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  1. Omg you're right I forgot about that! I just don't understand his decisions I think its a marriage of convenience. I dont doubt he has love for biel but I dont see him being in love. I never really blamed him during justified era because if you've ever been cheated on by someone you truly love that **** will make you jaded as hell not to mention if it was with a friend I can see him being petty at his age. It was all the extra he did that I didn't agree with and I hope with age he's realized how far he went and how wrong it was. She deserves all the best people around her who want nothing from her that includes fans! And wow no I never noticed that one thats a good find.
  2. I agree! His voice would go a long way! I always thought that his reaction in that clip with his co star was a result of jessica letting him know she was pregnant. Of course i dont have proof of that so thats just my own theory. I can see why he doesn't talk though, he's married and just barely scrapping by off that scandal imagine sticking up for the worlds favorite ex it wouldn't be a good look for his already struggling marriage. I have hope though they will find friendship one day again even if its not public I hope he apologizes to her in person. Also did anyone notice his last post was about tattoos is that a coincidence?
  3. She looks amazing! I'll contain my Justney excitement because I know its not her posting but in this video at 5:46 he points at his arm. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know he isnt happy with Biel and I want Britney in control of her own life before she does anything like get married again but a huge teeny tiny part of me wishes he would come out and apologize for his part in her life. A girl can dream
  4. I agree. It would be different if this was set up as just journalist speaking about it but the fact that there are people close to ber involved is interesting. If she does want to speak up why does it have to be through people. If she is approving these people to speak for her what benefit does that have? It doesn't make sense. Her silence weather advised or not is what is making this as big as it is. Its almost like they want us to pretend it doesn't exist. If she doesn't talk about it it isnt real but then we get things like this and its just so confusing.
  5. To be a teenager again feeling all the feels of love for the first time. "Alexa play Everytime by Britney Spears
  6. I been binge watching thats so raven and I forgot how funny it was even as a 28 yr old. Raven and lizzie Mcguire were my Disney era. Anyways it led me down a Google search asking who the IT girls on Disney were now and why Disney isn't the same and Google just ended up telling me that I may not find the new Disney shows good because I'm not their demographic audience anymore. I threw my phone and went to sleep because how dare they With that being said i think everything is instant gratification now days. If its longer than 30 sec people aren't interested. Its why songs are getting shorter and shorter. We live for a album concept and a proper roll out. Today they care if it can go tik tok viral and literally anyone can become famous.
  7. Yes and Carson has said sly stuff about her team in the past he would of been perfect. The trailer is giving me hope. Even though its short hopefully this sparks interest in people looking up all the info thats been discovered
  8. I dont care for Katy but she killed it. It put me in my feels that we have a woman VP. It was the perfect song for the perfect moment.
  9. I thought the guy came out and said he was lying about the whole thing. Did she do more? What am I missing?
  10. yaay so happy to see the jt love. Im a *NSYNC fan so the fan in me just rolled over into his solo career. I agree I dont agree with some of his choices and how he has handled things but he hasn't done anything unforgivable in my opinion.
  11. Never forget At 2:15 when he hears pinky he spaces out lol And here you can't deny his reaction the squeak in his voice! Please don't come for me and let me live in my fantasy world where he was nice to her and they lived happily ever after
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