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  1. Lol Jordan nooo dont point out the earlobe I thought it was a flower earing now I cant unsee it
  2. I find this so strange because when you think of siblings to huge stars its usually them who feel neglected or over shadowed. Its almost like they over compensated trying to make sure JL didn't feel left out that they completely forgot Britney no matter how big of a star, is still their daughter and a human. She needed assurance and love from her family too. I remeber a jt article where he said she was alone most of the time which is why she and him were so close.
  3. Not you being spot on . Especially because on Sunday they are going to meet his mama . I had to listen without the video to appreciate it. The video threw me off. I like them separately. She was serving looks but had nothing to do with the song lol the song itself is cute and very Ariana which can be bad or good depending on how you look at it. I guess she and her team think if the formula ain't broke dont fix it. I like it though will add to my playlist.
  4. I agree with this sorta. She would say that but then go on stage in Pom in lingerie. So its hard to go by that
  5. I agree I would be doing the same if I had her body lol I felt like I was getting a personal lap dance I kind of got shy watching this. I love when woman embrace their femininity. Its something I am trying to do as I get older. Also I hear lots of stories of woman who reach their 40s who say their whole life just starts at 40 like life is just beginning because you lose all your insecurities from your younger self and you stop living for everyone else and you know what you want. I cant wait to get there and if I look anything like this I'll be feeling myself too. I'm probably thinking too much into and she probably just wanted to dance into a red top, but thats what I love about her she just does what she wants even when not everyone agrees. She can be seen fully clothed and she can be seen like this there's room for all of it.
  6. Yeah I love these too but it doesn't have to be one or the other. She has been looking genuinely happy in the last few post something is def changing in her. Its small but I like it. However she wants to explore im here for it.
  7. I am here for all of this! It feels to me that she is working on her confidence and this feels very itzney. She looks amazing and I was kind of let down she didn't turn around lol Ngl at first I was scared to click play but even with the same moves she is feeling herself and I love to see it!
  8. They made her look decent. I genuinely wonder does she think about how her sister gave her a career and that is not shade but like legit no one would be checking for her without the spears last name. I'm curious if this ever crosses her mind? Again no shade just genuine curiosity.
  9. Jamie lynn: no better feeling than taking off your mask Also Jamie lynn: thank God for mask
  10. Idk yall I know its easy for us to wish the worst because he's done the worst to someone we adore so much, but I sympathize with this family so much. My dad is a alcoholic and its a legit disease. At the end of it all its her dad and even if he is out of her life after this conservatorship not only is she missing out on having a dad but having to come to terms of what he did to her and have to find peace with that is rough. Vids like this make it hard for me to hate him. Its not excusable what he has done by any means but I cant imagine my dad as ugly as he can be as a alcoholic I just cant imagine him having to live out our family drama publicly. I get it i know why everyone is mad I just see the other side of the perspective and it just breaks my heart for this family. A family is being torn apart, and that will never be something I can celebrate. No matter what every one loses.
  11. Her body is amazing Idc what anyone says she is almost in her 40s with limited celebrity resources its refreshing that her body is gained the old fashioned way. Its not "celebrity perfect" but I'm so tired of seeing the same damn shape. She is looking good and juicy .
  12. I love her song selfish I haven't ventured out past that but I will now!
  13. She can morph into anything she wants. She's like a power ranger . Her personality is so stinking cute! Also is this her confirming her dinner parties with Paris and Ashley Tisdale
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