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  1. Godney's Sweet Ass

    socialney Another spot on parody. Screaming!

    No, because he does like the rest of us and waits for Exhalers to post the unpitched version. He (like us) stans Brit's real voice not the Chipmunk fookery
  2. Godney's Sweet Ass

    socialney Another spot on parody. Screaming!

    Disturbing but funny AF. I love this dude
  3. Godney's Sweet Ass

    music The Britney Army Loves A Super Bowl Halftime Show Performance Rumor

    I'm super excited!!! I've always wanted her to do Superbowl properly and I'm so psyched about her launching her new album with this performance!!! What a great way to boost her streams and Vegas residency sales and get a brand new #1 single and #1 album! I'll bet she's already rehearsing for this!!!
  4. My brit inst highlights: her singing but unpitched by exhalers and the amazing janet choreo.
  5. Godney's Sweet Ass

    other My Only Wish - Current Stats and Updates

  6. Godney's Sweet Ass

    video This "Overprotected" performance

    The bridge section alone has more dance content than the entire 5 years of POM