is evolving right now, but it can get so much better. At least here we have the opportunities to make those changes happen
  13. this is STUNNING. seriously wish this would've been a single
  14. Ooooooo kk. I’m just gonna stop and respond RIGHT NOW ... because I see some serious negativity coming out due to the fact it was a bad time for her, it was planned by her team, she wasn’t ready, she cried after....... all valid points. BUT I WILL NOT STAND for the couple of you that have hinted I might be TROLLING with this post. HERE’S THE THING. This performance might indeed be something that’s a bit of dark spot for Britney. But critics and twitter trolls making fun of it DOES NOT change my mind as a die hard fan since 1998. I was 14 years old when I fell in love with Britney, and when I was 21, struggling with coming out, and kind of an emotional wreck, THIS COMEBACK was EXACTLY what I needed. I felt For Britney when people dogged it.... but ********* on twitter don’t count in my opinion. MY INTENTION with this post was to point out that BRITNEY should never be embarrassed by this performance. It wasn’t her absolute best, but it was FAR from her worst.... and those other girls in 2007 still couldn’t compete with this. Hell, girls today still aren’t competing with this. Y’all can disagree that it’s a great performance, but DO NOT suggest I’m here to poke fun. I’m a cranky mid-30’s gay now, I will come for you. 😂
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