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  1. Lol at that gif. Who is the chick Kim is beating tho? I think that even If he didnt do those things to her, they wouldnt be together. She Clearly did smt to him too and he was never able to forgive her. They got back together and broke up again. But i wish hed stop bringing her up tbh Its always the two ways. He talks about his pain and then makes fun about smt is related to her.
  2. Lol I bet she was their last choice haha I mean, she is a horrible actress with no charisma whatsoever and she never gets good parts or is on good movies. She is married to JT, has a production company and yet continues flopping harder than Lindsay Lohan.
  3. I wish the stupid ***** would have chosen IO instead bc that would be a hit too and maybe he would have got a 5th single too. I love Criminal tho but People Thought itd be a hit bc it sounded like miles away. Anyway, radios really supported her that era had three ww hits even tho she barely promoted. I think it has to do with her looks too. They call her robotic, zumbi and all that ****. I know she wasnt probably ok, but i wont the album bc of it. I like all tracks tbh and liked the singles choices although I prefer IO than ttwe til this day. Sp was the First single the fans choose that i wanted it. I mean, I never wanted IUSA to be a single too. I was rooting for SG that charted on the Billboard even tho it was never a single. I love that song too!
  4. I like FF til today. I know it wasnt so personal and it was full of dance tracks and sick Beats like rihanna's loud but its consistent and good imo. The singles choices were good and the videos. I still think HIAM is one of her best songs ever. So underrated. I think People Just hate bc they got sick of dr.****** and bc she wasnt feeling herself back then plus the bloated face and body
  5. Me too, he praised her, so cute. but i think she was kinda bad on Jane the virgin tho But aside from that i liked the other stuffs she did on SNL, HIMYM, crossroads, etc.
  6. Me too haha I was a nsync fan too Ikr. But imagine If she was already booed when they didnt know she was dating him, imagine when they went public. She kinda talks about the girls here and I think its so funny how JT tries to act cool but checks her Butt out when she passes on his front lol Its the same when they give her an award on the bbmas and he acts stranger staring at nothing lol he sucked big time trying to hide his feelings tbh.
  7. People say it was blocked on a lot of countries until some time ago I cannot believe MP only has like 22M views too
  8. A lot of celebs did Including horsica Biel. I think there was an interview in 2003 when she talked about scripts and she said there was a really good. I dont remember the interview, but i think she was talking about the notebook. I read the rumour years ago but i thought it was Just a rumour until some time ago I saw this video and was really surprised. I wish she would have got the part tho I mean, I always liked Mandy on a walk to remember, so imagine If Britney was on the notebook? She would have probably dated Ryan, kfed wouldnt happen and ryan would be the father of her kids. And imagine how much pressed jt would be haha he already was with kfed bc he knew kfed, so imagine If she had dated someone he grew up with and has a lot of respect for him. I dont think she was being shady. The movie would be different bc itd be someone else, completely different from Rachel. I think its funny how the director picked a completely stranger when a lot of celebs wanted the part Like reese and Ashley Judd. I think its funny how Ryan giggles when he says she was all grown up lol I mean, he met her when she was a kid and then met her again to do the test with her when she was already 21/22 lol.
  9. It already has more views than DS, Someday, FTBOMBH and MATM. the next is ILRNR On a side note tho: I dont know how these flawless videos have so low views tbh
  10. Where is that iheart interview where the guy was shade towards Britney? I never thought he had crazy stans lol no matter If the guy date a regular girl or famous, the girls will always hate Here are the pics when she got booed in case u want to see it. I thought it was so disrespecful. I mean, doing that at someones bday. and no matter how idiot he is, these girls were his fans so they should know he cared to do that. http://www.angelfire.com/pop/muchmusic2/Britneysbday19.html I Imagine how booed he was when he wore a tshirt saying "jt loves bs" on several shows lol but it was cool he did. It shows that for more a dbag he is, he didnt care If the girls would be usept about it. Here are the video of him getting booed when he talked about what kinda of gift hed give to her At 2:40
  11. Ia but if she doesnt do anything it wont chart well at all. Bc radio didnt support her on her Britney days but at that time she sold albums and the only way glory could do a lot better its If some song from the album becomes a hit. Slumber party has potential but yeah, she would have to work really hard to have at least the impact work ***** did. The days (2007-2012) were only her name made her chart so well are long gone.
