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  1. I personally don't mind it too much. Its sweet to see her opening up with some small day to day things and it's obviously amazing to hear from her The 'concerns' I do have are: The constant runway/backdrop photoshoot videos are bit repetitive and unnecessary. CONTENT HONEY. These 'dancing' videos which are kind of a laughing stock with GP The constant lack of hair/eye makeup effort (which is also a laughing stock of GP) My doubt if it is truly her or if it's a 'filtered' version of her through someone in her team. Although in that case...I wonder why they would post some of the content that they do, if that were the case. Ha! I'm not overly concerned. However all non-stan's in my life are making me doubt myself as if I SHOULD be concerned for her ha! Although I feel a large proportion of posts are slightly bizarre, and I say with the biggest love in my heart for her... a bit brand-damaging… she's perhaps just having some harmless fun so we shouldn't look too much into it.
  2. Is he only talking, as the project is officially dead?! Thinking of Tabitha and Napoleon D'umo discussing Domination set. Legally they only spilled the beans after it was more or less confirmed it wasn't happening. Hmm. Don't know about you guys- but I was SO here for a jungle theme
  3. I genuinely don't think it's a shady post. He can't control comments really. Different if he was replying to them laughing etc. Think it's a harmless tweet to acknowledge her (and obviously bit of self-promotion ha). But i'll let the haters hate...
  4. I perhaps hyped myself up too much. I’m just so thirsty I’m clinging to anything she does rn ha! The added line in both songs is... I mean... iconic. It will be slapped on every tshirt at the 2030 tour/residency (). And I’ll obviously be all here for it. Just bit unsure if the sass of the line goes with the chilled/trippy theme of the actual song itself. Thats me maybe looking too much into it. So I’m really glad we got to hear it. Thought Pride remix was starting very ‘Waves’ type (listen to instrumental in song I’ve linked), which has/has major radio-play here in UK). Thought started with very similar beat... but never really went anywhere. Wasn’t too sure on the other ApeDrums one. Will give it a listen again tomorrow (I’ll sleep on it ha). So to honestly summarise... I don’t think I’d listen to either of these over original. But the fact she’s released a ‘pride’ version alone... is a moment. So I’ll still be streaming all day/night to do my part. And you know... forcing it down all my hetro friends throats for the next month or so
  5. https://twitter.com/jamie_a1112/status/1276613947542700034 Sorry. I couldn’t NOT! 😂
  6. She is literally as cute as a button. I love this video. Bit of Sam and that PT life rubbing off on her. I’m also very excited for all the memes to follow from some of those positions (yes- I’m thinking of the leg-split ground-humping honey)
  7. I do wonder what nights she was referring to in her Pride video this weeks video... as when she headlined Brighton Pride (one of the biggest in the world) I was at few years back... she didn't even know where she was ha Brit always my no1... but I do believe Madonna & Gaga are rightfully placed above her on this one. But top 5 is still an achievement!!
  8. I'm UK and straight to work(ing from home) this morning so i'm waiting until I've finished work for the weekend... have a rum poured... rainbow flag up... then going to blast it and cry
  9. I’m literally refreshing Twitter every minute to see someone post more than the beginning. So is it just two songs? Queen B has taken time off outfit videos to voice note Larry some new material. I’m shook
  10. Is that actually Queen B speaking? I’m dead. The start sounds a bit like Mr Probz- Waves. That artwork. God I’m so thirsty. Mood Ring has been unexpectedly feeding me last few months
  11. Lucky to get even 1 day this year with everything that’s going on. It’s weird cause UK prides seem to be more August time than June... but I’ll dig the (biodegradable) glitter out at any time of the year, ya know ✨
  12. Awww so nice hearing her voice and seeing her inner goofy/cute self! Happy Pride month y’all 🏳️‍🌈🎉 *Edit* - for those who maybe don’t have IG to view. Here’s Twitter link:
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