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  1. They talk as if shes being a drama queen and should just accept her life as its. Like its no biggie that she lost all her rights and a man she never was close to, has so much power over her life, fortune and career. They seem selfish af. Like they lack empathy and side with Jamie in the end no matter what. The only thing they care is that she continues working so they all can live free leeching off her. Her family is the worst and I hope someday she'll realize that they did her so wrong and abused her in so many ways. If she ever gets free, she should put a restraining order against every single one of them.
  2. Today, though, she’s promoting the release of the Zoey 101 theme tune, a gift to fans after Covid delayed a planned reboot of the show. “I can leave 2020 knowing we’ve given them something to look forward to in 2021. This year, couldn’t we all do with something positive?” What about ur sister's wishes of having that nightmare of a so called father ruling and ruining her life for 13 years already finally getting the boot from her own business? Maybe u should think about her having smt positive to look forward in 2021 too? Maybe then u could leave 2020 with a somewhat peace of mind? Have u ever thought about actually trying to help ur sister someway instead of insisting in this flop show no one cares about? yeah, so much for that fake *** positive attitude and distressed concerns no one is buying.
  3. After six years out of the spotlight, she finally had something musically meaningful to say. In 2014 she released her first EP, The Journey, a quaint country record featuring the self-explanatory Shotgun Wedding. “I needed to find a way to provide for the child,” she says. “When I felt safe enough, I was able to write and release it.” Was this an attempt to try fooling gp that she didnt take one dime from her sister all these years even tho she barely worked? lmfao
  4. Jamie Lynn Spears was sitting in a car, surrounded by screaming fans, when it finally hit her. Of course, she knew her sister Britney was successful – she had seen her swap family singalongs for pop stardom – but this was next-level. “Something clicked in my head on that car ride,” she recalls, “like, my sister is famous: Mariah Carey famous. She’d created so much power for herself. At that moment I knew I wanted it, too.” From her home in Louisiana, the 29-year-old recounts her own journey to a slightly more modest stardom: from the young child on the road with Britney to being cast, at the age of 13, as the lead in Nickelodeon’s teen series Zoey 101. Despite Britney’s towering fame, Jamie Lynn says she wasn’t jealous. “I always looked at her with pride, and she was my biggest cheerleader guiding me in an honest way.” Spears talks about her sister with reverence, but troubles within the family are widely known. Britney recently challenged the conservatorship that sees her personal and professional life managed by their dad. I am told Jamie Lynn can’t talk about the #freebritney movement and tense wrangling for legal reasons (after we speak, the court ruled against Britney); instead, I ask how she’s been coping. “It’s hard,” she says carefully. “It makes me really sad because I love my family. All I can do is look for the good, not the bad. You can’t open that can of worms publicly.” She pauses: “I don’t think it’s fair to anyone.” https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/nov/20/jamie-lynn-spears-britney-created-so-much-power-for-herself-i-wanted-that-too damage control I see ure not fooling us Juno, stop trying to force the reboot no one asked for down our throats, its not going to happen. Give up, maybe u should help ur sister instead of siding with Lou. Empty words to save ur own *** wont help ur sister you arent "jealous" of
  5. She wasnt pregnant when they were talking to her about the role. This new here is from april 2004 https://www.mtv.com/news/1485551/jessica-britney-may-duke-it-out-over-short-shorts/ In september they officially said Jessica would do the role https://ew.com/article/2004/09/14/its-official-jessica-simpson-daisy-duke/ I wonder why Britney didnt want to do it tho
  6. Ela queria ajudar o parceiro e usou Bryan para isso rs Eu acho q ela é fake que nem Sam, nunca me desceu. Ela também tentou dizer que ele apoiava Britney antes da entrevista sair, a entrevista saiu e não tem nada dele apoiando Britney nela pelo contrário, ele foi machista, menosprezou Britney, fez pouco caso de tudo, ainda riu quando foi perguntado se viu algo estranho, tentou justificar a conservadoria falando que ela é a pior motorista do mundo, não sabe fazer reservas e que tem sido bom para a FAMÍLIA. Depois que ele tava sendo criticado em tudo que é canto, o que mais ela podia fazer? A entrevista era prova que ele não apoia Britney porra nenhuma, é machista e invejoso, provavelmente prefere Juno, não liga pros filhos de Britney, acha que os fãs de Britney são fãs da família, tá nem aí pro que Britney quer e pensa nela apenas como uma máquina de fazer dinheiro. Talvez ela realmente não seja a favor da conservadoria, mas não é como se ela fosse uma agente dupla reunindo provas para libertar Britney também rs acho q ela apenas não liga, ela queria defender o caipira dela e falhou. Eu vi quando você deixou esse comentário e ela curtiu kkkk tipo, ela tava concordando só com a parte defendendo-a ou com tudo, inclusive que os Spears roubam Britney mesmo? Kkkk Outra coisa é que depois que os stories de Lynne falando sobre FreeBritney e Jamie dando chilique pq queria a licença para comprar maconha tavam no twitter, ela apagou e nunca mais deu nenhum deslize assim... curioso, né?
  7. Ok, I understand what r u saying, but Britney is really controlled. She said herself that her dad does a background check on the guys before (I dont want to be an ******* and say her dad hires or pays them) so even if thats only the case... If daddy doesnt like what he sees, he wont let her date who she wants. I know she had some terrible taste on men before and I loathe Kevin, but its her life... This isnt the 50s. Jamie is a ******* abusive man who put Lynne and Britney thru so much ****, so who is him to decide this for her when hes being such a pain in the *** for Britney in the last 13 years? Britney should date whoever she wants to date. Its not like she can go out, meet guys at any party and such. Who knows if she got with Sam bc it was not like she had many other options anyway? Since the cship was put in place, she doesnt have a say about so many things. If shes free and continues with Sam, we will know this is what she wants. I dont like him, but I would support her. But this isnt the case now and this is why people are suspicious of him, even more after some things he did in the past.
