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  1. I think the point is she probably doesnt have any access to her instagram whatsoever. She probably doesnt even know the password. I bet this isnt the case for other stars. Even Amanda Bynes whos under a cship too seems to have some control over her instagram, she even talked about the cship there in the past.
  2. Jamie already tried to use her instagram against her, isnt that funny? Tbh people can call Sam Kingham or whatever, but Im still not convinced by him. Why did he never use the fact he abused Preston and has a restraining order where he cant be near her kids for 3 years? Or the fact Jayden hates his guts? Or the fact the cship was used to say itd make better for Britney and her kids and now Britneys conservator cant even be near her kids and shes barely seeing them! Why was that never used on court? Yeah, I know the judge knows about that, but why Sam never mentions that when Jamie keeps with his bs trying to drag the whole thing everytime? When Jamie tried to use her instagram against her, why didnt Sam say she doesnt post herself? Why didnt he point out that Jamie was using her instagram against her as if he doesnt even know how shes doing privately? Tbh I dont expect much from him.
  3. Nem lembrava que ela tinha dito isso. Para defender a família buscapé, eles mentem que o cu nem sente. Cansada desses bolsominions americanos
  4. There were many things showing that she never had any control over her instagram - Britney is super controlled. There are many stories about her trying to talk smt with an interviewer and her security coming in to ask If everything is fine, that story about the Extras' guy being banned bc he didnt ask Jamie to take a pic with Britney, even tho she knew the guy from other interviews. Her interviews only allow pre-approved questions, smt that made Carson Daly shade the **** out of her team 9 years ago. She mentioned the word cship 4 years ago and it was cut. If shes that controlled in her personal and professional life, why would they allow her to have access to her instagram where she could livestream, talk to millions of people and say whatever she wanted? Would they even take a chance and risk smt? - all these years, she doesnt interact with other people on instagram. her few comments and likes were always on JL's instagram and such. She didnt even follow Sam for the first years they were dating and everyone know hes an attention ***** who would probably have asked her to follow him the minute they met. She doesnt even follow her childhood friends too - Jayden clearly wanted many followers on his instagram and YouTube. Ive always thought that if she had any control, she would follow her kids' instagrams like Kevin does, even more when Jayden didnt have a problem wanting to be private before. - then theres the fact that Britneys instagram rarely posts on the weekends. - she never did a livestream or anything that would show she might have some control over her Instagram afterall. - there were like a couple of stories all these years. - theres that moment when she takes a pic with a giant nordic guy during her intimate tour and she says to Robin "lets tweet that out" and Robin replies "gotcha" - once Lou tagged JL on a Santa Spears' post about Britney on the MMC. Why didnt she tag Britney if there was any chance that Britney could see that post too? - when Sam took the phone away from Britneys hands after she said "we are live now", I dont think it was only bc he was scared she could say smt that she wasnt supposed to say. I think he got nervous bc team cship would know that he lets her use his phone so she can see smt on instagram. This also made me think that she probably doesnt have access to internet on her cellphone and uses Sam's when she can. - Bryan himself said her posts are pre-approved. I dont think she even knows whats being posted all the time, but even if that was the case, its not like she has the final word. From what Bryans said, it was obvious she cant just post what she feels like posting. - she follows Lou even tho theres not even a single pic of them together. - There are other things that I cant even remember rn, but stories that dont add up with what we know from the past. Like when Britney said she never had a white bathing suit or she didnt have bangs since when she was a kid. Also, when she mentions Justin, she says Justin or Justin Timberlake, I never saw her saying JT before that post earlier this year.
