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  1. Bye bye Piece Of Me, Hello 2018ney!


    Start your 2018 right with a brand new live performance of "Work Bitch"!

    Britney Spears put on an explosive show at the annual New Years Rockin' Eve event in New York tonight! Decked out in a bedazzled bodysuit, Britney looked flawless as she strutted her way through a confident, fierce performance of "Work Bitch" - on the final night of her epic four year Piece Of Me Vegas residency.


    Happy New Year!!

    Thoughts? Leave a comment below!

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  2. 2017 has been an incredible year in music! Here are the best of the best.

    2017 has been an incredible year in music. Literally thousands of new songs hit the Internet since last Christmas, so needless to say it was incredibly difficult to narrow down our Top 20 singles of 2017. But alas, we managed anyway! Check out our list in descending order and let us know what you think in the comments!


    20.) "Get Low" – Zedd featuring Liam Payne

    It’s been an interesting year for One Direction singer Liam Payne. While he managed to achieve the highest selling single of the band’s remaining members (5 million copies sold), “Strip That Down” was a catchy yet polarising addition to the post-1D landscape, and further overwhelmed several already flooded pop cliche markets (JT wannabes, Rent-a-Migos-Feature, the Ed Sheeran generic pop writing empire). A stronger but far less appreciated effort was this smooth, summery dance tune born from Payne’s long-running friendship with producer Zedd.

    Why? Elaborate and vivid lyrics create a dazzling picture. Despite the lyrics taking all sorts of twists and turns, Liam’s vocal performance makes it sound so easy and fluid.

    Why Not Higher? Groomed for stardom since childhood, is there such a thing as Liam becoming too rehearsed? There isn’t a whole lot of personality in Liam’s voice, he could use some edge and some emotion that doesn’t sound scripted.


    19.)"No More Sad Songs" – Little Mix

    While “Touch” was the obvious favourite from Little Mix’s fourth album “Glory Days”, the third single was a delicate yet striking - and extremely underrated - release.

    Why So High? The breezy chorus, perfectly encapsulating how it feels to be happy and sad at the same time.

    Why Not Higher? That awful Machine Gun Kelly single feature, and the largely forgettable verses.


    18.) "There’s Nothing Holding Me Back" – Shawn Mendes

    Shawn continues his ascent to pop superstardom with his most high-energy hit yet.

    Why So High? The breakneck pacing, the boundless, reckless abandon and the pure ecstasy that comes with falling in love for the first time.

    Why Not Higher? While it suits the desperate tone of the song, Shawn really needs to relax those poor vocal chords before he does permanent damage.


    17.) "High On Me" – Guy Sebastian

    I’m aware the primary readership on BreatheHeavy is American but, as an Australian, I wanted to shine a light on one of our best vocal talents.

    Why So High? Guy Sebastian is, essentially, our Kelly Clarkson. The first Australian Idol winner way back in 2003, Sebastian has since had a consistently strong musical output, covering basically every popular music genre in the process. For High On Me, he channels polished funk-pop with the type of effortless groove that’s given him a 14 year career in Oz.

    Why Not Higher? To a crowd unfamiliar with his sound, the track might seem like it’s treading similar ground already conquered in some of Sam Smith’s funkier past moments.


    16.)"Reminder" – The Weeknd

    Another stellar entry into The Weeknd’s catalogue, this time making braggadocios rap sound melodic.

    Why So High? You know what all this current mumble rap is missing? Actual vocal talent. Abel’s silky tone and those light falsetto ad-libs at the end add such a unique vibe to the song, and injects his own unmistakable personality into a genre where it can be difficult to tell apart one flow from another. The video – featuring almost every current power figure in rap - is an example of star power that speaks for itself.

    Why Not Higher? A confusing single release, with a music video in February and a release only to rhythmic contemporary radio three months later. Frankly, I’m still not sure if it was an official single.


