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  1. From "...Baby One More Time" to "Coupure Électrique", this is every Britney Spears song ranked.

    An attempt to rank every single Britney Spears song in order of merit, but today is the Queen's birthday so I was up for the task.

    Last year, Entertainment Weekly published an article entitled “Every Britney Spears song, ranked” in which they systematically rated every Britney Spears song (including bonus tracks and b-sides) in order of preference. The list was, um, an interesting read, although here at BreatheHeavy we found ourselves agreeing with almost none of it. And it still haunts us. So I, the fool that I am, volunteered to attempt to put together a counter-list from the perspective of a self-described Britney Spears stan. We're not going to let you forget this!

    It wasn’t easy. Britney has a startling iconic discography and sorting through it in the hopes of compiling some sort of arbitrary list of preference was, frankly, a lot harder than I anticipated. How do you sort through 156 songs effectively and efficiently? How do you compare tracks written and released in 1998 to those created in 2016? How do you choose between songs that have punctuated your childhood, defined your teenage years and mapped the beginning of your adult life?

    Here it is, in all of its glory (wink, wink), ranked from best to worst, a list of every officially released Britney Spears song.



    156 - 101


    156. "It Should Be Easy" (featuring will.i.am) (2013)

    ‘Britney Jean’ is a dark spot on an otherwise flawless discography and "It Should Be Easy" is the album’s lowest moment. Senseless lyrics and excessive vocal effects (not to mention the entirely unwelcome presence of will.i.am) mean that if there was a scale from one to ten our hatred for this song is a million billion.

    155. "Body Ache" (2013)

    154. "Tik Tik Boom" (featuring T.I.) (2013)

    153. "Pretty Girls" (featuring Iggy Azalea) (2015)

    152. "Ooh La La" (2013)

    151. "My Baby" (2008)

    150. "Chillin' with You" (featuring Jamie Lynn) (2013)

    An obvious example of the infamous ‘ghost vocalist’ that plagued ‘Britney Jean’, “Chillin’ with You” is one of the most underwhelming moments of Britney’s career, especially considering the much-anticipated presence of younger sister, Jamie Lynn.

    149. "Walk On By" (2000)

    148. "That's Where You Take Me" (2001)

    147. "I Will Still Love You" (with Don Philip) (1999)

    146. "You Got It All" (2000)

    145. "(Drop Dead) Beautiful" (featuring Sabi) (2011)

    144. "I'll Never Stop Loving You" (1999)

    143. "The Beat Goes On" (1999)

    142. "Blur" (2008)

    141. "Why Should I Be Sad" (2007)

    140. "Everybody" (2007)

    The Eurythmics sample that the world didn’t know it needed. Despite being a legitimate bop, "Everybody" doesn’t measure up to the brilliance of the rest of ‘Blackout’.

    139. "When I Found You" (2001)

    138. "Right Now (Taste the Victory)" (2002)

    137. "Til It's Gone" (2013)

    136. "Heart" (2000)

    135. "Scary" (2011)

    134. "Quicksand" (2008)

    133. "Trouble" (2008)

    132. "Girl in the Mirror" (2000)

    131. "Rock Boy" (2008)

    130. "Don't Hang Up" (2003)

    One of Britney’s numerous glorious odes to phonesex, "Don’t Hang Up" was relegated to bonus track material on her fourth album, ‘In The Zone’. It’s easy to see why – the track isn’t as infectious or immediate as the main body of the album.

    129. "Outta This World" (2007)

    128. "Thinkin' About You" (1999)

    127. "Dear Diary" (2000)

    126. "Selfish" (2011)

    125. "Autumn Goodbye" (1999)

    124. "Rock Me In" (2008)

    123. "Don't Cry" (2013)

    122. "I'm So Curious" (1999)

    121. "Up n' Down" (2011)

    120. "Mmm Papi" (2008)

    One of the more controversial moments of the largely-vanilla ‘Circus’ given the theorised link to ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib, "Mmm Papi" is a relentlessly-catchy (if not totally bonkers) song.

