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  1. In French, we actually have "Psykokwak"
  2. As a native French speaker, I would say that it is easier to learn English as it is more mainstream: I use English a lot at work, most films and TV series can be watched in English, etc. For Spanish, it is a bit more complicated even though you can find many Spanish films. If you live in the US, don't you have a few friends of Latin descent that could help you practice Spanish? If you like politics, you can also try to follow the news in Spanish - I find it useful to practice.
  3. My name "If U Seek Me" without spaces is already used by another user... Edit: at least I managed to put it under my name. (RIP the "é" of @PokemonSpears -- nevermind, it was never there) Thank you sis', this is a sad and hard moment. (Listening to Stronger right now) ABOUT THE NEW OPTION: Now we will finally know if Exhale is 90% gay guys, 9% girls and 1% straight guys.
  4. Could be worse, this thread could have started with some fanfiction with an Ash/Brock romance.
  5. For this thread, I summon @PokemonSpears! About Detective Pikachu: I haven't watched it yet, but I fear that I would be disappointed.
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