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  1. i love beyonce but partly from her beyonce album everything seems to me like it's a cult. i get that its art but i still prefer to watch her unplugged from las vegas concert, her Glastonbury concert or bday than her latest work sorry even music wise not my cup of tea
  2. i actually went to Tunis and got the word (in Arabic) tattooed with semi permanent color on the back of my neck too wanting to get it done by my guy when i would go back didn't do it thought maybe one day
  3. i think she mentioned whitney huston amd mariah carey as influences too
  4. people keep bringing the eyes thing a lot they always say that she is dead behind the eyes there is nothing there any more she looks scared but i dont see it Anyhow i still do wish her all the best even if is not the britney spears anymore i got to experience her from day one with baby one more time and i am lucky to live in the same time as one of the best performers in the world
  5. the guy was nothing but sweet and she just left still cool interview though
  6. sorry english is not my native language i always got the impression that those two were the same
  7. i also find myself using it... maybe it comes out very strict and pushy when you see it from the other side but it is what it is
  8. can you please refresh my memory about the radiance lawsuit
  9. nope google it... i am gemini for some reason now and dont know how to feel about it
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