    15.) "Kiwi" – Harry Styles

    The blasting, boisterous rock bop every 1D fan knew Harry Styles was bursting to create.

    Why So High? The perfect chaos of being so enamoured with someone, you’re not even really paying attention when they announce they’re carrying your child. Totally relatable stuff and I’m so into it. Pop needs more grit, more edge and more wacky fun just for the sake of it.

    Why Not Higher? But really, what the hell is he on about?


    14.)"Attention" – Charlie Puth

    A year ago, a Puth poem never would’ve made it onto any of my lists. How times change.

    Why So High? An infectious, subtle, slow burning tune, showcasing the best of Puth’s airy vocals and introducing his talent for producing as well.

    Why Not Higher? The post-chorus “what are you doing?” feels a tad unnecessary and deviates slightly from the sultry darkness of the verses.


    13.)"Your Song" – Rita Ora

    Rita cops a bad rap in the US. As a result, the States are missing out on an extremely promising pop renaissance from a talented singer who appears to be finally finding her niche.

    Why So High? I was struck by how honest the lyrics feel, they sound lived in and delivered with a slight rasp from Ora gives them unexpected profundity. The fact that she didn’t write a word of it just further proves her talent as a convincing vocalist/performer. Also the bass at 1:19 is a hidden treasure for headphone listening.

    Why Not Higher? It deserved a bigger chorus.


    12.) "Sorry Not Sorry" – Demi Lovato

    Demi returns with yet another pop scorcher. Is there another artist whose songs better encapsulate the term “banger”?

    Why So High? There’s a lot to love here. Flawless power vocals, supreme confidence and the type of positivity that can only come from a healthy state of mind and being.

    Why Not Higher? I’m undecided about the bridge. It’s hard not to get hyped in the lead up to that chorus but considering how well written the verses are, I think more could’ve been expressed in the bridge, too.


    11.) "Perfect Places" - Lorde

    The type of alt-pop track Lorde could probably write in her sleep. And probably does.

    Why So High? Delivered with all of Lorde’s staple nuances – whispered sound effects, smoky vocals curled around each syllable, lyrics detailing dangerously fun nights out, there simply couldn’t be a better send-off for 2017’s strongest album, Melodrama.

    Why Not Higher? Like I said, this is quintessential Lorde, to the point of sounding typical.


    10.) "Lust For Life" – Lana Del Rey featuring The Weeknd

    Lana took one look at the horror year that was 2016, glanced back at her own catalogue and thought “Well that’s enough of that”. Amazingly, The Weeknd agreed with her.

    Why So High? If I told you that, in 2017, the two frontliners for depressing, fatalistic pop would drop an ethereal tune about rejecting the idea that self destruction is an inevitable part of existence, and that youth is the only valid time for profound life-changing realisations, would you have believed me?

    Why Not Higher? It appears to borrow heavily from one of Lana’s own songs, Without You. Also judging by the love it or hate it reaction online, it’s an acquired taste.


    9.) "Castle On The Hill" – Ed Sheeran

    Amidst all the garish and obnoxious submissions Sheeran made to pop music this year, the best of the bunch was of course cruelly left behind.

    Why So High? Similar to There’s Nothing Holding Me Back, the energy and passion for approaching life head-on is infectious, but there’s an added maturity here. Sheeran isn’t anywhere near his first experiences, but that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten the way every single one made him feel. Sometimes reminiscing can be just as much fun.

    Why Not Higher? Is the line “Me and my friends have not thrown up in so long” brilliant or cringeworthy?


    8.) "The Cure" – Lady Gaga

    After Joanne left pop fans feeling confused, Gaga reassured us it was all going to be okay.

    Why So High? The soft purr of the verses so perfectly creates the sense of comfort and care Gaga wants the listener to feel.

    Why Not Higher? The harsh tone she uses during the chorus is too jarring after such delicately handled verses.


    7.) "Praying" – Kesha

    Kesha storms into our hearts with one of this decade’s most heart-wrenching redemption songs.

