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  1. Yes, it's about them! Scary family.
  2. Meh, I expect some basic bop. Listenable, but far from a pop perfection.
  3. Doux Jésus, Roxxy, I did not know you speak French! Making global news 11 years later, King Jordan! When will Mood Ring and its small 4-year comeback?
  4. I have just finished Trust, a TV series about the abduction of the grandson of an oil billionaire, inspired from actual events. As part of my guilty viewing, I am watching Riverdale season 4 (mostly for Archie's abs TBH) and The 100 season 7. I plan to start soon The Expanse and Love, Victor. I also need to watch the last season of Star Wars: Clone Wars. I also want to continue to watch Bron, a Swedish-Danish crime TV series. I really enjoyed the first season (the ending left me shaking ), but never got the time to watch the later seasons. (Quite a messy selection, I know)
  5. Indeed, it seems it has been reported in several countries, which is a first. Now she needs to be free and to drop an album to use the media coverage!
  6. A dating app? Not sure this would be a good idea.
  7. I contemplated buying it a few times, because Amazon always recommends it to me at like €4, but never got it due to the tragic tracklist... No Blackout song, but My Baby is there... I still believe that an intern randomly picked songs and sent that to some exec who approved the release without checking. I mean, my little sister would make a better selection of Britney songs. Gotta love its Wikipedia page, though: "Its issuance with no official press release or announcement took both fans and critics by surprise. When fans on Twitter asked about the album, global distributor Sony Music stated they had no knowledge of the album." Because the CD is called Oops! I Did It Again: The Best of Britney Spears.
  8. One of the biggest French newspapers, Le Monde, just published an article about the #FreeBritney movement: "Between genuine concern and conspiracy theories, at the roots of #FreeBritney" (in French) They consider @Jordan Miller as the first to coin the "Free Britney" name back in 2009. The article suggests that some fans are borderline conspiracy theorists, over-analysing every Instagram post to find cues, but also recognises that there is a lot of secrecy surrounding the conservatorship. It is currently featured on the homepage of the newspaper's website, so it should get a lot of views. Excerpts: "Now surfacing again and becoming more visible, the hashtag #FreeBritney is not new. It was first used on 20 February 2009 on BreatheHeavy.com, a successful blog created by a fan, Jordan Miller. On that day, he shared the transcript of audio notes attributed to [Britney], in which she assures that her dad threatened her not to see her kids again, should she oppose the conservatorship." "[Britney's situation] is indeed more confusing than what a few viral posts seems to indicate. As the New York Times recalled in 2019, "The details of Spears’s conservatorship have not been made public, nor has her mental condition or diagnosis". "The conservatorship, which was supposed to last initially only until the end of 2008, is still in place. Judges decided to extend it until the star shows "signs of lasting improvements of her mental state". A condition not met yet according to the judges, despite the indisputable productivity of the artist – 4 albums and as many concert tours in twelve years".
  9. I'm here! I did not have time to log in to Exhale for weeks because work was crazy! I remember @Chrisnay and his iconic thread (we all fell for it, and I do wonder if he did not believe in it too) very well. His account actually still exists. See his profile picture, I think Chrisnay is skinnier. Not the same guy.
  10. Not my favourite music video, but she does indeed look great. And the Radar Horse is iconic.
  11. No. It has a few good songs, but the first half of the album bore me to death. Chromatica and Future Nostalgia remain unbothered.
  12. Her sexual songs are what makes her different that other basic rappers, though. They slay. Squidward Nose remains unbothered. Even the beat is amazing.
  13. I am not a big rap fan, but CupcakKe has some great songs, and she is an ally, which is rare: (She deleted most of her music videos...)
  14. Yeah, she's been doing a few of those live shows during lockdown. I love the fact that she was singing and at the same time making sure her kids where not making too much of a mess. Really cute.
  15. The remixes are good! The new line is great, though it could have been used for more sassy songs. I wish they would have released that on the week of Mood Ring's worldwide release, to boost sales and streaming impact... (I hate the "by demand" on the cover and on the track's names. Team B, we actually asked for a video. This is OUR DEMAND.)
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