  12. Its one of her best videos hands down and she didnt even have to dance.
  13. Lol these girls are pathetic tbh. Now i wish Britney would date him Just to piss them off. ******* delusional. I remember when she was with JT and she got a lot of hate too. He was booed once on mtv when he said he was compromised and he then answered "the booing arent going to change anything". It was one of the few times I liked it what he said. I mean, u can see on the video he didnt loose his cool at all and yet there were a lot of his fans booing him Just bc they wanted him to be single On her 19th bday he was touring so they took her to the stage and sang happy bday to her and althogh I never saw a video of it - only pics - People said they booed her a lot. Pressed and crazy teenagers tbh. They should seek help. Like the hate Selena got from biebers fans and then there was her on their side when he was dating other girl. I always thought geazys fans were older tho. This attitude is kinda way worse when are adults doing it.
  14. I thought she was singing over the track?
  15. So whats the problem of working with someone that worked with Selena? Actually I think Selena has evolved but Just bc she is no bleach or Rihanna, the critics dont talk so much about it. Its not like all bleach songs are Great, deep and strong Just bc she fakes she is an activist for the BLM. I Dont think Selena's lyrics are bad tbh. The heart wants what I wants, good for you, etc. But ofc its my opinion. I mean, I like Kiss it better but how that track for example is so different from those Selena's I cited?
  16. I like diamonds but the lyrics are so repetitive. Rihanna's sound has changed but i dont think it evolved that much tbh. I mean, work anyone? Lol I can agree to a certain extant tbh but adele only talks about love loss and yet she is praised a lot. I think none of them release so much mature lyrics like Alanis used to do, Fiona Apple or even Madonna back in the day tbh. On a side note tho, I hated the hair on the iheart festival. I know that hair is iconic, but i also felt it was kinda weird.. she can wear anything she wants, sure, but that hair is so childish ngl. I mean, she was 16-17 years old when she used to wear ffs so to wear now when she is a 34 years old woman was kinda off.
  17. Idk much about him tho. Yeah, I think he is a guy that deserved her tbh. I mean, to at least have a chance with her. I saw that some of his fans were upset that he did a song with her. After the vmas I saw some girls calling her ***** on Instagram bc she grabbed his c*ck and yet, he continue talking nicely about her, performing with her, posting pics with her and so on. I liked to know that he sometimes uses the "Britney Spears is..." On that MMI version. Idk why these People keep asking about her If they dont Care. Maybe they Just wish he shaded her or smt.
  18. Well, I think its funny how People that hate her or dont take her seriously dont want to admit she sure is a legend and an icon. Pressed kunts But yeah, he is always so nice towards her. Even tho he talked so much about the others and when it came to Britney, he only said icon? He could have said so many things, but ok.
  19. I think she sang over the track at some point tho This is live tho
  20. To always bring smt about Britney down? I mean, eveyone here is entitled to their own opinions and its just a matter of taste too, but u dont need to bring smt about Britney down only to praise smt u like the most or more. We supposedly like the same artist. Its not like we are two fandons talking about two different artists. Like People here often drag FF era bc she was kinda weird and heavy. So they bash the album, singles, videos and call her robot. U dont need to like all her phases, albums, singles, videos, performances, etc, I know I dont but why u keep dragging FFney or BJ era for example? Just to make Glory to Look even better? Whats the point? This is the same person, the same artist. We should be more United tbh. We dont need to support everything she does, but when an era ends, many began hating Just bc the current is better in their opinion. Or sometimes they began loving the one they used to hate Just to bash the current one more. There is Good criticism but many times are Just dragging and name calling. Like when MM came out and a lot of People started dragging WB. WB will remain her song and its iconic whether u guys like it or not. For example, im Grateful bc BOMT era existed bc without it we wouldnt have her, but im not so fond of the album at all. I know she put a lot of effort back then, she sold like crazy and was a teen Queen, but yeah, I dont like most of the songs, but If someone say its the album they most like, its fine, its also the same artist and most of the times we can find smt good about that era even If we dont like it. There is no need for me to Go "BOMT sucked, oops era was way more mature and good." And start bashing her looks or old songs. This can Go on and on. Like bringing her old looks down bc she is fitter now, etc. Just appreciate What u like most and thats it. U dont need to bring slumber party down If u wished LMD was the Second single instead. Sometimes u Win, sometimes u loose. In the end of the day we root for the same person, we all like the same artist.
  21. Wow what a flop I didnt think about GOT at all lol But yeah, it was one of the best! Not even the beggining of pretty mess could save the video
  22. Reading about DLMBTLTK on Wikipedia this came across I forgot that video made him pressed af Likewise, Timberlake was said to be miffed at Spears' kissing scenes with French model Bryce Durand in her Herb Ritts-directed video, "Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know," and with actor Anson Mount in "Crossroads. Spears said that despite initial pangs of jealousy, they each realize that whatever happens on screen is no reflection of their relationship. "That's a part of what we do," Spears told The Associated Press. "And I accept that ... it's just acting." http://www.mtv.com/news/1452837/britney-spears-denies-reports-of-split-with-justin-timberlake/
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