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  1. "Jet lag"? She is touring Europe, there is only a 2 hours difference between the UK and Poland... (1 hour between the UK and France, none between France and Belgium, etc.). She has been in Europe for several days, she should no longer be jet lagged, especially with 1 or 2 hours flights.
  2. Not working any more. (I guess the discount was not automatically discounted after 20 orders -- they needed to do it manually).
  3. If U Seek Me

    other "B-Army" Alternative

    Britney's Bitches is nice. "B-Army" is really lame, half of the other fanbases uses this name... For a fanbase around for two decades, with deserve better than to do like the peasants.
  4. 'Unisex'? I see that you were ready for the My Prerogative perfume release. (Nice design, by the way)