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  1. Rich pop star butchers her own face with bad surgery and botox and make-up. People point out she could do better for herself. Stans bitch about those trying to help Britney. If Britney listened to advice she'd look 20 and be a goddess. She ignores it though.
  2. I legit saw the title and thought she was announcing baby no3
  3. The noisy guitars of the cover from 2015 poop all over this new remix. Sorry not sorry.
  4. Her eyes look amazing She looks anxious though literally clinging onto Sam for dear life.. Anyone would think he's taking her to a M&G
  5. She actually messaged me through Facebook the other day but I forgot to tell y'all. Here's an extract of her message, "I love my fans dearly and can't wait to perform for you all again!! Taking some time right now to figure out legal stuff, but November/December this year will see lots of exciting projects. And yes you're finally getting My Only Wish 2.0!!"
  6. 2:01am - How many countries did Britney Spears Pretty Girls hit #1?
  7. We may not be the biggest fanbase these days, but we're the most creative
  8. Fact: Madonna and Britney created lesbianism in 2003 and LGBTQXMH+ never had the L until 2004 thanks to Britney and Madonna's kiss. #HomoKweens!
  9. 10:23am - how skinny is a needle? 10:25am - do hunky boyfriends cheat when working at a gym?? 10:30am - barbie's hawaii paradise island toy set 10:35am - rocket science freak people out sentences 10:40am - cheap dresses for under 6$ 10:42am - ryan reynolds nudes 10:56am - brad pitt nudes 11:23am - how to be the best mom in the world 11:30am - really cool and interesting poems for instagram 11:35am - is britney spears still a milf? 11:35am - define: milf 11:36am - 10 reasons why i hate christina aguilera 11:37am - 100 reasons why i hate christina aguilera 11:39am - photos of food 11:51am - bathing in cheetos fantasy am i normal? Amazing find, eh?
  10. I don't think she'll ever get out of it. When Jamie dies, Lou will take over, when Lou dies Kfed will take over. It's ridiculous and wrong, but that's the world we live in. Well enough to tour the world performing on stage in front of thousands but no well enough to have a credit card - it's odd and unsettling. And if anyone though Team f**kery would take this lying down - just look how many people they've sued the last few months. Just look at their PR blitz and all the money they're paying TMZ and all the others. They're fighting because they can win and they will and we're nothing.
  11. This drama is giving me life Lou and Jamie 2008-2018 - "Hey let's milk Britney for every freaking cent. Push her on stage to perform like an animal at a circus no matter how drugged up or depressed or anxious she is. Make her do expensive M&Gs even though she clearly HATES them. Make her do perfumes and lingerie and every other possible thing." Lou and Jamie 2019 - "Holy crap she's stopped. How do we make our money now? Ah, let's just sue anyone who criticises us."
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