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  1. R u talking about this one? I think it was released with their McDonald's commercial.
  2. Thank u, honey! I cant believe some people still think he loves Britney like a caring father and isnt that bad
  3. Ur story is the best hands down hahaha Where r u from?
  4. I didnt remember that she spoke on FTR that Kevin left her (smt she also talked about on that letter) Lynne and Justin talked about Britney changing a lot after the split. "(The split) was a terrible thing for all involved. I wish they would have parted ways differently, rather than to hurt each other and leave all those scars. ‘Almost 2 years after she and Justin had broken up, Britney was still wounded. She started to act out of pain, in an effort to numb her disappointment and heartache.’ "They were a lot alike - perhaps too similar - and butted their strong wills together too often." And Lynne hopes the two can rebuild their friendship. She adds: "They have each grown in compassion and maturity. Here's hoping they can be true friends and put any leftover missing puzzle pieces together for good." What Justin said was pretty bitter tho, considering he knew damn well her marriage was falling apart and that she was pregnant at the time he said those things. On that RS cover story, they talked about him giving her stability “Justin had his head screwed on so straight, and he rescued her from that world,” says a friend. “He became the great force in her life, but it started a pattern — she began to look for guys to help her get away from the people who control her.” Here a RS journalist talking about her old gfs saying she felt that he was the only person who wasnt trying to get anything from her. He had his own fortune, so that makes sense. He probably didnt care if she was working or not bc he wasnt leeching off her or depending on her money like her family or people who worked for her. 11:17
  5. Im a straight girl and ofc Britney has always been really attractive, but Primeney was smt else, she was def my girl crush Imagine dating that goddess, sadly I cant relate
  6. I think the cheese gritz part seemed an act just to show he was taking care of his troubled daughter. Dont forget Britney seemed hella annoyed when he was meddling with what she should do with Womanizer and then called him an *******. He is an abusive person, but Britney is probably the only one who never accepted his bs all the time. Maybe thats why they never got along. He bashed her publicly in 2007. Defended Larry and called her a sick little girl. There are stories similar to the restauranter one, where he showed up at her shows drunk and embarassed her. Hes a bad person. Many bad people think they are right and what they do is justified. Jamie doesnt seem to love her like a caring father would, he only talks about money - her money btw - and wants credit for her career and success. He seems like those ***ist old ****s who cant accept when a woman is more succesful that he ever will be. See Bryan saying the cship has been good for the family and talking about the Britney brand as the Spears family business. Imagine what Jamie really thinks then. They dont respect Britney and if he really loved her, hed have done anything to help her get out of the mess he put her into. He also seems to be punishing Britney someway. She gets 12k a year for personal spending but he throws 500k at Lou like its no biggie even tho Britney isnt even working rn. He was a ****ty dad to Britney all her life and continues to ruin her life. This job is the best he ever had and he seems more interested in keeping that - smt that gives him power and control over her, her assets and career - then helping Britney to be happy and living the life she wants to. If he really cared about Britney, hed leave her alone, but he only talks about Britney resuming her career. He compared her to a racehorse ffs. Lets just accept that there are many bad parents out there, its not that unheard of at all. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Flipboard WhatsApp Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) Click to copy URL Britney Spears has no one to blame but herself if she loses custody of her two sons and ruins her career, according to her father, Jamie Spears. In a statement to Page Six yesterday, Jamie sticks up for Britney’s manager Larry Rudolph – who was fired by Britney last Friday, as we first reported. Britney was furious with Rudolph for forcing her into the Promises rehab clinic in February after she went out almost every night for a month, posed for photos in her underwear with New York dancers and shaved her head. Jamie Spears told us in an e-mail: “When Larry Rudolph talked Britney into going into rehab, he was doing what her mother, father and team of professionals with over 100 years of experience knew needed to be done. She was out of control. Larry was the one chosen by the team to roll up his sleeves and deliver the message, to help save her life. “The Spears family would like to publicly apologize to Larry for our daughter’s statements about him over the past few weeks. Unfortunately, she blames him and her family for where she is at today with her kids and career. Larry has always been there for Britney. For this, we will forever be grateful to him.” Britney told us via her rep, “I am praying for my father. We have never had a good relationship. It’s sad that all the men that have been in my life do not know how to accept a real woman’s love. I am concentrating on my work and my life right now.”