    119. "Seal It with a Kiss" (2011)

    118. "Let Me Be" (2001)

    117. "Clumsy" (2016)

    116. "Anticipating" (2001)

    115. "Gasoline" (2011)

    114. "Phonography" (2008)

    113. "Brave New Girl" (2003)

    112. "Lace and Leather" (2008)

    111. "Before the Goodbye" (2001)

    110. "Toy Soldier" (2007)

    One of the most interesting vocal points of ‘Blackout’, "Toy Soldier’s" dry drawl (“like them city boys from New Yawk”) and rousing beat are only slightly diminished by the less than adventurous production, especially in comparison with the rest of the album.

    109. "Bombastic Love" (2001)

    108. "Intimidated" (2001)

    107. "Big Fat Bass" (featuring will.i.am) (2011)

    106. "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" (2000)

    105. "Get Back" (2007)

    104. "Ooh Ooh Baby" (2007)

    103. "When Your Eyes Say It" (2000)

    102. "One Kiss from You" (2000)

    101. "Don't Keep Me Waiting" (2011)





    100. "Brightest Morning Star" (2013)

    ‘Britney Jean’ may well be remembered by fans as a disaster, but "Brightest Morning Star" proves that the album isn’t all bad – a song undoubtedly written for Spears’ children, it’s reminiscent of Madonna’s "Little Star" and the earnest, reverent lyrics are classic Britney songwriting.

    99. "Out from Under" (2008)

    98. "Soda Pop" (1999)

    97. "Private Show" (2016)

    96. "Passenger" (2013)

    95. "Can't Make You Love Me" (2000)

    94. "Shadow" (2003)

    93. "Perfume" (2013)

    92. "He About to Lose Me" (2011)

    91. "I've Just Begun (Having My Fun)" (2004)

    90. "What You Need" (2016)

    The closing track of the standard edition of Britney’s latest effort, "What You Need" represents the songstress at her most vocally adventurous in over a decade – the urgency of the track is both obvious and delightful. It’s a shame that the producers elected to use electronic rather than live instrumentation – a horn section could have taken "What You Need" to the next level.

    89. "Criminal" (2011)

    88. "Hold on Tight" (2013)

    87. "Deep in My Heart" (1999)

    86. "Just Like Me" (2016)

    85. "Trouble for Me" (2011)

    84. "Amnesia" (2008)

    83. "Early Mornin'" (2003)

    82. "What It's Like to Be Me" (2001)

    81. "Shattered Glass" (2008)

    80. "I Run Away" (2001)

    One of Britney’s most cruelly underrated bonus tracks, "I Run Away" is haunting, melodic and cinematic. Despite boasting a decidedly dated violin stem, "I Run Away" is still as emotive today as when it was first released.

    79. "Trip to Your Heart" (2011)

    78. "Liar" (2016)

    77. "Perfect Lover" (2007)

    76. "Outrageous" (2003)

    75. "Where Are You Now" (2000)

    74. "Invitation" (2016)

    73. "Chaotic" (2005)

    72. "Love Me Down" (2016)

    71. "Hot as Ice" (2007)

    70. "(I Got That) Boom Boom" (featuring Ying Yang Twins) (2003)

    ‘In The Zone’ represented a transition into musical experimentation for Spears and no track thought outside the pop-box quite like "Boom Boom". With a banjo solo, an absolutely banging beat and, of course, the inexplicable presence of The Ying Yang Twins, "(I Got That) Boom Boom" is still a gem.

    69. "Hard to Forget Ya" (2016)

    68. "Heaven on Earth" (2007)

    67. “Mona Lisa” (2005)

    66. “My Only Wish (This Year)” (2000)

    65. "From the Bottom of My Broken Heart" (1999)

    64. "What U See (Is What U Get)" (2000)

    63. “Over to You Now” (2005)

    62. "The Answer" (2003)

    61. "I Will Be There" (1999)

    60. "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman" (2001)

    Lifted from the Crossroads soundtrack, "I’m Not a Girl…" is the perfect symbol of teen-angst and melodrama, but was a decidedly less efficient attempt to age Britney, especially in comparison with the highlights of 2001’s ‘Britney’. It is, however, a Spears classic, not least of all for that key change.

