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  1. If U Seek Me

    socialney Slumber Party (ft. Xtina)

    I guess you tried. Thanks for trying.
  2. Audio problems preventing her from speaking? For an event of this size, you run tests beforehand. I do not buy it.
  3. Accurate description, but you forgot the iconic knee tap!
  4. If U Seek Me


    Dear Brinty... Release the song, b*tch! Britney, queen of innuendos. Same! (But a basic song is still better than no music)
  5. And some of you were mocking Gaga releasing a new USB key for The Fame's anniversary!
  6. With new Circus lyrics! "All eyes on me in the centre of the sling, just like a Circus"
  7. I love the title and the visuals! I am slayed!
  8. 8:30 am in Europe here, currently eating breakfast: I am happy that I did not skip sleep to watch this mess. So sad, because I checked my phone just after waking up and the residency title and visuals got me so hyped up.
  9. If U Seek Me

    socialney Britney Teases New Vegas Residency!

    Riccus: The Scrapped Residency confirmed! Including all her unreleased songs and the red titties as screen backdrop during ...Make Me. She will be dressed as funeralney during Gimme More and will 'kill' with a blank shot one of her dancers during Perfume.
  10. If U Seek Me

    music Neemz cardio mixes

    Maybe you need to tag him: @Neemz
  11. Another residency. Such a surprise! I have read all the 20 pages of this thread, seen this gif a hundred times, and it never moved for me.