    Why So High? In a world that sells a lot of faux-empowerment, Kesha showed the world what authentic and cathartic revival really sounds like.

    Why Not Higher? It was a steep deviation from her trademark sound, but it was probably for the best.


    6.) "Symphony" – Clean Bandit featuring Zara Larsson

    Clean Bandit continue their golden run with another stunningly solid pop-dance single.

    Why So High? A masterfully written love song with genuinely romantic lyrics that manage to stay on a musical theme convincingly, without ever sounding cheesy. Also the devastating music video, which will make you cry by the end every single time.

    Why Not Higher? Honestly, the dance beat isn’t bad but perhaps more emphasis on symphonic instruments would’ve taken the song to new heights.


    5.) "New Rules" – Dua Lipa

    Miss Dua arrives and claims her spot as one of the pop girls.

    Why So High? How many pop songs instruct you to stay away from fuckboys? Dua counters pops love affair with deliberate bad decisions making and expects more from you.

    Why Not Higher? This is simply an arrival, there’s a lot more to come from pop’s promising new star.


    4.) "Cut To The Feeling" – Carly Rae Jepsen

    Queen Carly reminds us exactly why we fell in love with her in the first place. Nobody does 80s revival pop like this.

    Why So High? Can anyone resist smiling and jumping around when this comes on? Carly proves she tapped into something truly magical with her Emotion album, and she sounds right at home cheerleading her way through an anthem that sounds like I Wanna Dance With Somebody’s peppy younger sister.

    Why Not Higher? It’s an extension/revisit of the Emotion era, rather than showcasing what and who Carly Rae Jepsen is and sounds like in 2017.


    3.) "Bad Liar" – Selena Gomez

    Okay, she’s getting good at the whisper-singing.

    Why So High? It’s always interesting when a previously generic pop star suddenly gets intriguing and experimental. Selena offers up some interesting character acting here in her odd speak-singing delivery, at times she sounds nonchalant and at other times hoarse with desperation. The whole mood is unsettled. Gomez also flexes her acting chops in the video, where she plays every main character in a twisted story about a daughter and father awkwardly crushing on the same woman.

    Why Not Higher? Is it really singing, though? Rumours also abound that co-writer Julia Michaels in fact recorded the passionate notes sung in the bridge.


    2.) "Green Light" – Lorde

    Lorde’s victory lap saw her return to radio with yet another rule-breaking song format that set her apart from everyone else.

    Why So High? What a triumphant, confident return. The song builds and builds til it reaches a buzzing plateau so succinctly visualised by Lorde hanging backwards out of a speeding car, before voguing out atop its roof.

    Why Not Higher? This song is SO GOOD, but it’s not even the best song on Melodrama.


    1.) "Unforgettable" – French Montana featuring Swae Lee

    French arrives with the year’s biggest dance-rap bop that didn’t feature Bieber.

    Why So High? Swae Lee’s somewhat dreamy, harmonious vocals are probably the revelation of 2017 for me. His performance on Unforgettable has me intrigued for his forthcoming solo album. The vibe his voice creates against the irresistible dancehall beat, and contrasting with French’s deeper tone, brings an odd sense of nostalgia to the track. The song feels instantly familiar but undeniably fresh all the same. And as the music video subverts the subject matter of the song by celebrating African dance instead of taking place in a club, so too does the song offer unexpected moments of affection with lines like “trying to do what lovers do” and “I want your mind and body”.


    Thoughts on BreatheHeavy's Top 20 Singles of 2017? Leave a comment below!

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  3. On 03/11/2017 at 12:13 AM, Chris88 said:

    I listened to it 2 times and it's not bad but her die-hard fans make me laugh. Right now it seems like the only person who keeps talking about her haters aka Katy Perry or Kim K and Kanye is actually her. It's like someone who had a bad breakup and who says "I can live without her/him" 2 years later and you're like "yeah right". Her new music is dropping hints about a boy she likes and "attacking" her haters who seem to not even give a s%$t about her right now. She needs to move on. :yaknow:

    The guy is her boyfriend of one year, Joe Alwyn. She wrote the song last year probably when things were really bad, so it was more relevant then. 