  5. What about this blockbuster? I thought it was inspired by Jun... I mean, Jamie Lynn's iconic teen pregnancy?
  6. She really thinks shes Britney that lost fans after the desert tour but got many others whenever she did new music JL's few remaining fans are only Zoolander 101's orphans who think that **** show has some chance to be picked up again by Netflix or smt
  7. I love Justins expression when he finally gets there and sees Ryan is already there hugging her, so he leaves I want a gif of this moment like now Christina said she was almost sure he had a crush on Britney too Both probably have bad memory lol the funny thing is Ellen joked about that on his 2018 interview haha Oh yeah, Britney looked pretty uncomfortable. I remember back then some people started saying they hated each other lol I think Britney is so isolated that even when she sees people from her past, she acts as if is a completely stranger and she couldnt bother less to talk to. That m&g with Melissa Joan Hart was also hella awk and they used to party together! I like Ryan, he seems to have a nice personality and he has done some really good movies. Hes talented and Id ship them so much If the notebook happened lol I remember in 2013 Britney praised his acting in Drive and even joked about having a dream with him lol And he also was really sweet talking about her back then "Britney was a sweetheart. She lived right above me, the girl next door. The little girl I used to play basketball and spin the bottle with." However, despite his warm memories about the Baby One More Time singer, the Drive star (who is currently dating Eva Mendes) admitted that he lost touch with Britney once they ended their reign as Mouseketeers: "I mean, sometimes you are at the same event, but it's a lot like I imagine what it's like to run into someone from elementary school."
  8. Ikr, there was one that she was an alien and other that said she died on a car accident in 99
  9. I also love let go and baby boy Theres also another one that I keep forgetting the name tho
  10. I never believed that even when I was a kid First bc she was a kid when she did the mmc and second bc she looked pretty much like a teen, even more when she wasnt tanned, with makeup, extensions and **** outfits lol
  11. I remember Roberto Cavalli said the dress was perfect for Britney bc of her beautiful legs
  12. I just remembered a rumour from an "ex" saying her real name was Belinda (or smt like that) and she was 28 years in 2000
  13. Exactly! Mama bear is so protective, shes doing what she can to help Britney while hanging out with Jamie and getting money from the cship all these years Maybe she could put JL under one? If only she was profitable like Britney
  14. 3:17 1:09 Btw, does Ryan have a bad memory or what? lol He says here that the screen test was the first time he saw her since MMC, but there is that pic of them partying in 2000/2001. And I bet at that time he saw her other times too bc he was also friendly with that woman who had a club that Britney used to go all the time back in the day https://www.instagram.com/p/goaIpszOLA/?igshid=gnpjl2nlkvsd Then in 2018 he said to Ellen that he couldnt remember the last time he saw her, but he thought he hadnt seen her since MMC lmfao
  15. Exactly. She just has been so busy for Britney all these years being a glorified nanny to Juno's kids, with her gfs selling ****ty skin products and traveling with them, with her life in Louisiana and her friendly relationship with Jamie
  16. I never watched it too It made a lil success, so I wouldnt be mad If she had accepted the role lol I wish she would have done more movies too! Im forever pressed that she didnt get the role for the Notebook Imagine if she had dated Ryan instead of Kevin, we can only dream
  17. Too bad she lacks everything from talent to charisma, from personality to well, beauty too. Shes just bland and so unlikeable tbh. She was only famous for being Britneys sister and for becoming real life Juno, but it seems like Jamie and Lou are delusional still in denial thinking they can make her Britney 2.0
  18. Haha I know right they were always trying to cover it up for Justin (notice how both JC and Joey also joked about dating her saying "id be down for It" while Justin remained silent laughing), so that was the perfect excuse for Lance to pretend he was also straight lol See his answer to this question here at 4:12 when they are asked about partying with the BSB lol
  19. Yeah, she was booed in some shows. They just wanted to see Nsync and then the rumours about Britney dating Justin started, so they got mad jealous. She was really hated by a lot of Nsync fans since the beginning. I remember that they were doing a show on Britneys bday in 2000 so she was there backstage. Then Justin brought her to the stage so they could sing happy bday for them. At the time, a lot of people said she was booed by some fans but there were never videos of this for some reason, only pics.
  20. First, they were crazy girls who just wanted to see Nsync and couldnt wait to scream for them then there were rumours about Britney dating ramen noodles boy already in late 98, so they were mad jealous of her I feel for Britney tho, imagine being 16 doing ur job so well and being treated like that by crazy hyenas bc they are ******* rude and delusional thinking Justin is theirs
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