    59. "Now That I Found You" (2013)

    58. "Do Somethin'" (2004)

    57. "How I Roll" (2011)

    56. "Kill the Lights" (2008)

    55. "I Wanna Go" (2011)

    54. "Radar" (2007 and 2008)

    53. "Don't Go Knockin' on My Door" (2000)

    52. "My Prerogative" (2004)

    51. "Better" (2016)



    50 - 11


    50. "3" (2009)

    A seductive sonic invitation to the club, "3" features Britney’s characteristic blend of dance and sex. It’s about threesomes, but who cares? When "3" comes on, all you care about is the industrial beat and throbbing baseline.

    49. "Girls and Boys" (2003)

    48. "Boys" (2001)

    47. "All That She Wants" (2001)

    46. "If U Seek Amy" (2008)

    45. "E-Mail My Heart" (1999)

    44. “Someday (I Will Understand)” (2005)

    43. "Lucky" (2000)

    42. "Coupure Électrique" (2016)

    41. "Freakshow" (2007)

    40. "Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés)" (2016)

    One of numerous moments during ‘Glory’ when Britney descends into a foreign tongue, "Change Your Mind" is one of the most melodically engaging tracks on ‘Glory’, which is saying something given how melodically interesting the album is. Rise Rosetta Stoneney, rise.

    39. "Showdown" (2003)

    38. "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" (2001)

    37. "If I'm Dancing" (2016)

    36. "Me Against the Music" (featuring Madonna) (2003)

    35. "Break the Ice" (2007)

    34. "Alien" (2013)

    33. "Man on the Moon" (2016)

    32. "Overprotected" (2001)

    31. "Get Naked (I Got a Plan)" (2007)

    30. "Cinderella" (2001)

    Absolute pop perfection, it’s still a travesty that "Cinderella" wasn’t released as a single – just imagine the video. The production is still as rousing as when it was released and the lyrics still as interesting, "Cinderella" is one of Britney’s most accomplished deep cuts.

    29. "Mannequin" (2008)

    28. "Sometimes" (1999)

    27. "Slumber Party" (2016)

    26. "The Hook Up" (2003)

    25. "Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know" (2000)

    24. "Hold It Against Me" (2011)

    23. "Make Me..." (featuring G-Eazy) (2016)

    22. "Do You Wanna Come Over?" (2016)

    21. "Lonely" (2001)

    20. "Touch of My Hand" (2003)

    The finest song about masturbation since Divinyls’ "I Touch Myself", "Touch of My Hand" is an expert blend of sensuality and overt sexuality, orchestral instrumental and stuttering glitch pop. It’s also the most effective statement of womanhood that Spears had made up until the point when it was released. She certainly wasn’t a girl anymore.

    19. "Till the World Ends" (2011)

    18. "Born to Make You Happy" (1999)

    17. "Inside Out" (2011)

    16. "Work Bitch" (2013)

    15. "Womanizer" (2008)

    14. "(You Drive Me) Crazy" (1999)

    13. "Unusual You" (2008)

    12. "And Then We Kiss" (Junkie XL Remix) (2005)

    11. "Stronger" (2000)



    10 - 1


    10. "Circus" (2008)

    The lead single that the album of the same name truly deserved, “Circus” is Britney at her finest. One of her most richly aesthetic singles, the track is expertly produced, simply but effectively written, and was responsible for the theme of Spears’ best-designed concert tour.

    9. "Just Luv Me" (2016)

    Much like "Circus", "Just Luv Me" would have made a superb lead single – it’s the most unreserved and vulnerable Britney’s been in years, begging a potential suitor to “just love” her. The production is current without pandering, the lyrics are personal but relatable, the vocals are sultry and yet still adventurous. "Just Luv Me" is not only ‘Glory’s finest moment, but a career highlight for Britney.