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  4. She's liking posts on Tumblr confirming what the meaning is:

    "Ready for it illuminates how the media/society have so tirelessly tried to absolutely sabotage taylor swift’s soul, ravage her kind disposition and quite overtly vandalise her reputation. the fabricated, dark version of taylor embodies the negative image of her they’ve conjured up and torn down for years, where her intellect, power, sexuality and success have all been questioned and subjected to persecution. despite anything she says or does, the past few years have been akin to a witch hunt, where her actions have so often been scrutinised based off preconceived conclusions of who she is at her core. The taylor we see prevail is the one who’s spent years overwhelmingly imprisoned. even though she’s vulnerable and exposed, the power of her voice absolutely shatters the walls surrounding her. with innate resilience and empowerment as her impenetrable suit of armour, she so fiercely rises onwards and upwards, quite far above the shadows of the false facade that’s haunted her. in shedding a single tear, she’s illuminating the sheer relief she’s now feeling after all this time. her eyes glisten with hope whilst she’s glowing brighter than ever. she’s truly free."


    "She was caged. She felt trapped. She felt defeated. She felt owned by others. She felt like sh!t. She was being picked, poked, and made to be something she wasn’t. She was provoked and made to fight when she didn’t want to. SO SHE STOOD UP. She stood up for herself and for her own being and to be freed from the witches that were trying to destroy her and make a living by ruining her life. AND SHE FREED HERSELF"

    See her likes here: https://www.tumblr.com/liked/by/taylorswift

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  5. 1 hour ago, ALLEYESONUS! said:

    I didn't understand the whole Illegal part :scalped: What did she mean by that, she's such a mystery :scalped: 

    I think a better word would be "taboo" lol, illegal doesn't really fit with what she was talking about. Illegal would mean she's not allowed to sing live, whereas she was explaining she never usually cuts the music and just talks/sings with a live mic. It was also shade towards the people who say she never sings live, just her and a microphone.

    It plays into the song she chose, too. "Give them something to talk about" is what someone does when they know people talk sh!t about them, so they actually fuel the fire by playing into exactly what they're saying. She'll pretend she never sings live then really SING live to show them up. 

    Public: "Britney never sings live! I bet she never turns her microphone on! Fake!"

    Britney: "Wow you're so right, this live microphone feels so strange in my hands! [proceeds to sing an entire song live]"

    The whole thing was shade, basically.

    And yes I do think she has something planned.

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  6. 2 minutes ago, mwilliams917 said:

    It's not that she's inherently not a fan of her own songs. The issue is that she's not comfortable singing her own songs because they are not in her natural register. Her songs are in these high pitch range things that she can only "sing" under perfect conditions. This is why she was more comfortable singing BOMT which is a relatively deep voice song for her. Anytime she is comfortable singing now it's with these songs that come more natural to her "real" voice. 

    I find it hard to believe she sang nine albums in a voice that isn't hers though? Like yes, in the very beginning her label said they "changed" her voice, but the idea that she'd really sing for this long in a voice she can't comfortably perform with in a live setting?? Then again, in the whole 2005-2007 era, many of her demos were in her "old" voice...I don't know.....

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  7. 17 minutes ago, BreatheOnMoi said:

    In all seriousness I think this is FINALLY a SIGN. Idk why she would say "is it illegal to have this mic in my mouth??is it is it??" Like it was some kind of inside stuff. LIKE WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEANNNN:triggered::triggered:


    My head EXPLODED 

    I think she means "controversial" haha. She seemed to be saying no one would expect her to just have the mic and no music, so she was feeling the same "shock" about it too. 

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  8. Hear her amazing live cover NOW!


