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  1. I loved the video and the song, especially the second choruses when the beat kicks in
  2. Controversial but my fave is the one where Brit's mask got stuck and she continued singing live like the pro she is whilst desperatly ripping off the mask and her extensions and her mic for fear of missing her moves and being punished by her master James. Kween of multi-tasking
  3. Cons Hey y'all. I've been making money for Tristar for many years now even though I never even applied or interviewed to be an employee there. Anyways, I had to perform on stage for a few times a week and I found this difficult because there were big audiences and I suffer anxiety. I also had to do up close and personal meet and greets with potential killers, I think I hid my unease well though (for the photos.) I have some gay friends and the CEO of Tristar throws holy water on them every time while screaming homophobic slurs. It's pretty scary and not appropriate at all. I've emailed HR about this lady, but I always get the same automatic response "Satan's busy. Try again later." It's very frustrating. Anyways, I've taken some leave to clear my thoughts and do some modelling work on Instagram. My boyfriend likes to use me as his gym prop where he'll lift me, it's so fun. I also enjoy walks and going to the beach and painting. I haven't officially quit yet, but I haven't been to the office for 2 years so I hope they'll soon get the idea... Pros I get an allowance.
  4. I think she's at risk of being overexposed. Maybe she should have a year off. I feel like she's release more albums in 5 years than Britney has in 10
  5. Not been feeling their promo songs so it'll be good to have this official single. Hope the video isn't just in an empty warehouse, although I appreciate Covid is making things tricky to film.
  6. Such a tragic show. The awful choreo, the tics, the same songs over and over. If she performs like that in future, better to retire.
  7. You can't seriously be surprised that fans are confused. Brit's IG has long been a strange place where we never know who controls it, if Brit chooses what she films or if she's told what to do, who does the captions. It's bizarre that at a time when Brit is supposedly fighting for her freedom - she posts odd videos wearing almost nothing dancing seductively. The vid had more stops and starts than I could count. Then after much confusion, concern and attention the vid is deleted by someone. Of course we're going to speculate!!! Exhale exists to speculate.
  8. I'd also like a PROJECT SIGN where Britney showcases her newly learned sign language skills. Mine is more realistic than yours
  9. I wish Brit would go back to posting vids of her singing (Exhale experts would then pitch it to match her normal tone as nobody likes chipmunkney's voice filters.) Instead, we get dead eyed posing and creepy dancing with zero good moves. Britney isn't a choreographer. She's awful at coming up with choreo. And she's stuck in a creative rut. It's tragic tbh.
  10. The DELETE era has been long. If we had a list of all posts which were deleted soon after that would be interesting.... anyone?
  11. I don't understand why it's so choppy and cut together - it's hardly difficult choreo to perfect The way she's trying to keep her bun in place is giving me PTSD of the POM tour where she spent half of each performance playing with her ponytail/fidgeting on stage. Like sis, you're dancing like you have whiplash. Just tie your hair up and do your usual hair flicks or don't bother. I'm worried she's started early menopause and we're witnessing the first mid-life crisis to be viewed on IG
  12. Album: Signs Of Life [2021] 1. Long Time Coming 2. Oops (What Was I Thinking?) 3. Objection! 4. Instagram Stole My Heart 5. Showmance (Farewell Sam) 6. Want That D 7. Freaks Come Out (featuring Missy Elliot) 8. Daddy Dearest (featuring Courtney Love) 9. Grown A*ss Woman 10. Whips 11. Hearts & Minds 12. Chasing Pavements (cover of Adele's song) ** BONUS ** 13. Rebellion
  13. OMG the first hot dude (HOLD ME DADDY):
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