    8. "Oops!... I Did It Again" (2000)

    Let’s be real for a second - "…Baby One More Time" had all the makings of a one hit wonder. It was astronomically successful, resoundingly impactful and seemed to capture a moment in pop history; not always characteristics which make for longevity or a sustained career. "Oops!... I Did It Again" ensured that wouldn’t happen. With it’s ubiquitous sound, which built on but didn’t replicate "Baby", "Oops!" was the perfect follow up and has become almost as iconic as its predecessor.

    7. "Breathe on Me" (2003)

    If "Touch of My Hand" captured the sensuality of a girl entering adulthood, "Breathe On Me" announced her arrival. Originally planned to be the fifth single released from ‘In The Zone’, "Breathe On Me" sexual liberation as only Britney Spears can express it. Immediate, unrelenting but fundamentally soft, the track is one of the best post-‘Erotica’ sexual anthems and it’s a cruel injustice that it never got a chance to take on the charts.

    6. "Everytime" (2003)

    "Everytime", Britney Spears has since declared, was the first song she ever wrote. And what a way to start. The heart-breaking ballad about the guilt and pain that comes at the end of a relationship is hard enough to capture, but writing a response to Justin Timberlake’s "pussified" "Cry Me a River" without sounding bitter or defensive is a feat that very few artists would have the humility or talent to pull off. Now, "Everytime" is about so much more than Britney’s first public break-up and is quite simply her finest ballad.

    5. "I'm a Slave 4 U" (2001)

    Anyone who was a fan of Britney Spears in 2001 will never forget watching her emerge from a cage with a tiger before writhing with a six foot yellow python on the VMA stage, but "I’m a Slave 4 U" is a lot more than one of the most controversial performances of Britney’s career. It’s a song which was so relentlessly current, and yet sounded nothing like anything else on the radio at the time, and which continues to define the merge between pop and R&B, even fifteen years later.

    4. "Piece of Me" (2007)

    The second single to be taken from Britney’s best album, ‘Blackout’, "Piece of Me" was a rare moment of total musical defiance from the superstar. Electing, more often than not, to omit her personal life from her albums, "Piece of Me" was a total shock to the listening public. Speaking of the total breakdown in her relationship with the press and the intense media scrutiny that she endured at that time, "Piece of Me" was a middle finger in the face of anyone who thought they could mess with her.

    3. "Toxic" (2003)

    Arguably Britney’s biggest retrospective hit (despite not hitting number 1 in the US), "Toxic" is more often than not what people think of when they think of Britney Spears. Between the iconic video, the flawless Bloodshy & Avant production and Britney’s immaculately presented throaty vocals, "Toxic" made a mark on the pop landscape that Britney’s contemporaries could only dream about. Everyone who followed Britney’s lead, and the unique way she mixed EDM and pop, owes a debt to "Toxic".

    2. "...Baby One More Time" (1998)

    The track that kicked this all off: "…Baby One More Time". Who’d have known in 1998 that this piece of bubble-gum pop would irrevocably change the landscape of modern music. "…Baby One More Time" is responsible for the 3:30 benchmark that pop music has since subscribed to, the stuttered repeat of a pre-verse hook, the replacement of a middle-8 with an altered, second chorus, not to mention the rise in young starlets jumping on a genre that had previously been reserved for boybands. "…Baby One More Time" is not only a defining moment for Britney Spears and ‘90s culture, but for pop music itself.

    1. "Gimme More" (2007)

    "It’s Britney, bitch." Try to find me a more iconic opening line in pop music, I dare you. In the world of Britney, 2007 may have been characterized by her personal troubles, but "Gimme More" reminded not only her fans, but the general public, that first and foremost, Britney wasn’t a tabloid icon but the best pop star of her generation. The forward thinking production, the skewed song structure and the smoothly designed double-entendre that sat at the center of the song all make "Gimme More" Britney Spears’ finest musical achievement. Let’s call a spade a spade here – it’s a damn good song. No matter what the track may have represented, or what it was placed in opposition to, there’s no denying that "Gimme More" is simply brilliant music.


    Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the NEW comments system below!

