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  1. 27 minutes ago, vass2816 said:

    You’re obviously an Xtina fan and that’s ok. I think that it’s disappointing to us Britney fans because she’s acting like she’s not caring....in a crowd of 3000 people......when all her contemporaries like Taylor and Beyoncé are doing 60,000 shows every night. I think we are all in a spot of wethere we have to support this person we have loved since 1999 or wetherwe have to say ok, we can’t let you become Mariah Carey. I’m torn.

    They must tired of doing 60.000 shows every night. Thats 21.900.000 shows in a year. Britney could learn from them:weusay:

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  2. 2 hours ago, Lilith said:

    same video :cackling: " Clumsy (Piece Of Me Tour - Opening Night - July 12, 2018 - Washington, D.C.) "


    no it only proves that you had no clue of the opening night Clumsy and you tried instead to make the "new" one appear like it was SO much smoother than the opening night eventho it was the same f**king vid LMAOOOOO :cackling::cackling:

    "Clumsy is also SO much smoother tonight. She kills it she’s FEELING CLUMSY"
    then next you go:
    "if it was then it was a good performance"

    So to you the choreo was "just fine" and a "good performance" huh? But you said that vid was "better than last nights" meaning that the opening night wasn't good :cackling: f**king hilarious contradiction :cackling:

    Biiiitch stop it :weusay:

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