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  1. I think she could have been nicer to the doctor, however she probably didnt want to be Britney Spears all the time. I feel like she probably felt many people in some positions were just taking advantage of that to get smt from her. And tbh shes human, I understand if she couldnt be nice 100% even before the cship.
  2. What? I never heard of that story before! What happened? When did this waiter praise Britney and call Justin out? Back then, even Justin talked about how she didnt change with fame and how different she was from other girls in the business who were so full of themselves. The funny thing is, he also talked about how Britney thought he was cocky His longtime friend last year talked about how she was the most famous person in the world when they dated, yet was so down to earth and unassuming. This girl toured with her and knew her since the MMC days, so that def tell us smt. Remember the Carson Daly story in 2011? He called her team out publicly and decided he wouldnt do the interview with Britney anymore bc of the things team cship wanted him to do. He said he never had to do these things before and not even with Michael there was so much craziness. Some fans decided to attack Carson at the time and he made a point of that Britney probably didnt even know about these crazy demands. He said he had supported her since she was 16, so the whole mess had to do with her team instead.
  3. I think Larry promised the guy she would go to some of Kevins parties and meet some fans, but Britney was having problems with Kevin already. She went to NY to see him and he refused to see her (this is what she talks about on that letter that Andrew Gallery leaked). She was stood up by him on a restaurant. There are pics of this, she was crying and it happened just 5 days before she filed for divorce. So she didnt go to any of the promotions stuffs he was doing. Tbh I think this just showed how Larry never saw her as a human. He didnt have any empathy for her even tho he knew damn well her marriage was falling apart. Of course I feel bad for the fans, but her husband was more worried in partying and promoting his lame *** album than meeting his wife that just traveled to see him. She wasnt ok, she had so much going on for her that I understand if she didnt feel like going. Then Larry just saw an opportunity to promote her career using her divorce from Ktrash. He probably felt embarassed bc she didnt show up, but instead of just saying she was having some problems and apologizing to the fans for her, he went and dragged her to her fan, what started a lot of drama. Just shows the snake he truly is.
  4. Katy probably thought she was above Britney, too bad she was never taken seriously I saw her **** with Paul, shes such an idiot thinking was funny to brag about having 10 number ones in 5 years and that Beatles could have many more than they do. She probably thought she would have other 10 more in the next 5 years too and look at her now I feel bad for Britney too bc she didnt deserve all the **** she still gets, but with what she went thru in the first 10 years of her career, I dont think that Katys words would hurt that bad tho.
  5. Exactly! I saw only one feminist page talking about Britneys situation on instagram!!! Its almost like many of them think "Britney is white and straight, she isnt fat, she USED to be pretty and fit. Shes rich and USED to be successful and famous without any talent, so **** her" It feels like it doesnt even matter that Britney is a woman, even If they think shes the most privileged white woman in the world. They dont care about her dad being abusive or If she wasnt always rich or didnt have anyone powerful/in the industry to help her like Beyoncé, Taylor and Gaga had. they keep pretending shes just a rich little girl who did many drugs and lost her mind. They preach so much about mental health awareness but Britney doesnt care bc shes really crazy, right? FreeBritney is all over the news and the majority still isnt interested to even search about to know better about whats going on with her life. Do they care about a mom not being able to see her kids when she wants to? That she allegedly cant even have kids or get marry? That she is given an allowance even tho she has worked since she was a child? That a MAN (who is abusive, had a drinking problem and never was close to her) has so much power over her? That her dad wants her to resume her career even tho she wants him out of her life? That her brother treats her like a cash machine without feelings and that her wishes doesnt matter bc the cship has been good for the family, Britney is the worst driver in the world and cant make reservations? That he talks about her as the family business? Does it matter that she cant date whoever she wants to date bc Jamie has to approve them? That he does background check on them first? That her ex-fiancé was her co-conservator for a while? What about the fact she has been threatned before? That her kids were used for that? That she has no control over her career as well? That she cant buy anything or go out alone without her dads permission? Or that she was probably forced into a facility? And besides all that, she was still good to work for 10 years, even tho she cant even control or spend her money as she wishes. What about that a stalker forced herself into her life? And all the ***ism that Britney suffered from the media, gp and exes? Or that people still want to discredit her success and fame till this day for whatever reason. Her name is always on the news, her case is being covered a lot and still feminists, leftists still choose to ignore whats going on with her. People are such hypocrites. Can u imagine if the movement was about Beyoncé or Rihanna instead? They would be talking all day long about it and calling people racists If they dared to not care about them. They love to praise them for whatever **** they do, but Britney going thru this and fighting to remove her dad just doesnt matter bc she never called herself a feminist, right?
  6. But she praises many others successful female stars. Beyonce, Rihanna, Adele... But she sure had a problem with Britney. Maybe she thought Britney was talentless and didnt deserve the success she had?Maybe she didnt take Britney seriously? Maybe she hated Britney bc she thought she deserved to be bigger than Britney or bc she thought she was crazy? Hell, she could even be a hater. Not even Avril or Pink when they tried to act as anti-Britneys were this mean to Britney. Katys jokes about Britney were when she was in her late 20s and early 30s, theres no excuse for that, even more when she knew damn well that Britney liked her. The whole 2007 joke is so old, mean and pointless when people talk about mental health awareness, but tbh not many artists mock Britney that way for years. For some reason, Katy still thought it was funny to make these jokes until 2017, and she only stopped bc it backfired! So fake preaching about feminism and attacking another woman like that, someone who only had nice words to say about her. I bet that if Britney ever heard about, shed def be upset. Its funny that since the grammys jokes, she never mentioned Katy ever again tho.
