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  1. Soooooo is there a video of Paris giving Britney her VMA in 2008? I can’t find it anywhere, I can only find one of her saying she won
  2. So I live in San Antonio which is an hour from Austin I’ll be driving up there Sunday morning but it’s been rainy and cold and the weather for Sunday also set to be rainy and cold do you think Britney will cancel the concert???
  3. im From San Antonio and I’m going to see Britney next weekend in Austin!! Sadly I’m going alone sooooooo I would love to meet a fellow Britney fan! if you are going let me know!!
  4. So if Britney does headline the Super Bowl imagine how ICONIC it would be if she rose from the ground with a huge *** orchestra behind her and they started to play TOXIC!!!!! Like wow I can’t even imagine, toxic would be so sick if it was orchestrated correctly and the right production omg
  5. Yes a ticket to the race is the equivalent to a concert ticket, except you can upgrade the concert ticket if you want. Obviously I won’t be watching any races I will be posted at the front of the stage waiting for the queen all day long
  6. My best friends friend that is working it is saying they’re expecting 60-80k people
  7. any one know how many tickets have been sold for Britney’s concert in austin???? My best friend and I already have ours but I’m curious how she’s doing..
  8. Thanks sis! I met her back in August so now I’m trying to figure out a way to meet her this time which I doubt will happen
  9. Yea you have to buy the ticket for the race which gets you into the concert and then there’s a 99$ upgrade for a closer view
  10. I’m so f**king excited!!! I got my tickets for Britney and Bruno in austin! My best friend knows someone who’s working the event so he got us VIP with a huge discount! I’m so excited I get to see the queen in my home state for the first time in 7 years!!! Also im from San Antonio so I’m only an hour away from Austin. Who else is in the San Antonio/Austin area and is going to see Britney?!?!
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