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  2. 8 minutes ago, BritintheZone said:

    OMG GUYS!!! 

    HE BLOCKED ME!!!!!


    He blocked me as well, he also blocked the official BH twitter.

    I think this guy is literally going through his mentions and blocking every single person who disagrees with him, like some sort of enormous child with an Aaron Carter - the Drug Years haircut and a rampant sense of entitlement to match his extraordinary lack of self-awareness and tragic deficit of intelligence.

  3. PTX tackle an iconic hit.

    Pentatonix gave a reliably strong performance of Jackson 5's classic hit "ABC".

    Acapella five piece Pentatonix honored Jackson 5 and their recording of "ABC" by giving a special rendition of the vintage hit. Tackling the high notes with ease and sounding as impeccable as ever, the group proved that they've got the chops to pull of almost any track.

    They also walked away with their third Grammy tonight for the duet of "Jolene" with Dolly Parton.

    Thoughts? Let us know in Exhale.

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  4. Check out the Grammy's salute to Prince.

    Bruno Mars joined the legendary Morris Day to pay tribute to Prince.

    In a full Prince outfit with eye make-up to boot, Bruno Mars stood alongside Prince's former friendly rival Morris Day and The Time - to which Bruno's own "Uptown Funk" owes a debt of gratitude for the inspiration - as both performed a medley of hits, ending on Prince's famous Purple Rain single "Lets Go Crazy".

    The performance was as full of life as Prince was, and felt like the perfect send off to the superstar who passed away last year.

    The performance wasn't over-complicated and realistically that was likely for the best, because it was a highlight of the evening and it paid tribute to Prince perfectly. Bruno's guitar solo to end the number was also absolutely incredible.

    Thoughts? Let us know in Exhale.

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  5. Check out the three flawless ladies' tribute here.

    Demi may have failed to take home any of her nominations tonight, but she still delivered a solid performance of the Bee Gee's greatest hits.

    Paying tribute to one of the most successful acts of the 20th Century, Demi Lovato, Andra Day, Little Big Town and Tori Kelly took to the Grammys stage tonight for a flaw free tribute to the Bee Gees.

    Demi kicked things off with a lively version of "Stayin' Alive", looking flawless in a Cher wig and sparkly ensemble. She employed her usual tactic of oversinging and hoping for the best, but the performance was full of life. Tori Kelly took up the electric guitar to take on their iconic hit "Tragedy", followed by Little Big Town taking on "How Deep Is Your Love?" Andra Day closed things out with wonderful soulful version of "Night Fever", before everyone came back on stage for a reprise of "Stayin' Alive".

    Check it out:

    The tribute worked well as a whole, but wasn't the evening's most interesting moment.

    The performance wasn't enough to land Demi any of the noms she picked up for 'Confident', but she's said to be in the studio working on the record's follow up, so there's always next year? Tori Kelly was notoriously snubbed for Best New Artist last year, with the accolade instead going to Meghan Trainor. Yes. We're still bitter.

    Thoughts? Let us know in Exhale.

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  6. Mic difficulties, fire and crowdsurfing!

    Lady Gaga teamed up with Metallica for a rendition of "Moth Into Flame".

    Fresh off her triumphant Super Bowl Halftime Show performance, Lady Gaga inexplicably teamed up with Metallica tonight to perform "Moth Into Flame". The interesting mismatch of genre provided some mixed results.

    For one thing, they left the lead singer of Metallica's mic off, forcing the rock god to have to share with Gaga. For another, Gaga used the opportunity to test her crowd surfing skills:

    There's no denying that the Lady has the chops though, and is certainly a natural rock singer, in much the same way that she can turn her hand to pop, jazz and acoustic tinged numbers.

    Lady Gaga's riding high off the success of the Super Bowl, with single "Million Reasons" sure to see a chart bump this week, after having spent 7 days in the iTunes top 5. Will this performance help that? Who knows. Who knows why this happened.

    Thoughts? Let us know in Exhale.

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  7. Adele performs "FastLove" in honour of George Michael.

    Adele gives a touching and raw tribute to George Michael.