  7. I think MJ was really humiliated for the surgeries, eccentricity and paedo rumours. Britney was humiliated for basically everything from the start, for being a girl, for being ****, for her music, for not singing live all the time. Having old men asking her questions about ***, her ******* and so on and it really got worse from 2002 on. We dont even need to talk what happened between 2005-2008 as well.
  8. This is how much of an irrelevant flop shes even to the first company that hired her for a job in 11 years
  9. Yeah, that page seems to do good researches about these stories, but who knows, I only read there.
  10. I read that on that velvet coke page, but bc Zoe never talked about this, I thought it was just a rumour. Is it confirmed?
  11. I cant wait for the day that Lou gets really exposed and all these fake people have to drop her. Ill live for their poor *** excuses trying to distance themselves from the controversy surrounding Loucifer. "oH i dIdNt eVeN kNoW sHe HaD aNyThInG tO dO wItH bRiTnEyS cShIp. i cHoSe nOt tO pAy aTtEnTIOn tO aLL tHe HaTe sHe wAs gEtTiNg onLiNe fRoM tRoLLs aNd sOmE aRtiClEs tAlKiNG aBoUT hEr. sHe wAs gEtTiNg aWaRdS fOr HeR aMaZiNG wOrK U knOw?!"
  12. People like Kathy Griffin also say they are Britneys fans Im just sick of people trying to discredit everything Britney does bc they seem to be jealous of her. When Britney sang live in the beginning of her career, people also were *****ing about bc she didnt sound like Whitney while dancing. She could never win. Britney became an icon, most of Britneys fans accept she hasnt been Primeney for so long now, we know she lipsynchs a lot... Whats the fuss then? Do these people only listen to Luciano Pavarotti? R they opera singers? What is the point? That she should flop into oblivion bc she doesnt sing live or dance that well anymore? The thing is, what Britney achieved when she was that good will live on forever, and thats why her flop team ruins her legacy making bank off what Britney used to be. It gets pretty frustrated for us, bc most of us wish she could have challenged herself again like she did during 2001-2007. Ofc we all know now all the drama about cship. But things with Britney are always like that. There are many people till this day that want to say that she never even danced good. People that never even saw Britney singing live in the past, but say she never sang live. Its cool to hate her and talk **** about her. Jflop lipsynchs a lot and I dont see gp being worried about that. I know she tries to deceive people more, but anyway. I remember when Beyonce was caught lipsynching in the past and most people said she wasnt and started bashing Britney. I mean, really? Her fans love to say shes better than Britney bc she sings live all the time, but then when theres evidence that she also does it (afterall they are all humans, and singing and dancing at the same time is pretty hard), people started bashing Britney to try make Beyonce look better. Britney wrote many of her songs, do people know this? Bc Ive seen so many people saying she doesnt. With Britney is always like that, people hear what media/gp tell them and they believe it without questioning bc people are stupid and its more fun to join the I hate Britney Spears club than being a "minority" that love her and defend her besides all the ****ty things people always say about her. Celebs that shade others all the time for no reason, that tell more about themselves than anything. It seems like they are pressed insecure people that will throw a shade here and there at an easy target like Britney who cant even defend herself, so they can feel better about their pathetic selves and careers. Mad respect for people like Ariana who is the it girl rn, has a good voice but never felt the need to shade Britney, she even praised Britney in the past and differently from Meghan, she didnt have to shade Britney too while pretending shes a stan. Or even Taylor Swift who writes all her songs, sings live a lot, plays instruments and is so successful, and never shaded Britney as well. Also Billie Eilish who is a teenager with famous older fans like Dave Grohl and Paul McCartney, someone who does a completely different music from Britney, but only has nice things to say about her. Thats why they are winning and Meghan continues with her only one hit that no one remembers anymore.
