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  1. I care about people a little bit too much.It's actually unnecessary.Some kind of a bad habit that i should quit.

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    2. SexyJeans


      I relate so much :hugs:

      I just let go of 3 of my closests friend since they talked sh!t about me

      and then when I confronted them they all ganged up on me calling my this and that and now we aren't talking because they are too proud to come say sorry. and I'm not coming crawling back to them just like that. They know where to find me if they wanna talk

      they just turned out to be really toxic and I can see that even more afterwards

      Walking away from that mess like


    3. Electro World

      Electro World

      @SexyJeans Great job respecting yourself enough to let go of those fake ass friends! :bsass:

      I have had fake friends in the past so I know how you feel :hugs:

    4. breaktheiceofmrv


      @SexyJeans  Some people are literally toxic.I'm so proud of you.I wish i had that decision 10 years ago for some people.But it's never too late :brit: