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  1. I want to but I dont want to. I'm scared lol
  2. Because I low key think its about Britney
  3. Marilyn Monroe? **** what you know? Why do this to us?
  4. there are so many remakes but this one and the original are my favorite.
  5. She's so particular with her song choices. The most annoying thing is that all these mental health comments wouldn't even be a thing had she not gone through 2007. This would probably be labeled as her being bored at home, passing time during quarantine but because its her its automatically cause for concern. I think she has figured out that no matter what she does she will be judged so why not just do what the F she wants and just be "free" in her own sense. Do you Britney!
  6. These are the 2020 versions of the cat walk videos we got last year. I'm always here for her promoting her own music
  7. What is this thread I'm laughing so hard I can't breathe. Anyways this is best I think he's ever looked whatever era this was. He's still okay jessica doesnt do him any favors.
  8. Lol i saw someone mention but have yet to find it haha then I felt weird because I was working to hard to see it so I stopped.
  9. Same. Im shooketh.
  10. What are the source of these photos? Like are they recent?
  11. What is she trying to say to us?! from the date to the confidence remark to the song choice That song is hardly workout material lol not to mention its the second time she used it and she kept replaying the same part. Its soo hard not to speculate! Lol I want to believe (thats its just you and me) that its just a regular video but . What did I just watch. I love it though. I could watch her all day. Plus its a sign for me to work out
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