  13. I know this interview is some months old, but I looked a topic talking about here on exhale and couldnt find it, so I think maybe this wasnt shared here before. Now I have to ask you about your Britney Spears fandom. [Kravitz sent social media into a tizzy last year when she posted a photo on Instagram of when she met Spears at age 12.] She was the biggest star in the world when I was a kid, and I got to meet her. There’s no one bigger than Britney Spears in a lot of ways. That was long ago, but ‘NSync is still a big deal to me. Britney Spears is still a big deal to me. Tell me about meeting her. My dad surprised me. He was gone a lot on tour and all of that. So he was really sweet about when he would come into town to try and do something fun and surprise me, take me to Disneyland or whatever. Looking back it’s like, I really just probably wanted to spend time with him and that’s all I wanted. But [photographer] Mark Seliger, who’s a dear family friend, was shooting Britney’s [“Oops, I Did It Again” album] cover that day. I remember my dad taking me somewhere, not telling me where we were going, and then getting out of the car and going into this dark studio, and then looking and seeing this weird little set in the distance. As I got closer I was like, “Oh my God, it’s Britney. It’s Britney Spears. She’s right there.” And then got to take this picture. And then also at the time, didn’t even realize that it was her album cover shoot and that it would, of course, become this iconic cover shoot. And yeah, it was very cool. It was very, very cool. Im forever jealous of her https://variety.com/2020/tv/podcasts/zoe-kravitz-batman-robert-pattinson-1234689694/
  14. Britney protected them, did the right thing, was praised by Kevins shady lawyer, yet continued barely seeing them. Why didnt Kevin sue Jamie too? Maybe bc it could have helped Britney someway? What hes doing to help the mother of his children? Does he care that this cship thing also have affected the relationship his kids have with their mother or getting his 40k child support check every month is the only thing he cares about? I dont respect him at all.
  15. She was signed when she was 15 going 16, he just turned 15 a couple of months ago lol anyway, its still pretty close.
  16. Well, Id never say this on instagram or somewhere like this that he could def read. Im on a Britney forum and yes, I think Kevin is a poor excuse of a man. Im not talking badly of her kids anyway, I just dislike their dad. Im not going to pretend I like Kevin bc Britney had kids with him. This is just my opinion.
  17. I never paid attention to this before! Sickening of him! I think one of the worst part of the song is when he says "hahaha, should have listened to me baby" Tbh in reality I always felt he kinda thought Britney got what she deserved with Kevin. He mocked about her going to rehab and even sang crazy implying he was crazy bc he loved a crazy girl. He seemed pretty bitter on some interviews while she was still pregnant with Jayden. He said he didnt know Britney anymore and thought he never even knew the real her even tho they were together half of his life, and when an interviewer once said he wrote a profile about Britney, he said If he had to, he wouldnt be able to not say every dirty thing about her. I mean, wtf? How the woman is pregnant and u know shes going thru a lot of **** in her marriage and u say smt like this? What about moving on from that bitterness when u were already in another relationship too and very successful in ur career? Its beyond me how he wasnt called out before for all the **** he did regarding Britney. The only thing he got a bad press for was when he joked about their *** life, but soon after he tried to say he was kidding and media forgot about it What about cmar video that he breaks into Britneys house, stalks her and watches her taking a shower? That is beyond creepy and till this day people think he had balls doing that stalkerish video
  18. I remember thinking how weird It was for her to lose her rights bc I never even have heard about cship before, but at the time I thought itd be temporary just for a while. I missed quite much with what was happening with her parents in the year before. I didnt know at the time her dad bashed her publicly twice and even called her a sick little girl. I still thought Lynne was a good mother and didnt understand why she wasnt put as the conservator. I remember that when she talked about being in a worst situation than prison, that def shocked me bc at the time I still didnt understand how controlled she was, but I could see she wasnt happy. I think I was pretty distracted with the fact she was seeing her boys. I still listened to her music and even was happy when she was doing good, but I could tell smt was off. The last album I bought was Blackout, but I still bought some of her perfumes in the past few years I always cheered that the cship would end, but the day never came. I also remember thinking how ****ed up was that Jason became her co-conservator, but ofc I only started really seeing smt was def wrong with the whole situation in 2017/2018 with all the drama surrounding her performamces e the m&g mess. I guess I always thought to be strange that she was the only major star in a situation like this. I didnt go to FFT bc from what I could see of the tour at the time, I knew Id be really let down travelling to go see the show and then seeing her live looking so outta there. Tbh its not our fault, her team have been lying a lot in the past 13 years and always tried to shut her up and distract us with music and bs like that. Im glad many of us finally opened our eyes bc many are still in denial.
