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  1. Eghhh I like her music, but she’s pretentious af. Girl, it’s a pop album. There’s nothing deep and meaningful about it. Bionic reminds me of Witness. Both over promised, under delivered albums that was no different sonically from other pop records at the time. Both artists fabricated these in-depth intricate stories that the general public “didn’t get” for basic pop songs that are clearly designed for top 40 radio.
  2. What You’ve Done To Me- Samantha Jade (cool fact- it’s the best selling song by an ex X Factor Australia contestant. 3 weeks at #1 and 4x Platinum)
  3. She gets $1.1million per season of The Voice Australia (about $800k USD). Thats without record sales and other endorsements. Girlfriend is hardly using food stamps to survive.
  4. One Last Time- Agnes (I balled my eyes out listening to this on repeat when I broke up with my bf at the time haha)
  5. I got: Logician INTP-A Apparently I’m rare (thank you to the good sis Selena for creating an album about my personality type...)
  6. It would be totally a “Taylor Swift” thing to do to get married and not tell anyone for ages. After “Lover” (the song) I thought they may have already been married, or at least engaged.
  7. Ummm wasn’t Roman Reloaded meant to be Pink Friday 2?
  8. It should’ve been a single. Was always one of my favourites from Glory despite what others say. It’s such a unique track.
  9. My fellow Aussie queens! if it’s anywhere as good as In My Blood, imma be PUMPED!
  10. If those adlibs are recent, girlfriend is sounding FINE! And is that a Touch of my Hand sample?! With a video (directed by Joseph Kahn featuring Britney wearing nothing but a mood ring plz), it could totally be a hit! There have been heaps of old songs being remixed doing big things on the chart recently (Roses as an example).
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