    Performing "FastLove", Adele honoured the late George Michael, but restarted her performance when it wasn't up to her high standards. Never one to compromise on quality, Adele stayed true to herself and to George and kicked off the performance again when she hit a rocky start.

    And then she was flawless. Emotional, pitch perfect and totally authentic, Adele gave a performance that would have undoubtedly made George proud. Backed by video footage of George, Adele gave an absolutely perfect tribute to one of the world's best male vocalists. After the incredible performance, Adele was left in tears.

    Rest in peace, George.

    Thoughts? Let us know in Exhale.

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  8. Check out Katy's first performance of her new single.

    The return of Katy Perry has truly begun.

    After a slightly lack luster reception to comeback single "Chained to the Rhythm", Katy Perry gave a mixed performance of the lead single from her forthcoming fourth studio album. The "California Gurls" star debuted the Max Martin and Sia penned reggae-disco bop with a little help from Bob Marley's grandson, Skip Marley.

    After a strange acoustic introduction from Little Big Town, Katy took to the stage against what appeared to be a white picket fence and a house that rotated across the stage. Perry's vocal left a lot to be desired, as is typical, and the performance - whilst clearly well-executed - failed to make the impact it was clearly designed to. There was something missing between the message of the song, Katy's erratic performance style and the performative aspect of the movement. Skip Marley added a burst of energy, but appeared to rely almost entirely on playback for his feature.

    Ending the performance with "no hate!" and a shot of the Deceleration of Independence didn't feel like enough to hammer home the social justice message of the track.

    Will Katy's performance be enough to give "Chained" a much needed chart boost? Only time will tell, but it's currently being kept out of the top 3 on iTunes by Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. The song hasn't enjoyed the immediate success of "Roar" or "California Gurls", but the consensus appears to be that it's a grower, so let's see how it does now that it's had its first live performance.

    Thoughts? Let us know in Exhale.

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  9. Check out Bruno's 2017 Grammy performance.

    The always entertaining Bruno Mars took to the Grammy stage to perform "That's What I Like" this evening.

    Fresh off the success of his new album, '24k Magic', Bruno Mars returned to the Grammys with "That's What I Like". The superstar picked up a nomination for his production on Adele's '25', and gave a triumphant performance of his newest hit in the making.

    Giving a particularly strong vocal showing, Bruno's performance wasn't especially revolutionary but it hit all the right marks. Despite some inexplicable fashion choices, the "Uptown Funk" singer always brings his A Game and tonight was no exception. Whilst Bruno always shows up ready to deliver, there is something uninteresting (and maybe a little cringeworthy) about his live showings.

    Bruno is sure to be nominated again next year when '24K' is eligible for nomination and this performance won't have hurt his chances at taking home another award to go with the four he's already picked up so far in his career.

    Thoughts? Let us know in Exhale.

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  10. 1 minute ago, greenbear89 said:

    Idk man I feel like she spends so much time in her performances making her look untouchable, its like just PERFORM why does it have to be a 7 minute performance everytime with long intros and poetry in between, etc. She's overdone it. 

    Yeah actually, if I did have one criticism it would be this. I'd like to see her be a bit more approachable. Like, less flawless would work too.

  11. Oh Miss Bey, I know you came to slay.

    A heavily pregnant Beyoncé took to the Grammy stage again tonight.

    Despite having just announced her second pregnancy (this time with twins), Beyoncé returned to the Grammys tonight ahead of projected Album of the Year win, and in news that will shock absolutely no one, her "" performance was nothing short of legendary.

    Kicking off with an visual section that depicted the superstar as a goddess in a trippy alternate universe, Bey moved into a Nubian rendition of "Love Drought". The name of the game was surrealism as Beyoncé moved across a thin elevated stage. Cycling through several of Lemonade's poetic sections, Beyoncé transitioned seamlessly into "Sandcastles", arguably 'Lemonade's most underrated deep cut. With live vocals that rival the recorded version of the tracks, it's hard to imagine that this wasn't the performance of the night.