  19. Ure welcome! Yeah, that video is smt else. I mean, what about that fighting scene too? On one video he stalks Britney in every way possible and on another "Scarlett" ends up dead bc she cheated on him and ran from him Id say that even tho WGA is pretty bitter, its really well written. I think anyone can tell its a pretty personal song.
  20. R u asking if I think Justin fought with her team? When Justin released what goes around he was still with Cameron. The song is def about Britney. - First that Timbaland said that when they started creating FF/LS Justin was kinda without inspiration, so Timbaland kinda suggested Cry Me a River as a theme and they started from there. - When WGA was released, all the critics talked about being a CMAR sequel. Justin tried to deny many times saying the song was about his best friends experience but he ended up saying this to Rolling Stone: With lyrics like “I was ready to give you my name/Thought it was me and you, baby/And now it’s all just a shame,” What Goes Around” seems like the sequel to “Cry Me a River,” a final toss of dirt on the grave of his ten-year relationship with Britney. But Timberlake says that unlike on Justified, the lyrics on Future***/LoveSounds “are not autobiographical in any way – [“What Goes Around”] was written about somebody else.” By which he means he drew on a friend’s experience. “But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have the personal experience to, you know, relay the message,” he admits. Its worth saying that when CMAR was released, he also tried to deny it was about Britney, even tho the song was released the year they broke up and the video even had a Britney lookalike on it. He only confirmed that was really about Britney only 9 years later on a doc about Timbaland. - When the song was released, there were already many rumours in the media about Kevin cheating on Britney, leaving her alone to party, etc. The second part of the song talks exactly about that. And not only Justin knows Kevin personally (Kevin used to dance for him at the time Justin and Britney broke up), his choreographer is also Kevins best friend. They have hung out in the past and even tho Kevin said they never talked about Britney, its not like Justin couldnt have known one thing or two thru his longtime choreographer. - Some songs Justin did kinda relate to one another. Some things he said on interviews about Britney also correlate with some songs. On WGA he talks about that the girl said she would move on and he should do the same. Few years ago, he said Last Night from his first record was a good one for personal reasons. On Last Night he says: Last night Can't believe what I was hearing Telling me to have a nice life When he was recording still on my brain, he said "shes out of my life" so the producers could know exactly what he was trying to say with the lyrics and melody. On still on my brain he says: Beautiful days are long gone I can't seem to breathe Feels like it hasn't been that long Since you walked away from me He also said these about feeling ignored and rejected by her: He tells the magazine that back in 2002 when the couple initially parted ways, "I felt like she had a couple of opportunities to just sort of stick up for me, and she didn't. Which is fine. But at that time, you know, I fought back, and that's the way I fought back. I used my mind. I came up with a song." “I’ve been scorned. I’ve been pissed off,” he explains. “I wrote ‘Cry Me a River’ in two hours. I didn’t plan on writing it.” “The feelings I had were so strong that I had to write it, and I translated my feelings into a form where people could listen and, hopefully, relate to it,” Timberlake continues. “People heard me and they understood it because we’ve all been there.” - he said these about thinking hed have end up being with her: "I don't doubt that Britney loves me or that she did love me when we were together . . . things happen. I guess I'm just an old soul because I was ready. Not that I was ready to do it [get married] at that moment, but I knew who I was going to do it with, you know. So I think it was hard for me to realize that wasn't reality." So when you sat down to write this album, you weren't a happy man? I don't think that's a word I would use! I would say I had a lot of angst. I was caught up int he fact that I was breaking up with someone I had been with for four years and I had literally moved into a new house and was starting a new single life. I don't know how you do it here, but where I come from in the South, all the people I went to school with are married and have kids now, so it wouldn't be unacceptable for me to be married at this point in life. I wouldn't get married, that's not what I'm saying. But beginning a new life, in a new house and being single, plus having a little bit of insecurity about starting a solo record and, on top of all that, every time I walked out the door having the press trying to pin me with some new female, it was a lot to handle all at once - and the whole world was watching. - on the video, the girl cheats on Justin with his friend. A friend he asked to watch over her for him. Wade worked a lot with Britney and Justin talked about on interviews how similar they were. They even wrote many songs for Nsync together.