  8. But is he a doctor? Why wasnt a doctor there to see if she was mentally capable to hire her own lawyer or not? Of course he would say that bc he wanted to be part of the whole cship scheme so he would get big bucks of it too. The whole timeline of what happened since she was put under the cship is hella sus.
  9. He also pretends his comments are for Britney but they are all for Cassie instead https://imgur.com/Y08CfU5
  10. Noooo I cant believe ur dad doesnt know toxic, BOMT or oops is he like this too with any other pop artist tho? Thats so cool that he follows the movement tho I bet he wants to see Jamie pay for what he did to Britney and u
  11. I thought about that too. Theres already many people saying she doesnt control her instagram and the news about her refusing to work while Jamie is still around were everywhere. Theyd be pretty dumb and obvious If they make posts promoting JLs **** and SITS.
  12. Yeah. He was appointed by the court, but he sure helped team cship a lot. He also didnt do **** for 11 years.
  13. @Jordan Miller does ur dad follow Britneys news bc he also likes her or does he follow only to help BH? Im just curious
  14. Jordan was bullied by that redneck Bolsonaro lookalike bc he was already questioning the cship in 2009. Jamie said hed destroy his ***, tried to shut BH down and made Jordan cry. Back then Britneys fans didnt support Jordan but he was right all along.
  15. Antes da entrevista, ela ficou falando que ele apoiava Britney, mas jamais falou FreeBritney. E ela disse nos comentários que ela convenceu Bryan a fazer a entrevista. O cara do podcast trabalha com ela, eles têm várias fotos juntos. Por isso Bryan deu a entrevista prum podcast tão desconhecido.
  16. Sam thinks hes such an inspiration bc he became a gym rat and got minor roles that no one knows about. He lives thru Britneys fame thinking one day he'll be the Rock 2.0 without any charisma whatsoever. I remember that when he started dating Britney he had around 100k followers and now he loves to say "my fans". Hes as delusional as Kevin saying he wanted a Vegas residency like Britney or that he hasnt been very successful with music since 2008 - I mean, when was he ever successful besides impregnating different woemen? Then theres JL saying she doesnt want to be just someone's sister and saying she never got a dime from Britney while - that we know of - flies with cships' money. She acts as if shes a star on her own when Britney was the one who put her in the industry in her pepsi commercial and debut movie. She toured the world with Britney and grew up in a mansion Britney built for their mom. Jamie acts as if hes such a business man that had smt to do with Britneys success, even tho Britney was successful and ******* rich for 10 years already before he put her under this ****ty cship. He wants credit for managing her money so well (she lives with 12k a year for personal spending while he throws 500k at Lou even tho Britney isnt even working, not to mention the 300k Lou spent to sue a fan), however her state is forever under 60 millions after almost 13 years and even tho Forbes reported that Britney earned at least almost 300 million counting only 7 years of the past 13 years. He also wants credit for her career even tho after the circus tour, they have been doing such a crappy job. They just want easy money, they dont care If they have to force Britney to work, make her look miserable and **** her artistry. They also ****ed her legacy over and over again bc they knew in the end people would still watch the show and make them millions while they do the bare minimum. Lets not forget he also said he didnt want these kinds of fans as if hes really the one working and being an artist. And in a 2008 article that someone posted here, they made a correction saying Jamie didnt always live off Britneys money bc he also worked. He probably saw the article and got in touch with bc his pride and ego was hurt, he didnt want to be seen a as a dad who lived off Britneys money since she made it in 1998 Bryan also talked as if he had smt to do with her success. He said 'our fans' like Britneys fans are the Spears family fans. He talked about Britney as a business. He talked about the Britney brand as the Spears family business. When he was asked about Britney becoming a star and helping the family financially, he said he was also helping them bc he moved to NY to work in 2000. Of course he forgot tô mention that by then Britney was already a ww star and pretty ******* rich. He probably got the job bc he was a Spears and he also lived in her apartment!! Bc Jamies control her money and career, they all feel entitiled to. They all think they have smt to do with Britneys success and fortune. They think her brand is their brand, that IS their money. This is why she seems to live with less than anyone else, including Kevin. Bryan, Jamie and JL seems all delusional about this and that are very jealous of her fortune, success and fame. I dont think any of them really cares about her and they seem to belittle her a lot to feel better about their pathetic selves. Bryan and Jamie also fail to mention how their most successful jobs were always Britney related... Working for her.
  17. Hes such an attention *****, hed do anything to be seen as such a supportive partner and to be on the media all the time. Remember when he praised her for being so strong checking herself into the facility and then his comment was all over the media?
  18. R u a celeb that post as much **** as Britneys instagram does? Can u think of any other celeb that is so active on Instagram like "Britney" but never does these other things? They tried to convince it was Britney posting so many times, so why shes still not doing these other things if she loves posting on instagram that much?
  19. KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK mais uma que quer fama em cima de Britney, só abutres ao redor dela! Pensar que ela convenceu Bryan a dar aquela bosta de entrevista onde ele não diz nada e mostrou como é um machista fdp que menospreza a irmã só pq ela queria ajudar o parceiro profissional dela mas foi bom ver a galera descendo o cacete nele e ela tentando defendê-lo sem sucesso nos comentários
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