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  1. I cant comment on her page Can someone say smt on the comments like "JL, ure looking like ur dad more and more each day" and tag her on it? I wanna see If she will delete even tho she loves Jamie so much
  2. Eu comecei a traduzir algumas partes do video de Bryan que são importantes, mas parei nos 30 minutos, ou seja, ainda faltam mais 24 minutos para traduzir e marcar o tempo. Não vou mentir que fiquei realmente sem saco de ouvir mais aquele caipira imbecil falando então dei uma parada, porém vou ver se esses dias retomo e acabo. O insta de Britney seria interessante os vídeos que ela fala como os que ela responde as "perguntas" dos fãs, lê as cartas dos fãs, fala sobre liberdade e diz que tá tudo bem enquanto tava na clínica.
  3. There are quite a few Karens in this video I see
  4. Just a look back at Britneys earnings in some years bc its just not possible that after 22 years of being succesful, a mega star, working a lot like she did and not living like a Kardashian, she has less money than she had in 2002: In 2002 Britney was named the most powerful celeb by Forbes, she earned in a year alone 39.2 million: Spears earned $39.2m (£26m) in 2001, and appeared on TV or radio 373 times. https://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/2056252.stm Added to what she earned before 2001, by 2002 she had already over 100 million dollars: Um, not exactly. For starters, there’s that $100 million bank account (“I’m rich, freakin’ rich. It’s crazy”) and the No. 1 spot on this year’s Forbes list of most powerful celebrities, ahead of Madonna, Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey. https://people.com/archive/cover-story-britneys-next-act-vol-58-no-10/ in 2010 alone she earned 64 million dollars, in 2012 she made 58 million dollars and was the highest paid female. Britney Spears earned over $50 million in 2010—$64 million, to be exact. This year, she might describe her financial gains with the words to one of her best-known songs: “Oops! I did it again.” The 31-year-old pop star pulled in $58 million over the past year, more than any other woman in the music industry. Her latest album, Femme Fatale, was certified platinum in the U.S. and the ensuing tour accounted for the bulk of her bucks. Endorsements and a fragrance line with Elizabeth Arden added millions more to her coffers. Not too bad, considering Spears’ troubles just a few years ago. https://www.forbes.com/sites/zackomalleygreenburg/2012/12/12/the-top-earning-women-in-music-2012/amp/ in the past few years she earned over 30 million dollars a year. Her net worth cant be that low when she earned a lot more since 2002 when she already had over 100 million by then. 18 years later and being really succesful all those years, how could she have less money than she did 18 years ago? it doesnt make any sense. Or the majority of her fortune is on that SJB trust or that money was spent and taken away to not say smt else.
  5. I think she just wanted a normal guy, she wanted to get marry and she confused his good **** with love. I think the 'whatever' attitude he had was smt she was attracted to. She said once that the guys would be intimidated by her or would be licking her *** bc of who she was. i think Ktrash just acted normal with her and treated her like she was anyone else and we all know she was kinda over fame by then, wanted to stop and to have a normal life. But yeah, hes trashy af. He just had nice traits and a good d and that was it, but his personality is just
  6. I dont think he will be. I can see him crying to the boys so the boys will share their allowance with him. They wont let his dads family be poor. He probably is going to ask the boys for money or try to make them into the business so he could have his share of whatever they earn. This is how low Kfed seems to be to me anyway.
  7. Hes smt to laugh at, isnt? What makes even more funny is the fact he was acting as if he knew he just did the song of the year or smt. It must be good to be this talentless and still be so confident about
  8. Pharrell talking about JT, Britney and Slave 4 U: Jay Z introduced me to him (at a club) in New York. He was there with a couple guys from N’Sync and Jay was like, ‘You have to meet this guy Justin Timberlake from N’Sync.’ I was like, ‘Oh, OK, cool.’ Jay was like, ‘Y’all need to work together.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah. Sure.’ So we met up and we did ‘Girlfriend’ and funny thing is the song’s called ‘Girlfriend’ and Justin’s like, ‘I want you to work with my girl’ and I was like, ‘All right, cool,'” Pharrell explained. “So he set it up and we did like two songs. You know, we thought it was interesting, but I remember people going, ‘Oh you shouldn’t do that. You shouldn’t work with people in pop.’ And I was like, ‘Man, we have to have way more vision than that and we have to be open to … other types of creativity and what that may bring… If you’re just closed-minded and you think categorical all the time, then you’re going to be a categorical producer and I didn’t want to do that.”
  9. Hes just getting ready for his new era, be ready, Vanilla Ice is shaking
  10. Oh too bad I really wanted to see I was talking on other thread about her problems with confidence and pleasing men bc of her daddy issues. If u want to, I can tag u on it. But yeah, I think she likes to please and do things for others, she also is needy and probably thats why she stopped dating famous people (and because she used to say they were fake). Tbh Id love to see her with someone like Chris Evans, but yeah, I just hope she has learned from her mistakes and someday she will be free to date freely again. She should spend some time alone and then just dating, nothing serious. She should really focus and work on herself, do therapy and try to live and work things out on her own. She needs independency to grow. But I still wish she will find someone good in the near future and have the family she always wanted, to be a full mom like she always dreamed of, that she would be able to enjoy her kids growing without having to worry about seeing her kids again or them being taken away from her. She deserves that. Oh yeah, Sam is so desperate and seems dumb, probably why Jamie approved him. I hope she isnt so much in love with him bc I dont want Britney getting hurt again. And I hope one day she will love herself more, that she wont worry so much about pleasing others and she will learn her value. Yeah, a person with money and not desperate for attention would be perfect. Thats why I thought about Evans lol hes famous but hes not interested in being more famous, he even said in the past how good it was that he wasnt famous like Britney, smt like that. Hes anxious about premieres and those stuffs, so this is smt she could relate to. Hes discreet so he wouldnt expose her, he never talked **** about his exes. Oh no, I just hope that by the time she ends things with Sam (im not jinxing anything, I only think they wont end up together) she will be free and Will choose better.
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