    What's fantastic about Beyoncé's current attitude is that she simply performs whatever songs make most sense in the context of her current situation, rather than restricting herself to singles. 'Lemonade' is nominated for a whopping 9 accolades tonight and has already picked up several. After that performance, there should be no doubt as to why.

    Thoughts? Let us know in Exhale.

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  12. Check out Ed at the Grammys.

    Ed Sheeran's return took another turn as he took the Grammy stage again.

    Armed with only his loop pedal, a guitar and a synth keyboard, Ed Sheeran demonstrated his absolutely phenomenal talent at this year's Grammys with a show stopping performance of "Shape of You".

    Ed's currently sitting pretty at number 1 and this performance proved unequivocally why. With a pretty much perfect vocal and musicianship that his peers could only dream of, Ed consistently raises the bar. "Shape of You" is shaping up (if you'll pardon the pun) to be Ed's biggest hit so far, and there's no doubt that this performance will only help it's meteoric rise to the top.

    Thoughts on Ed's Grammy performance? Let us know in Exhale.

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  13. Check out The Weeknd and Daft Punk's latest performance.

    The Weeknd and Daft Punk followed Adele for the evening's second performance.

    The Weeknd gave another stellar performance at tonight's (Feb 12) Grammy awards, showing off his current single "I Feel It Coming" in front of a Star Trek inspired set, in keeping with current 'Starboy' aesthetic.

    With a futuristic set-up, Abel gave a faultless vocal performance and oozed stage presence as always. Daft Punk perched a top an iceberg, which was. What it was, I suppose. Teaming up with Daft Punk seems to be The Weeknd's current MO, but it would be nice to see another solo performance from Abel ahead of his forthcoming world tour.

    Thoughts on The Weeknd's spaceship chic? Let us know in Exhale.

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  14. Check out Adele's showstopping Grammy return.

    Adele makes up for last year's technical difficulties with a rendition of "Hello".

    After last year's rough performance of "All I Ask", Adele made a triumphant return to the Grammy stage tonight. Performing "", the British superstar showed everyone why she's spent over a year on top, showcasing 25's enduring impact.

    Watch here:

    Despite a pitchy start, Adele slayed an almost flawless performance of "Hello". Her nerves are almost always an issue, but once she'd warmed up, Adele hit her usual stride. With a characteristically simple stage set up, Adele didn't deviate from the norm, but she's rumoured to be taking on the George Michael tribute later in the night, so maybe that will push the superstar further out of her comfort zone.

    The "Rolling in the Deep" crooner has already picked up 2 awards tonight, to go with her already impressive stash of 11 Grammy trophies, and is pipped to also land Song of the Year and Record of the Year for "Hello", as well as being nominated for Album of the Year with her record breaking third studio album, '25'.

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  15. 1 minute ago, ICouldntThinkOfOne said:

    Its strange, I was listening to her One of the Boys album (in particular, I had I'm Still Breathing on repeat), and its strange how she went from super interesting, honest lyrics to this. It makes me me doubt her involvement in writing since Prism, because its all references, but no character (and I think its coming through in her vocals more and more!). 

    I personally don't think she's had much lyrical involvement since OOTB. There were moments in TD where you can hear her lyricism and ditto Prism, but generally, I think she has people like Bonnie McKee and Sia doing a lot of the heavy lifting, with regards to writing.

    Katy is what she is, and even on the first album, the lyrics weren't outstanding, but you have to wonder if the music would be more engaging if she were more present in both the process and the vocal.

