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  1. Jordan you should speak out about the C-ship again. You did so in the past and we were all shooketh by your courage. Don't let Mr Spears scare you. The #MeToo movement has changed everything not just for sexual abuse victims but also for bullied people and those stuck in harmful c-ships.
  2. Sure Larry, you'd like that wouldn't you? GTFO
  3. Jamie Spears Lyne Spears Bryan Spears Sam Lou Larry ^ These people all need to take a long walk off a short pier
  4. TMZ will now be known as The Spears Family Mouthpiece due to their complete and utter bias Once you've opened your eyes - you never want to close them again
  5. JL needs to pipe down. I get that she supports her money grabbing evil family, but she's not the one under a c-ship. Britney deserves freedom.
  6. I liked that Charlie had his own money and didn't need Team Evil's money. I did think Sam had money too, but maybe that's wrong because he seems to be in-cahoots with Brit's family.
  7. Protecting her from the paps who had been TOLD she was coming out by her own team? Take a seat Sam is as deep in this as the rest of those evil twisted monsters.
  8. Hurting them in their pockets is the only thing they'll understand.
  9. Wrong to say we ignored the c-ship. Many of us wanted it ended a decade ago but we shut up because Brit's kids are used as bait by Team Evil.
  10. Thanks. Jesus that's bad. It should've only ever been a temporary thing like 6 months maximum.
  11. Well her team excells at botching things so it could've been Larry...
  12. Can someone add up all the days Brit's been a slave for? My maths are poor but 364x12 years = at least 4000 days of c-ship People do less time in jail for bad crimes!!
  13. Can't wait to see their next distraction. Another perfume? An R Kelly collab? A new mineral water? They really are pathetic.
  14. PS- Sam is part of the problem He can't be part of the solution