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  1. i am amazed how you guys recognize the difference between pre-recorded and live vocals... I always thought she was singing along the track, especially the part where she sings i'm a slaaaaaavee for you... that slave part sounds different than the cd vocals the POM vocals or any other prerecorded vocals we have so far... also with the femme fatale tour, yes there were prerecorded vocals but im pretty sure she was singing too
  2. todays videos do not resemble e 40 year old woman, rather a 16 smth girl. I get that she is funny, awkward, shy but this is really too muxh for me. Look at her peers beyonce j lo christina shakira mandy more if you know a thing or two of them they are all shy, private people and are today 2000 light years ahead of brtney when it used to be the other way around
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