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  1. Sadly team con own Britney, she doesn't have a voice, her freedom or rights. No one around her defend her publicly no matter what team con or the media say. The court system isn't on her side, her sleazy old **** court appointed attorney only cares about his monthly 40k and saving his own *** no matter how many times Jamie uses Vivian or tmz to defend the cship and put Britney in some light that benefit them. Lynne is too busy shaking her *** and breaking her hips to work ***** on clubs or wiping JL's kids' *****, and Sam is too focused staring himself in the mirror or trying to get his next "acting" gig. It's what it's, team con can forever have a field day, no one is going to stop them, defend Britney and say they are lying.
  2. The new york ******* times can't reach out to Britney, but Britney has tmz on her speed dial?
  3. @FreeLou made a such good point about the video Britney said she couldn't attend the flop bc she broke her leg or smt. Then months later we found out from court docs how Britney refused to go to the flop and made Jamie lose 1 million, he was even *****ing about that. So I'm right there with u, always skeptical with those videos too when she's still under a cship and being controlled, isolated and silenced. On that letter she said herself she has been manipulated, on the voicemail she said she has been threatned and Jamie would use her kids for that. They probably gaslight the **** out of her too. They own her ******* life, it's that sad. Who knows if sometimes she does smt bc shes tired, bc she wants to go out, shop smt or whatever and they won't allow her if she doesn't do what they want. They even might manipulate her saying her fans want to hear this or that. Sadly we can't blindly trust anything anymore while she's still under this cship without rights, freedom or a voice. Team con work to protect and keep the cship going, thats the only thing they care about, they have lied and disrespected us for over a decade now.
  4. U're confusing Billy with Supermaxi. Maxi is the one friends with Sam.
  5. He's just like Sam's friend who first said she didn't have any control over her insta and then she now had it These make up artists are all tiring I don't believe Billy Bs even when he says things I agree with. I think he's a mouthpiece to someone close to Britney and that's why team con don't sue him or stop him. He also stopped shading Jamie and defends Lynne and JL way too much, so that's interesting.
  6. I didn't even notice that, thanks. I wonder what went wrong tho
  7. Even enews reported back then, weird https://www.eonline.com/news/307137/britney_spears_will_get_record_15#ixzz1rmGIRYAn
  8. And here is Cassie working for Britney on the X Factor. Jason produced that season btw
  9. But lawyers for income said Income is only getting 250/hour when lawyers like him can get to 600/hour
  10. The comments I saw were shading her for pretending to be Britney, like calling her catfish, etc. I loathe anyone involved somehow with that scam of cship. Why would we trust someone that works with her dad and Lou, considering her team have lied before using her Instagram... like that caption talking about Sam Lutfi faking emails, saying Britney was stopping the domination residency bc of Jamie when in reality she was forced into a facility. I could go on and on. I mean, where are Britney's pics in Italy then? Everyone in her life is approved by team con and that's why no one defends her publicly no matter what Jamie and his lawyers say using Britneys money for it. Cassie knows what she's doing, she sees the comments, she sees the articles written bc of Britney's posts and captions... She knows Britney can't even defend herself, so no, I wont be sorry for her. Differently from Cassie, Britney in 2007 was hurting herself, she wasn't well and didn't even have her family's support while the whole world were judging and mocking her while making money off her misery. But Britney wasn't working with snakes to help them to achieve a narrative they want that benefit them and not the one they were supposed to protect and work in her best interest. She wasn't working for people that make money off someone who doesn't have rights and is fighting her dad in the court while he pulls all these bs in the media to defend himself and the cship. On the court docs, it says Britney doesn't want her case hidden in the closet like a family matter, but her Instagram says as if she wants privacy. But if anyone there cared for Britney, they wouldn't be exposing her like this, they wouldnt post half the **** they post seeing the comments and articles that are made bc of these posts. Britney is isolated and controlled, she's under a cship, that's the difference between her and others stars, she can't even say the word conservatorship without being censored in an interview. So why r they all ok with exposing someone that is seen as unfit to manage her life, with some of these contents? Tbh even tho some people might take some things extreme, fans are tired of all these dumb games team con continue to do to manipulate us and continue to keep Britney under this cship forever. They act as if we are dumb and have to buy whatever **** they throw at our way. Imo her team don't have any respect for us, they are very condescending towards us, they just want our money.