  21. The problem with what Justin did is that he continued shading her for years, even when he was already dating Cameron or when he was married. Hed defend her sometimes and then shade her out of nowhere, sometimes even on the same interview. If I was Britney, Id have ignored him the moment he joked about their *** life on a radio show. But she still continued talking to him until early 2003, she even went to his bday. I dont know if she felt guilty or what, but she shouldnt have given him any type of attention after that. That was worse than the cmar video or the many times he hinted she cheated on him after saying hed never be so specific about why they broke up. It took him like more than 10 years to stop *****ing about her publicly. Thats hella weird. But like Britney said, she hurt his huge ego, so he acted like a ***ist vengeful petty shady bitter lil boy.
  22. What I know is he wanted to do a song with her in 2007 and he also went backstage to talk to her at the Vmas, but it was like she dissed/ignored him both times. What I meant was the incident that she locked herself in the bathroom with Jayden... That was used against her and she lost her rights right after that. I think Justin was a **** to her after the split for many years, but Kevin is still worse. At least Justin started dating her when she wasnt even big yet, Nsync was already famous and he already had his own money. A Rolling Stone journalist talked about how her old gfs said she never felt he was trying to take anything from her during the relationship and people have said he was really a stable person that she could run to away from all the pressure and chaos her life was. Btw Justin talked about how much pressure was put into her, that some people around her were ********* and that she was really alone on the tours and had to call him If she needed to talk about some things. Lynne talked about how happy she was with him, and how angry she was after. I think the breakdown was probably bound to happen with her childhood history, her ****ed up relationship with Jamie and all the pressure she faced during the first years of her career being so overworked, but the breakup with Justin was probably the first thing to wake many problems that were "numb". I think If she had stayed with him, at least I dont think hed refuse to see her and the kids after partying non stop with her money like Kevin did. He wouldnt have used the kids against her only to take money from her when he never needed her money like Kevin did. Justin and his mom are pretty close, so maybe hed have felt more empathy towards her knowing the kids needed their mother. And probably he would not have agreed with the whole cship thing like Kevin always did bc it benefits him financially. I think right after the breakup, Britney began dating bad boys bc she probably didnt want anything serious with anyone (Fred Durst, for example) while she was still hurting Inside, but after a while she became lonely and wanted to be in love again. By the time she met Kevin, she was already desperate and probably mistook lust for love. I think she probably wanted to begin a new relationship so fast as if itd continue right from where her relationship with Justin ended. They were pretty serious, they lived together, his family loved her, but they didnt marry or had kids, so it felt like she just rushed things with Kevin bc that was her main goal: what she didnt have with Justin; her happily ever after. She said herself that she married for the wrong reasons and If she could give her one advice itd be to not get married. She also called Chaotic the worst mistake of her career. I think she kinda regrets that she married him and hes her kids father. The worst part of everything is many things happened bc Kevin was a terrible husband who was never around for the kids, but then when she began having problems bc of what he did to her, he used that against her, and now shes paying forever for those mistakes, mistakes that he did himself first. She agreed with a lot of things regarding the cship just to be with the kids and now, 13 years later she barely sees them and shes still under a cship. Life has been pretty unfair to her. Everyone can move on from their mistakes, but her. Its like shes paying for being successful, rich and famous too. I still think Britney deserved better than Justin, but he was still the lesser of two evils.
  23. I said the same thing. Hed have asked for a paternity test and would take Jayden from Kevin. I also dont think Britney would pay 240k in child support a year If she knew he wasnt even Kevins kid. Kevins lawyer used the incident with Jayden against her... That made things way better for Kevin to keep the boys, so why wouldnt Britney say Jayden wasnt even his anyway? It doesnt make any sense lol Imagine Jayden being Justins kid, someone that works a lot, is rich and talented, and being raised by a talentless loser that refuses to work and uses his kids to get more money from his ex wife bc he thinks he has to live like her?
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