    It seemed like Britney Spears' latest Piece Of Me show was going to cruise along at a normal pace tonight - that is until she suddenly dropped the theatrics, picked up a mic and SANG the hell out of Bonnie Raitt's classic "Something To Talk About"!

    Full video:

    Some alternate angles:

    Britney singing "Something to Talk About" live ? #shook #pieceofme

    A post shared by Joey Monroe (@joeymonroe) on

    @britneyspears just stopped her #PieceOfMe show and completed nailed a LIVE cover of "Something To Talk About"!!!

    A post shared by Taylor Olson (@tayloromusic) on

    It's easy to see why Spears chose this particular song. Aside from her penchant for 90s female country-pop, the lyrics address those who like to talk without knowing the full story, and kicking up a bit of deliberate controversy just to witness their inevitable reaction. No doubt Brit was throwing some serious shade when she remarked that holding a mic with no backing music felt "illegal" before stating "I'm a Southern girl, I keep it real, I just wanna make sure I give you motherf*ckers something to talk about". QUEEN.

    Something To Talk About originally peaked at #5 on Billboard, back in 1991:

    Is this a special one-off performance? Is Britney planning on incorporating more live performances into Piece Of Me's final leg? Should we expect a Bonnie Raitt covers album? Is it safe to speculate about a Superbowl performance? Who knows?

    Thoughts? Let us know in Exhale.

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  9. 1 hour ago, popprison said:

    I think this is great (assuming he did grope her). Obviously their are sexual assaults on a much, much larger scale but it doesn't mean that someone shouldn't report their butt getting grabbed. People must respect one another.

    Not to mention he sued her first for telling her mother/her team about it and him getting fired as a result.  The radio station's vice president said Mueller told him "She won't do anything once she knows I work for Kygo" (which is what got him fired lol). So he was basically trying to silence her with (what he thought were) power moves, hoping to scare her off. He's an asshole who got what he deserved.

  10. On 05/08/2017 at 3:52 PM, brit4u1998 said:

    Two questions, actually.

    1. When did the media turn against Britney Spears?

    2. When did the general public turn against her?

    There must have been a turning point. Or was it a slow buildup over time??

    Just curious for your answers. :mattafact:

    1. In 2002, when Crossroads was released and she broke off with Justin. The media wanted an excuse to rip shreds off her and they got two for the price of one ("bad" movie and bad breakup).

    2. Honestly, the public was always sort of against her until around 2011-2012. There was massive hatred for her in general because she was believed to be a manufactured singer, people didn't like the lip syncing and older people thought she was always too sexual. Then her breakdown happened so obviously everyone had an opinion about that too. Her current reputation is the best she's ever had it across the board, usually it was just pop fans rooting for her.

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  11. I wonder if they ever would've opened up if the elevator fight footage hadn't been leaked. Perhaps it caused them to reflect and reassess. If they couldn't hide it from the public, it made it harder to hide from themselves.

    Either way I think it's worth something that they chose not to divorce. It's the common choice these days and while it might be right for some, I think it's good that they decided to make it work/that there was something worth saving. Let's just hope he STAYS good to her from now on.

  12. 2 hours ago, Chris88 said:

    Lorde should just let go of that made-for-publicity friendship. I mean she's a smart girl and her hanging out with Swift doesn't even make sense in the first place. I'm all in for diverse friendships and I'm sure they make you grow stronger, but when your friend is supposed to be the queen and you a squad member then there's a problem.  I know she wrote "Love Club" before her friendship with Taylor but when you listen to it you can't help but feel like she despises everything a person like Swift exudes. 

    Both times she's clarified that she did not mention Taylor at all, though. Both times the interviewers were talking about fame in general then use Swift's name to illustrate the point/get more attention. Lorde's statement also clarifies that there is no "squad" in a strict sense, just a wide group of people with Swift in common. This isn't about Lorde and Taylor so much as it is the media wishing it was. 

