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  1. "I dont know that person anymore, I dont think I ever did even tho I dated her half my life. If I had to write an article about her, i wouldnt be able to fight the urge to say every dirty thing about her" Or "U never said sorry, I dont understand, now im half the man that I used to be when it was u and me, never loved me enough, my heart might never mend and u'll never get to love me again." Or "I felt scorned, u had a couple of opportunities to stick it up for me and u didnt. Cry me a river, *****" Or "Beautiful eyes with those sad eyes, that was my type, amnesia thats over. my whole memory of me and love gone so far from me, its not fair I could it almost start to change but it hurts too much, thats when It starts to fade. Every memory fades away till its gone, where did u go? Amnesia, went from everything to nothing, no we anymore, shes a stranger that I used to know"
  2. Hes def looking miserable these days. I wouldnt be surprised If there are really problems in his marriage rn. I mean, he was looking miserable and drunk af away from his wife with his hands all over his co star he probably barely knew. I dont think there was really a problem with him doing cmar, the song. He was pissed off with her talking about him, he felt ignored, they had a fight. I get it he put these feelings on a song, nothing wrong with that. Britney never shaded the song, she had a problem with the video. And the video was low. And I cant even quite ignore all the interviews he hinted she cheated on him. But the worst thing was talking about what they did ***ually. That was really in poor taste. First he gave a radio interview answering things he did with her (like oral ***), the grown *** dudes cheering as if Britneys v card or body was a ******* prize. Right after he said his mom was going to kill him. Then he tried to say he was only joking, ofc no one believed. He then said on other interviews he wouldnt talk about that (their *** life) and that was only a joke, that he thought It was the humour on the radio station. Yeah, right. He knew he ****ed it up. He got a lil bit of a backlash, but because Britney was being dragged in the media at the time, soon enough media let go he did that. Then on his barbara walters interview when asked If Britney kept her promise, he says "sure" laughing. How immature he can be? Then he tried to defend himself again saying they edited the whole thing to make him look cocky not only he wanted to brag about sleeping with her (at the time every guy wanted her to the point that when he went to games, older men would scream dirty things about her to him, and he complained on an interview that was super annoying bc he didnt know these people that were always screaming things about Britney to him while he was trying to move on), he also wanted to get back at her and destroy her good girl image. Years later Britney herself said the media and people started changing towards her after their breakup. He helped media to drag her and turn their backs on her. So some years later, he mentions the whole thing again on a SNL kit. But yeah, he *****ing about her for like 16 years or so was def the worst. I hope he stopped doing that bc it was beyond annoying and pathetic. Justin is a narcissist so idk If he can see he did so many ****ty things too, but If he continues being salty about her, hes really trash. Her life is a living hell, this isnt a competition, he didnt need to keep reminding everyone that she hurted him when she was going thru hell and he was on the top of the world. If he cant have any empathy for her, then hes worse than I thought. She deserves her freedom and peace, I hope she gets someday!
  3. I wonder how Sam feels about Britney dancing to her ex's song about her and her team tagging him on the post
  4. I wonder if he knew she was already pregnant? I think that happened the other time she was pregnant too. He was seen with some backing vocal, but his team did a good job and the media didnt make a fuss about. Yeah, I think he doesnt want more drama. I know hed follow Britney when he was free, like when she was on tour, doing crossroads, etc, and I noticed that on that Nascar thing, it was Jamies bday. Her whole family was there, and she said on diary MTV that he went home to be with his parents. Isnt that weird? Why wouldnt be at her dads bday If they were close? I also saw a video of him being quite awk with Bryan. His family seem to like her until today tho, many of them still follow her on instagram. Idk If Justin thinks he did smt wrong, maybe he still feels he was heartbroken and she deserved. But she already deals with so much **** that I hope he isnt one more person sending her bad energy bc this is the last thing she needs. I hope shes free someday, stays away from her family, meets good people, new friends and a nice guy. She deserves it a lot. Did u see this coincidence?
  5. Is she going to play clueless about it like Bryan did? not her being interviewed by the NYT about Britneys case and then saying she doesnt understand what a cship is.
  6. Even if hes not happy (he looked quite miserable on that video with his co star tho. Coincidence or not, that happened in Louisiana), he still has his freedom, his rights, a normal family who love him and doesnt treat him like an ATM machine, his kids, artistic freedom, etc. If he has any decency in him, hed stop being so pressed/petty about her and feel empathy for her. In the end, her life is ****ed up. Why would he still hold a grude over someone who has been ****ed up by everyone in the past 15 years? I think the last time he kinda *****ed about her was in 2018. Last year he defended the denim outfit and liked a Britney pic Zoe Kravitz posted. I have a feeling maybe Justin didnt like Jamie, I wish hed say some things, but he probably doesnt want drama. He also shaded her team in the past.
  7. He was, thats why he didnt accept/took well when thing went downhill. I hope he finally stopped shading her bc it was pathetic.
  8. I posted a pic with a circle on the B on my previous post. I left the other pic (without the circle) too bc It has a better quality, so u can look at the circle in one and then zoom in the other.
  9. I think some of his songs are def about her, but not Mirrors. His songs about her are more petty, bitter and sad. Theres also that story he gave her that pink cross and I know the cross she used to wear all the time in 99-01 it was also a gift from him. Ive seen a couple of videos where he points out to the cross. I dont know if u were able to peep the B on his cross, but it seems like that rumour was actually true.
  10. I dont know if its true bc I didnt look on other pics, but I think it seems like he had a B (or maybe a 8 lol) inside the cross. Its on the longest part of the cross, on the right side. Zoom in and maybe you will see too. I always thought Holy Grail seemed to be about her (even more after she praised the song back in 2013 saying it was his song), but the tattoo part never made sense to me, some people thought it had smt to do with them liking crosses together, but maybe he actually had a B at the time.
  11. Why is her team tagging him ffs? So the media can say shes craving for his attention?
  12. She loves the song and its about her, it seemed like he even had a B inside his cross tattoo.
  13. That was a joke lol I actually understand u, her instagram is... smt else. I know a lot of people stopped following it, and we all know why.
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