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  1. I also think the blonde one seemed to dig her a little, but played cool I mean, nothing like Trevor who seemed obsessed with her lol
  2. How can someone so pretty and sweet be the daughter of this Bolsonaro wannabe?
  3. I wish more people would call him out, but props to this guy for doing it. Someone was saying here that once he showed up drunk at one of Britneys shows and she was mortified. Maybe that story was also real.
  4. Man, I thought about this... Him drinking meeting strangers and telling everyone his daughter was Britney, then thinking he had to have smt to do with her restaurant like that Tbh, Lynne knew damn well about Jamies problems and his horrible relationship with Britney when she was writing her book and she even talked how they prayed so the cship would stop being an 'impossible dream'. She also praised him as a conservator afterwards saying it needed to be someone tougher and she would give in a lot. She allowed Jamie to abuse Britney when she was a kid and a teenager. And when Britney was finally cutting ties with him (and Lynne too), look what they did behind her back. Lynne sat at her mansion Britney built for her for 11 years and did nothing. She was just too busy babysitting Junos kids, with her ****ty skin products and vcs trips. She is still barely doing anything. She cant even say "yes, Britney needs to be free, this cship has not been good for her". Im not even asking for her to drag Jamie publicly, but to really support Britney like she did with JL for much less. People call Britney crazy all the time and want to justify the cship... Has she ever say Britney isnt crazy and should be free? She seems to be playing both sides and I dont trust her. She always seemed just a stage mom to Britney, JL is the one who always seemed her priority anyway.
  5. Sorry if this is ap, but I never saw being posted here before so 4:05 is that a pic with Max Martin?
  6. I know many people have seen this, but I never watched this whole part before. Lol at that delusional member thinking they were already too big to open for the biggest star in the world, as if It was a set back or smt and the other being too critical of the stage before seeing it even tho they werent doing arenas themselves like Britney Britney is so cute tho, how anyone couldnt have a crush on her Larry on the other hand, has always been a jerk
  7. Haha so cute! Remember when she told Britney that her dad thought she was going to be a stripper bc of Slave and Britney was like
  8. Shes a ******* coward tbh. She only has an attitude behind her passive agressive tweets that snake. It just shows JL and her team only wanted an easy and quick money and avoid FreeBritney 100%, so they scammed fans.
  9. MATM did very good outside USA, even more in Europe. It was #1 in Europe, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Croatia, Hungary, Greece, Ireland, Netherlands, Australia and Canada. It was #2 in the UK, Scotland and Norway. Top 5 in Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland. Top 10 in Japan. Top 20 in France and New Zealand. #21 in Romania. USA were the country that MATM charted worse. But of course it got overshadowed by Toxic and Everytime in the following months. There is also the fact that Madonna at the time was being very much hated there bc of her American Life video and bc she criticized Bush. Even tho the VMAs made Britney to be talked about a lot in the following weeks, she was also very much criticized bc of that. That governor's wife who said she would like to shoot Britney was bc she kissed Madonna. Many people were outraged. I bet that if their collab was done in 2000-2001 (when Madonna was already praising and defending Britney) when Madonna was so successful with Music era and wasnt being so hated, id have done way better in the USA.
  10. Tbh isnt weird that a person that cant decide basic things about her own life, can be signed to a label? Did Britney even sign anything when her contract was renewed? Was she even there or only her team and dad? Shes the only person that has a contract with a major label and is under a cship meant for people with dementia for 13 years already. At this point I wish Britney kept refusing to work to the point RCA would have no choice but to sue Jamie. Britney isnt responsible for herself, so Jamie would be the one having trouble dealing with this, even tho hed be using Britneys money anyway but its not like her money isnt used to sue fans too. If she was dropped off from the label, her team would do anything to kick Jamie out.
  11. I was seeing this "doc" the other day and people were so mean to her for everything from her outfits to her personal life, from her performances to her lyrics. She couldnt catch a ******* break! It was almost like people were obsessed in seeing her just to talk **** afterwards. Pressed and jealous ****.
  12. Idk If Britney was the one who made the shots. Was she? Did she agree or even met Lil back then? Has Lil Kim ever talked about Britney after that interview?
  13. She got even more backlash than Christina that did dirrty. Britney could never win. There was always a reason to people bash her and make such a big deal out of everything regarding her.
  14. ITZ was nothing next to the things Eminem was singing, but Britney was a 21 years old american sweetheart, so this was the perfect excuse for the media to be even more ***ist towards her.
  15. The only difference is that Larry knew she was having problems with Kevin already and still promised Ruben that. Britney went to NY to see him and he refused, she was even stood up by him at a restaurant where there were pics of her crying. 5 days later she filed for divorce. Thats why she never showed up to any of his promotion's stuffs bc he was ignoring her and her team ended up advising her she should divorce him before he did, so she did. Larry shouldnt have promised Ruben that If he knew that she was having problems already, maybe he didnt even ask her first, he just assumed she would be there anyway so she could meet the fans? The fact he put her on the spotlight right after the divorce just shows he never saw her as a human being. He only saw a way of making headlines pushing for a comeback story. Did he ever think that her marriage was falling apart and she had two kids with that loser? Plus the fact she wasnt even 25 yet. Whats Jamie Lynns excuse tho? Its not like shes doing anything now tbh and her fans paid for this whole mess. Shes not divorcing her husband like Britney was 14 years ago.
  16. It seems like until 2002 at least Britney havent apologize to lil Kim yet 3:40
  17. Maybe they already had the copies themselves and Britney just signed them? Lol I was a kid myself in 2003 and I was blasting to ITZ all the time too their parents probably knew damn well about Britneys **** image bc it was all over the news back then, even more in the USA, but their kids were probably following Britney since the beginning too. Theres a "doc" that talks to some kids that used to be Britneys fans and werent anymore bc of her being so ***ual. Even old hillbillies from Kentwood were complaining about her image, including her old pastor. Tbh I was always kinda uncomfortable listening to TOMH at the time and back then, I only started loving that song when I really became a teenager. And 2 years before, I never liked when Slave was on tv and my parents were around haha
  18. Actually what Lil Kim said about her had to do with the 1999 VMAs. She told the story in 2002.
  19. This story is also so nice and sweet In 2003, Jen and Kel received an opportunity to meet a superstar even more famous than Ariana Grande. They met Britney Spears. Wanna know how that went? Britney invited our two girls into her dressing room at MTV’s TRL. She spent between 12 and 15 minutes with JUST THEM and her assistant Felicia. Then Britney invited my wife and me to come in as well. We all took a bunch of pictures, from any angle, while Britney chatted with the girls, looked through pics of their memorabilia, happily personally accepted a gift bag they had brought for her, answered any questions they had, gave them each a signed copy of her CD (which was released that day), and personally made sure that Jen and Kel could watch the live taping of TRL in the studio, even though they were both too young according to MTV policy. Neither Britney, or any member of her staff, ever asked to see any of the pictures we took. In fact, her security guard remained OUTSIDE the entire time we spent with her. That is a true superstar who loves her fans. We did not expect Ms. Grande to be as gracious as Britney, but 15 seconds and a silent walk-off?
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