  7. Britney Spears, for all of her musical success and riches the popstar’s career has brought her, did not make this year's Forbes' list of America’s Richest Self-Made Women. According to the publication, due to the decades-long amount of legwork Spears, 38, has put in, she has pulled in more than $30 million a year in eight of the last 20 years. However, Forbes maintains that a bulk of Spears’ earnings is immediately paid out to others to the tune of around 25% of her gross being paid to her agents, managers and attorneys – relatively par for the course regardless of the celebrity. The publication further reported that 40% or more lends itself to state and local taxes and in terms of expenses, one source told Forbes that Spears pays about half a million dollars in child support each year to her ex-husband Kevin Federline, plus millions since 2008 in legal support and fees related to her conservatorship. https://www.foxbusiness.com/lifestyle/britney-spears-forbes-report.amp
  8. According to forbes Britney earned more than 276 millions in 7 years, but there is also what she made in those other 6 cship years. And then theres what she had before the cship (at least over 100 millions until 2002). So its like impossible that she only has less than 60 millions after working a lot from 2008-2018 and living with a 12k year allowance. She should have at least 400 millions or so. The cship and Kevin together cost 1.5 million a year, but other than that Britney isnt living fancy like a Kardashian, so wheres her ******* money? Too bad the article disappeared, its really weird that happened.
  9. She seems jealous and pressed about Britney for some reason. She was so fake with Britney at the Smurfs premiere and then dressing as Britney the following year. She always talked **** about Britney even when Britney praised her a lot, but media only noticed in 2017. Im glad people saw her **** and called her out. Tbh? I think shes trash and I wouldnt want Britney to collab with her, not even when Katy was topping the charts. She can keep her trashy songs to herself.
  10. Tbh he can be nice to his fans bc he fears flopping into oblivion, but he was so ******* disrespectful. What was his problem with Britney? Is bc hes a Justin Timberlake wannabe? **** him. Ill give Justin Bieber credit tho. He had never talked **** about Britney, even when he was a kid or before he had problems himself. He went to her hotel to meet her, said he had a crush on her and even kissed her pic at the VMAs. And this is why Shawn will never have the success both Justin or Harry have had bc they have chosen the right side of history: liking Britney Btw, all 1D guys were always nice talking about Britney, Britney was even the first show Zayn ever went to and Harry has Britney tshirts.
  11. Girl, there has been nothing like Britney ever since Britney came out in 1998. Id say Eminem and Gaga were the closest ones. Britney was successful with everything: huge sales, impact, influence, controversy, huge fan following, many iconic moments and insane fame. She was a phenomenon. Nothing that Taylor have done comes close to Oops and BOMT eras. 1989 could only be compared to Britney and ITZ eras but the impact and influence Britney still has till this day bc of these eras is still bigger than anything that came out from 1989. And I like Taylor and I think shes talented, but these are the facts. When Taylor was big with 1989, do u know who Billboard compared her to? Thats right, Britney! Taylor tried so much to break Britneys 14 years old record with 1989 and that shows how much power Britney still has. 0:49
  12. There were stories that he was stalking her and trying to work with her. https://www.tmz.com/2010/12/16/lindsay-lohan-sam-lutfi-britney-spears-harassing-text-messages-voice-mails-betty-ford/ https://www.digitalspy.com/showbiz/a293840/sam-lutfi-behind-lindsay-lohan-threats/ https://entertainment.ie/amp/trending/sam-lutfi-wants-to-work-with-lindsay-lohan-shocker-371315/
  13. Well, at least it seems like they have redeemed themselves some way. And Lindsay's dad also helped her with Lou and Larry. He called them out publicly. If only Lynne have done the same for Britney, Britney wouldnt be under a cship till this day fighting to kick her dad out of her own life.
  14. If Britney ever gets free from this nightmare, she should post a video dancing to this jam that could be so much about her too.
  15. Well, the only era that team cship got it right was Circus. FF era was so off and from 2013 on they have been ******* Britneys legacy bc they only care about easy money.
  16. Im happy for her that her dad saved her from being ****ed up by Lounatic and Lizarry too.
  17. I was watching this piece of crap doc and this guy who worked for Rolling Stone also said he saw them rehearsing the kiss many times 0:29
  18. I was worried about her, ngl, of course she wasnt ok and needed help, however I dont think that was the help she needed. She needed to do therapy, to move away from the spotlight. I always thought the cship weird, even more bc I never heard of that before, but at the time I wasnt that worried bc I thought itd be gone in some months or so. I didnt know Jamie was that awful, I even thought Lynne was a good mother lol even that her words about being in a situation worse than prison always called my attention, even back then. But it was always weird how she became so controlled and was working right away. So they showed their intentions were never good and they were thinking more about the money since the beginning. The thing is... Many other celebs have done some ****, but none of them were a woman or/and as famous as Britney. Yes, she wasnt well, but media/gp make such a big deal out of so many things. When she shaved her head... People were acting as if she was killing kids in public or smt. As if it was a crime and a fact that she was 100% crazy. If their intentions were good, there were other options that she wouldnt lose her rights, they wouldnt have make her work right away and they would have kept her out of the public eye.
  19. Only difference is Britney is still good to work to make money she cant control or spend, so they can all continue leeching off her. This is the only thing they act shes capable of doing.
  20. She looks so pretty in that 1999 interview tho! Such a natural beauty
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