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  1. AKA- we need to ensure we give Brit no1 for her birthday The boycotts are being a bit dramatic in my opinion. This isn't a new album/ new music she needs to promote worldwide etc. THAT would be a different situation. This revised vinyl & 2 scrapped song releases is not 'work'. It's fun. So chill out, know that team con are getting next to no benefit from this. It's for the fans. So get excited and get ready to try bring a smile to Brithdayney's face next week
  2. No sources, mind you. Apparently the label did go to Britney personally and she agreed to it, wanting to put these out.
  3. I’m still not taking this in. Hahaa! If this was an unreleased track from Baby album- I could get on board with it a bit more. But when I think about BSB on Glory...
  4. That’s NZ, Malaysia and few others countries now into Friday and nothing in streaming services. I've tweeted and messaged RCA for confirmation a small 200 times. Nothing. What a mess. IM SICK OF TYPING ‘WHAT A MESS’ ha!
  5. Her meltdown over the bowls of cereal being eaten is also iconic. That being said... Kim Woodburn is my number 1 Anyway, back to our own meltdowns...
  6. It’s weird cause in my head- the ‘Liar’ music video would be Brit like setting a big barn on fire with her cheating boyfriend inside, after a big barn-party type. Then driving away as the beat played out at the end. So ‘Matches’ would be a perfect 2.0 in my head. A sequel, if you will
  7. My personal opinion (not bias as I have a lot of time for Gaga) is that Britney was bigger. The main difference was that although Gaga may have been 'most searched' etc... it was because she was so 'out there'. No doubt about it- her songs were great. However her performances/ videos etc were perceived rather 'odd'. So people were more intrigued by the 'persona' and what she was going to do next/ how she was going to turn up to next award show etc. Britney was a household name, known for just her music (then the performances etc built on that). So to summarise- Britney was a bigger popstar overall. Gaga was just smart in getting people talking about her/wondering what oddball move she was going to do next. However Britney was a polished pop star thrown out to the world with no gimmicks and weeeeeeeeee loved it!
  8. Amazing, thanks. I love the look of the vinyls (like the ones with the paint platters etc on them). But I know I’d listen once or twice and it would get shelved. Would more be just to decorate my livingroom with oversized Britney album art, for no reason haha!
  9. Everyone’s arguing to one side... Can someone break this down for me- A) Why are vinyls coming back in? Is it just a vintage type thing or have I missed something? B) Is it actually worth going out and getting a record player? Like is the sound different, to say... a speaker with Spotify?
  10. Yes, i agree. Sad- but true. This song was last single to have somewhat of impact with GP (and didn't even get any/very little radio play due to the title)
  11. Myah doesn't need to come out and make any statement about anything, in my opinion. She done what was asked and the production team f*d up the end result. That's a hot mess. But hopefully clears the mystery around some songs, and people can cut Myah some slack.
  12. It’s now supposedly the ‘week of the release’ and nobody is actually confirmed the official digital release date. Billboards article didn’t actually pinpoint an exact date as such afterall. My buzz will go from 100 to -20 if we have picked this up wrong and it’s not available til Jan 21
  13. It definitely is a grey area. I understand people’s reasoning for not wanting to support the song. I think otherwise. And that’s fine too. If it were a new single or album being released after Britney has specially said the other week- that she doesn’t want to work or perform... then that’s different. This is a 4 year old song that never seen the light of day- getting a small release to obviously get RCA some sort of revenue. And obviously... for the fans. Swimming In The Stars isn’t going to put out the fire we have spent so long building. And whilst I feel it’s slightly dramatic arguing with fans that it is... I’m not going to judge you for choosing to boycott. We just need to all respect each other’s reasonings and do whichever feels best for you.
  14. But someone has to remind everyone... 1 week to go (allegedly)
  15. In other news... I made my first FanCam video for SITS as I’m too excited. How do you think it looks? Not big on the whole twitter thing... so try show it some love, if you like it ha
  16. I don't think this is for the GP. In my opinion, it's just to tide the fans over after a surprising response, supporting Mood Ring. Although radio station in Scotland just spoke about it 5 minutes ago. They played Toxic (of course) then the dj was like 'and we have new Britney coming few weeks and the snippet sounded really decent'. Nearly fell off my seat.
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