    My only issue with Swift and Lorde is the age difference. Then again, I've met mature teenagers before so it's not impossible they'd relate, particularly since their music covers a lot of the same themes. 

  13. "Taylor has been there for me in all my dark and light moments".

    Can Lorde live?

    Media publications seem oddly desperate to create an imagined rift between the New Zealand singer and famous BFF Taylor Swift. Lorde once again took to social media to reinforce that nothing has changed between them.

    The 20-year-old's Twitter statement explains what she actually said and calls out the bizarre way people have reacted to Taylor Swift having numerous famous friends surrounding her:

    “Wow - something of a frustrating thing to have to address online but here we go. Taylor is a dear friend. I love her very much. In the interview in question I had just been talking about Bowie and Patti Smith — those were the idols I was referring to that I was saying I’m not friends with, not Taylor!.

    I’ve always found people’s perception of this ‘squad’ idea frustrating in the past; it was never some exclusive club of secret society, but a wide circle of people, some of whom I know, and some who I’ve never met ... forgive me for the mild eyeroll I popped when it was brought up as if we’re all blood members of a secret cult.

    Really sh*tty to wake up to headlines about whether or not you've jumped ship on someone you deeply respect and ride for. I want to say one more time that Taylor has been there for me in all my dark and light moments these past five years. All of them. I feel truly terrible that it would ever seem like I wasn't faithfully her person. I f**ked up an interview question. Now go sip a beverage and head out on a walk."

    Whether you like either artist, it seems clear this is still yet another tired case of the media attempting to incite a "cat fight" between two female artists where no animosity even exists. In 2015, the Daily Mail claimed Beyonce and Nicki Minaj ignored each other while watching Drake's Coachella set. Turns out they were filming the Feelin' Myself music video together! What kind of damage does reporting like this do to the perception of female friendships?

    Singer KT Tunstall and duo Tegan and Sara weighed in:

    The method against Lorde appears to be misconstruing her words deliberately. A few weeks ago, Lorde made the unfortunate comparison of dealing with fame to dealing with an auto-immune disease. While that was certainly problematic, and Lorde apologised quickly, what was overlooked is that Lorde wasn't talking about her friendship with Swift at all, despite several articles framing her words as such.

    The current misquote Lorde is addressing appears to have happened similarly. At 1:29 in the below video, interviewer David Koch asks Lorde what it was like to move from an observer of celebrities, to mingling with them. As he asks this, photos of Lorde with Beyonce and Taylor Swift are displayed, therefore implying Lorde might be referring to them - even if she wasn't. A noticeable jump in audio editing follows before her response:

    "The second you think too hard about it, you'll go insane so it's best just to be like "We're in wonderland and that's just what happens around here".

    Another jump in audio editing and Lorde quips "...like, also I...don't hang out with these people at all..." to which Koch interrupts "Hang on, you're part of Taylor's squad!". This depends on whether Koch referred to Swift as one of his examples in the first place, though. As Lorde has clarified, she was referring to her musical heroes Joni Mitchell and David Bowie. It makes perfect sense that Lorde wouldn't view Taylor as an "idol" anymore after five years of close friendship.

    This isn't even the first time Lorde and Taylor have been targeted by the exact same rumour. In 2015, the pair had to deny rumours of in-fighting because they hadn't collaborated together yet. WTF?

    While criticism of the way Taylor chose to portray her friendship group in the Bad Blood music video is somewhat valid, general critique of Swift surrounding herself with friends is a more confusing attempt to demonise her. Now that social media has perhaps rendered it ineffectual to show female stars in candid settings without makeup, efforts now seem turned towards building the idea that women can't be friends without being catty. Or is this just another embarrassing bid for the winning clickbait headline while Lorde is the current hot topic?

    Anyway, Melodrama debuted at number one in four countries, including the United States. She's 20, this is an amazing achievement. Go Lorde.

    Thoughts? Let us know in Exhale.

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