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  1. I wish this was her song omgggggggg 😭😭 it would’ve been huge for her & it fits her voice so well
  2. They were supposed to!! That interview with Mario she said it was gonna be more urban. Hit boy was supposed to work on the record, he said so himself. He also said wiz khalifa was gonna be on the record. And then all the sudden **** changed .. which was SO dumb bc 2013 was like the year when hip hop started getting bigger and more pop artists were doing hip hop influenced records
  3. I think she thought herself here that they were gonna turn down her mic but they must’ve been late 😂
  4. This is definitely real I can hear the pre recorded vocals before the “reimagined” version
  5. This is definitely real I can hear the pre recorded vocals before the “reimagined” version
  6. He spoke on it didn’t get into details but basically said their relationship caused his divorce. He & Britney has a falling out and she fired him im pretty sure too.
  7. Never outwardly said anything, but I think her husband has. She made a comment on something she agreed with that he said. I can’t remember
  8. I’m also really happy for this. It was hurting me seeing her be silent. I’m glad I can go on knowing my girl is using her voice
  9. This is ridiculous, delete this thread! It’s an angry xtina fan
  10. Lmaoooo I love that you’re so appalled that someone here shares the same feelings about BLM that you think I created a second account... jesus fix it!!! Fix it all😭
  11. Calling out @C0CKyand @DonoDotto. What about the factual evidence of this post deserves a thumbs down? Your racism is showing baby & @JordanMiller isn’t silent, he was quick to call me & others out for speaking out on BLM, then proceeds to say he gave me a warning bc I said “mf” 😂😂 after all the slurs I’ve seen on this site too lmaooo. but thank you for being an ally @JustWendy
  12. This is happening everywhere!!!! They’re also leaving old police cars in places downtown so people will burn them. White supremacists Are also secretly putting piles of bricks in spots near businesses... it’s disgusting what’s going on. And black people will of course take the blame for it all!!
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