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  1. I never really understood. Is it reincarnation? Or is it a flashback of herself as a baby? Still my fav video and song
  2. Botoxney....Im really happy she looks more natural nowadays :)
  3. Telling 24 million followers that you are insecure is kind of confident actually
  4. She is so beautiful! And is it me or does her smile look more normal lately?
  5. Maybe it was just Davids idea and has nothing to do with britneys life at all
  6. She is not feeling it at all....sad to see. Glad she is doing better now.
  7. I think the pic is recent, her hair kinda looks the same as in the last posts. Also Sam says its recent, but britney probably can't say it since they are supposed to be in quaraintine.
  8. So where are all the people now who said she doesn't have a phone
  9. Yeah its like **** video, im glad it got scrapped. The only part I liked about it was the scene where she was in the cage.
  10. No one wants your negativity and rude comments on this forum.
  11. Well as you can see I am not the only one who thinks that you are rude. You will get banned soon.
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