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  1. In everytime „please forgive me“ i kinda hear „he‘s f#ckin me“...
  2. playing with the media? maybe in 03-05 but now? IF then the way shes doing its not funny. idk if sam is even motivating her doing those videos - or if i he‘s like: well, i wouldnt post it, but do what u want 🤷🏻‍♀️
  3. When shes showing us her workout its bright outside - as soon as shes showing her calendar its dark(in the background) 🤔
  4. something is def. not ok. u cant compare 02/03 Britney to this - after 07/08 everything changed. if u remember: she always said that she wanted to make enough money for a house and family. Kevin at that time was the one, who she believed she could escape with him and living her dream. but kevin wasnt the right one and her team was always behind pushing her. even if she wanted, she couldnt just „stop it“. and her family needs the money too, so of course they wont let her stop. her team/family got serious after britney started to rebel like crazy in 05-07 so they prob. had to do something... the CS started and now shes trapped. + wrong meds, no therapy (?) lead to the britney we have now. she was always a fragile person, and people can use this against you. if britney isnt strong enough to fight against the CS and her people - i hope she finds someone that will fight for her.
  5. Sam really looks great in photoshoots, but in a normal photo picture? nah.
  6. but in her video she also looks tan... and on the pap shoots more her natural skin tone...
  7. Lol is she wearing the „lonely“ and „WILTBM“ outfit from DWAD Tour?
  8. The remix from the circus tour was amazing! ❤️
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