  11. And am I supposed to feel bad that people are shading someone that works for team con and has ties with Lou and Jamie, Einstein?
  12. Only this time Cassie didn't see the post coming until Britney posted, but just some weeks ago she said they post for Britney even if Britney writes the captions and edits the videos herself even tho on a post "Britney" said she sucks with tech Cassie even made her twitter private. It's all these team con rats deserve: to at least have a bad day.
  13. Yeah, Justin said those things in 2002-2003. She was def taken advantage of bc she was young, naive and sweet. If only someone from her family cared for her other than the money she brought them. Larry is a ******* idiot, that former makeup artist also left the impression she didn't like him and said that when Britney begged for time off, he'd send her to places that he could make some deal at the same time. He never allowed her to breath without taking advantage of her name and status and using her.
  14. I bet they told her the cship needed to stay in place for more like X years so she could tour and show the judge she was thriving and then it'd be lifted. It doesn't make sense to me either when other stars went to prison, overdosed, assaulted their partners and none of them are under a cship so they can tour. Why only with Britney is different? She's not the only star who had a hard time. I said this before but people need to start dragging RCA too. How can they make a ******* deal with someone who doesn't have rights and can't sign anything? Bc I bet they don't have any other client in a situation like Britney is, where her presence isn't needed and her father can make decisions for her. How does it make sense that they signed a deal for idk how many more records with someone who has less rights than a child and isn't responsible for herself? Who is seen as unfit, deemed incapacitated to provide food and shelter for herself, but is ok to record and promote for a record label? In what world does that make any sense?
  15. She's only capable and has a voice when it's to fit their narrative and benefit them, like Britney voicing that the doc made her cry for two weeks and she felt embarrassed by it even tho she didn't even watch. Imo it was to distract people from the court docs demanding Britney to pay team con over 2 millions and also to discourage BBC and Netflix to put their docs out. Its the same thing with Britney being able to work, record, promote, tour, to make so much money she can't even control... It's bc of the cship and Jamie. If she's thriving, successful and happy, it's bc of them, Jamie saved her life. But if she has to go to a facility and isn't doing well, it's bc her meds stopped working, bc she decided to not take them, bc she almost died bc she wasnt cooperating at all, bc she's difficult to handle.. Then it's all on her, she's to be blamed for as if she has a say in her life, like she has any control and isn't being watched and told what to do 24/7. It's a catch 22 like that ACLU lawyer said. If she's doing well, the judge will say it's bc of the cship. If she isn't doing well, they will say this is why she needs the cship in place. The law isn't on her side and that's why Jamie and his gang continue to be able to get away with every bs they pull. Imo they won't let her go no matter what happens. She's their cash cow, they feel entitled to her brand, her money and career. Also they won't want to see her free and able to say what they did to her. I only see the cship ending if someone that has no ties with the cship really intervenes or if some big expose happens that will cause a big ******* outrage from gp and media so the judge won't be able to play dumb anymore. Otherwise Income will keep dragging this **** forever and Jamie will fight until his last breath. Sadly we can only do so much.
  16. Justin also talked about how people around her were *********, she was treated like a machine and pressured and how the whole thing felt like a horror movie. I have a feeling he was also talking about Larry.
  17. Do u have any more info about this? Like the time he changed and how long he was with MVK and then with Eardley?
  18. JFlop tweeted about the NYT episode about Breanna Taylor, but not a single comment about the one about Britney. Some people said Lou isn't licking her *** anymore tho, so maybe she dropped Lou and is trying to distance herself from the whole thing just like a good narcissist.
  19. Oh I also think that's very likely. Remember the article I sent u where MVK thanked media and paparazzi harassing Britney bc that way he didn't have to hire a private investigator? And didn't Lutfi say he call paparazzi sometimes? Even invited them to Britney's home? So do u think smt Lutfi signed back then keeps him gagged? That's why he doesn't expose the whole thing?
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