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  1. Surprised the Grammys haven't created a Best Vocal Performance whilst Pregnant award. They'll probably wait until Taylor Swift gets knocked up and then they'll launch it.
  2. Sis the baby's still in there. She faked the birth for Smile promo but the real birth is due at Xmas
  3. Love her response. The world needs to be more Sia tbh. Sick of professional victims making demands. Actors act. It's not about having a certain disability it's about portraying a character who so just so happens to have that disability. Pc culture wants to ruin everything. Push people too far and the backlash ends up ruining progress.
  4. OMG, Smile is finally going to #1 as the ClownyKats regroup on mass and regain their crown...
  5. It's like Midnight Sky and Physical had a baby. I'm enjoying this 80s revival theme of 2020.
  6. Mood Ring was a "gift" to fans. And even then Britney never SPOKE about it. She only posted on social media, which is always dubious. Please show me anywhere Britney has ever acknowledged the Swimming In The Stars. She probably doesn't even know it's being released. Bessemer have not had any impact whatsoever yet and likely won't for several months. Once Bessemer and Britney are on the same page and Britney has some say in her career, then I'll support her projects.
  7. Funny how her IG followers jumped up recently by 100K and then another 100K. Kween of being interesting on IG again
  8. I resent that comment. Britney's been a commercial flop since 2011 but many of us still stan her despite this.
  10. Sunglassney is giving me early 2000s vibes maybe she sees Bessemer decision as progress and feels good
  11. Talking of songs to describe Britney's situation, I hope she'll soon start releasing daily IG videos of herself dancing to her 2011 iconic song He About To Lose Me and caption it "Dedicated to my father James" I'd be slayed to hell and back
  12. Let's see how many million views his next video gets without Britney's support
  13. No offence Jordan but that's a bad move imo. Exhale is full of egotistical wannabe celebrities who'll love everything they've ever said even if it's lame. I know this because one of them
  14. The delete era is going on forever. Was it the song copyright issue? Was it that this dude had no earning potential for Brit's team? Did Sam get jealous of a clearly gay guy? So confused.
  15. Is she on holiday then? Are these pics old? Is she asking for help with yellow? Where's Original Doll? What happened at Disney in 2010? Why isn't Brit talking about the c-ship? Will Lou make an unwanted comeback? How much lower will James stoop? Does Britney even know she has a single being released soon? So many questions.
  16. Congrats to them. They deserve the success tbh. Just re-added No-More Sad Songs to my playlist such a tune even though it's not new.
  17. Great news for music for both brilliant acts to have done so well.
  18. It was cancelled from day one. When will they stop trying to make money off Brit's legacy and allow Britney to be free to create new memories and iconic moments?
  19. I respectfully disagree with the OP. If we support this single it encourages Team Evil to continue to do this kind of thing. Does Britney even know about this single? Are they obliged to inform her? Maybe she never liked the song and didn't want it to ever be heard? Britney is an artist and even though she has awful taste sometimes (Pretty Girls, Britney Jean anyone?) it's still her career and up to her what is released and what isn't. Even $1 made by Britney's team is too much tbh. Starve them of funds and they will have nothing left to fight for. Britney is not working on purpose, the least we can do is follow her lead and not support unofficial unwanted songs. PS - if the song is good, I'll download it without paying.
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