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  1. Yes, I actually can picture 2004ney doing that music video, she would have slayed
  2. The comments on the punk'd video are saying the same They would have made such an attractive couple tho
  3. Until now I thought she did the test like she did for the notebook, but I didnt know she was offered the role and rejected.
  4. I know people say the movie is rubbish, but I wish she would have done another movie Maybe the movie would have been better with Britney and Ashton They sure had some chemistry on that punk'd episode I wonder if Ashton refused the role once Britney refused hers
  5. She was not only on the top of the world, but on top of her game as well. This was her peak as a performer and having more control/input on her music/performances/tour, and tbh she slayed so ******* much in 2003/2004.
  6. Im still waiting for one of her best videos that has one of her best looks and choreography to be finally uploaded in her official channel... It has been 11 years already
  7. Even Jessica's mom said this. When Jessica tried to have a record deal, Jive told her that they just had signed someone that looked like her with a similar background. She also said that a few years ago she went to Disney and a woman started yelling Britney she then joked saying smt like "of course Britney is even taking this moment from me in front of my kids" lmfao
  8. Lol I know JTs fans trashed Britney bc some of them shared some rare pics of them leaving some places together while they were still trying to deny the rumours They were so jealous of Britney those fools, as if Britney couldnt do better than JT when she had people like Ben Affleck and Prince William crushing on her I loved Nsync when I was a kid, but even I knew Britney was too attractive for him lmfao In late 98/early 99 there were already rumours about them and Justin always denied or kept silent 6:21 8:33 10:21
  9. But Lynne said first REAL romance, not first relationship. Justin was her first kiss, maybe even her first ***ual partner. He was pretty romantic when they were dating and when they were kids, they had a puppy love relationship holding hands and such. They were together for 4 years, they lived together and even bought a house together, and traveled together all the time. She talked about his family as if it was her family. It was probably way more serious/mature than the relationship she had with Reg that lasted 2 years and she was so young. tbh I think Reg and Justin were overlapped. When Britney was starting to do pics with Justin/Nsync, she was still with Reg. Theres a pic of Justin and Britney that u can see Reg in the background. Then in late 1998 theres a pic when its obvious they she was already hooking up with Justin, Tania Baron once said that she knew him bc Britney toured with Nsync when he was her boyfriend, and Britney also said a couple of times that they started dating before/during BOMT single's release bc they saw each other on a radio show. I wouldnt be surprised if Britney dumped Reg to be with Justin and used the excuse that their relationship wouldnt work long distance. So it doesnt seem like she suffered a lot when they broke up Justin on the other hand, they got back together a few times after their official split, she even went to his bday one year after their first split, she then seemed to not want anything to do with him anymore (firing Johnny Wright around the time they last had smt bc Johnny was also Justins manager), she threw a few shades at him too and stayed 2 years single. Lynne, some lawyer said she suffered a lot bc of the break up. Britney also talked about how sad she was when she realized she wouldnt be with him forever. That bc he was part of herself, she didnt know what to do with herself when it ended, that she felt so alone and didnt want to face the reality. So it does seem like he was her first real romance and love. At least he seemed to have had way more impact on her and her life than Reg ever did.
  10. I feel exactly the same! I bought back then that she was always with her but from Justin's friend's interview (that toured with Britney) and Justin's old interviews, we can tell that Britney was pretty much alone even If she had Felicia. And Felicia could be great, but she wasnt her mother, she was more like an assistant/friend. Justins mom was the one who toured the world with him when he was underage, that was always there for him. He was her priority. I think the worst about what Lynne seemed to do is that she kept doing the same mistakes over and over again, she was always (and still is) with JL when Britney needed her. Then she refuses to admit she made mistakes. She tried to blame everyone else but herself. She even went on tv to say that each time Britney made more money, they lost more influence over her bc all the other people were more cool. I mean, I bet they lost influence over their daughter bc they were almost never with her on the road when she was being overworked, pressured and harassed by the media while she was paying her family's bills to stay comfortably in Louisiana.
  11. U were actually half right imo. I dont think Lynne is jealous of Britney and belittles her like Jamie, JL and Bryan seem to do, and I think she seems the one who likes Britney the most, however I think she was a stage mom and tried to live her dreams thru Britneys success and accomplishments. And I still think shes barely doing anything, that Britney isnt her priority and she has been neglecting Britney since she was 15. I think shes playing both sides and is trying to save face.
  12. I agree with u tbh. I dont hate Will and I dont care about Myah. Her team knew she didnt want to work and allowed this mess to happen anyway. Tbh I wish her label would drop her bc of the whole cship mess and would only sign her again after she was free. But people should just try to move on from the whole BJ era.
  13. She needs a break and to stop trying to be the Fergie of this generation I like her, she has talent and I wish shed do more of Dangerous Woman and less of these trashy songs shes trying to push down our throats Actually Circus was released almost 10 years later than the BOMT album. If it was released one month later in january 2009, itd have been 10 years exactly after BOMT album. Britney was also 27 years old
  14. I think some of them became fans others really hated her and the rumours about her dating Justin since this tour didnt help either
  15. Oh wait, is Ariana like Rihanna in the first years of her career dropping one album after another? Ariana first single was in 2013 and 7 years later she has 6 albums? Britney released her 6th album in 2008, 10 years after BOMTs debut. Man, Ariana is overexposed af.
  16. Oh my, what a mess. He was trying to blame Will for the whole fiasco alone I wish we could forget about BJ, what a ******* stain that wont go away on her iconic discography
  17. I cant believe that jealous pressed girls had the nerve to boo a legend in the making And then Britney made fun of them
  18. What did William Orbit say about Will I Am on twitter? And what about Will trash talking Britney since S&S?
  19. Thats that girl who had a famous club, was friends with JT and has shared many Britney rare pics from the early 00s
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