  16. On 11/02/2017 at 2:16 AM, ICouldntThinkOfOne said:

    Chained to the Rhythm is exactly what you'd expect from a Katy Perry song, written by Sia, produced by Max Martin in 2017: Rehashed trendgrabbing. and no one is interested in the making. The production sounds like a second rate Into You; slightly bouncy synths and with high moans here and there. Lyrically, its clear that this is another Sia Paint by Numbers/ ''I wrote this song for someone else and I'm not invested in it'', and its become clear that Sia and Katy's duo has had its day (realistically, Sia stands on her own. Her tracks penned for any other artist always fall flat now, I mean really, trouble and bubble? that's the best either writer can give us?).  Vocally, it goes nowhere. fast. That's all I can say about that. Katy sounds completely disinterested in what she's singing. I can't wait for the Sia demo to leak to hear what someone who can emote, whether they mean it or not, can do we with the song. 

    and overall, the message is a mess. This isn't a smart piece of political pop from Perry and I doubt it was recorded as a Trump protest, or as a ''think for yourself'' message. Its another vague attempt at trending jumping (we're in a bubble? living life through a lens? is it a perfect illusion?), and riding on coattails (Skip Marley? really? who have you ''inspired''?). Also, Mr. Parsons? reaaaally? that doesn't make you an intellectual, its more trendjumping.

    Katy's ultrasafe safe pop days are ticking to a close, and this and Rise prove it: The producers are bored, the writers are bored, and no one is here for it.

    I'm marking this at the 3/10. Its a yawn fest, with very little substance or style. Its an improvement on the cliche fest/Brave knockoff that was Roar, but come on, give us something worth well.

    Don't necessarily agree with all of this, but I thought it was a super interesting perspective.

    "Katy sounds completely disinterested in what she's singing. I can't wait for the Sia demo to leak to hear what someone who can emote, whether they mean it or not, can do we with the song."

    This, however, I thought was SPOT ON. I'm excited to hear the demo, I don't like (and never have liked) Katy's delivery.

  17. Ed takes the jungle-infused "Shape of You" in a different direction.

    Ed Sheeran has dropped a visual for the second of his two current singles.

    No stranger to a bizarre music video, Ed Sheeran has lived up to his reputation with a boxing/sumo-wrestling themed video for smash hit "Shape of You". The video follows Ed and his co-star through the rigmarole of professional boxing, until his love interest decides that the only way for Ed to prove his love for her is in an underground sumo-wrestling match. I mean, we've all been there, right?

    The video features plenty of gratuitous shots of Ed shirtless, if that's something that interests you. (No judgement.)

    As entertaining as the video undoubtedly is, it doesn't appear to have a huge amount to do with the song or its obvious themes, except perhaps if Sheeran was admiring the voluptuous shape of his sumo opponent. All things considered, the jungle/R&B influenced effort may have set better across something a little more summery and a little less... well, England. Nonetheless, the profoundly bizarre video is unlikely to dampen enthusiasm for the track itself, which has hit number 1 in a staggering 24 countries and counting.

    With just over a month until his third studio album and an arena tour on the horizon, 2017 is still looking good for Ed. Undoubtedly part of the benefit of being such a unique act is that it doesn't feel like Sheeran is facing much mainstream competition from his contemporaries at the moment, principally because he doesn't really have any.

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  18. Allen has put her foot in her exceptionally large mouth.

    Lily Allen is facing online backlash after using the word "f*g".

    The usually socially engaged Lily Allen has caused a wave of controversy after retweeting a gay publication and using of the slur word "f*gs". The British singer has been open about her distaste for Donald Trump over the past week, but took an insensitive misstep when she quoted a popular sign at the recent anti-Trump protests, which reads "F*gs hate Trump."

    The "Smile" star was quoting directly from the image that Gay Times Magazine used to publicize her latest musical endeavor. For many fans on Twitter, the word was inappropriate in any context, and they took to tweeting their dissatisfaction directly at Allen, resulting in her removing the tweet.

    There comes a point where we have to start to differentiate between good and bad intentions. Whilst Lily's use of the word was undoubtedly unacceptable (I full-body cringed upon reading it), she's been an excellent ally to the LGBT+ community and is currently raising important political questions and supporting the idea of equality for all. Although it seems like a given that she should apologize (at the end of the day a slur is a slur), it feels somewhat like the LGBT+ community has bigger fish to fry right now.

    Check out the video that started it all - Lily Allen's politically charged cover of "Going To A Town":

    Lily Allen has yet to comment.

    Do you think Lily's use of the word "f*g" is acceptable? Let us know in Exhale.

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