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  1. I went to the show in Vegas when it was first revamped and then to her final show in Austin at the Circuit of the Americas. The Vegas show was miles better and I’ll be honest, I was bored at the final show in Austin. Vegas: Final Show:
  2. I mean, we've seen his butt and ***** from multiple angles so how is this a thirst trap when we've literally seen it all?
  3. We should just create a copy+paste template for cancelling people since it seems that's all people want to do these days. Which reminds me..I need to cancel my Disney+ subscription...
  4. OMG I LOVE Alizee! I still jam out to her stuff. I loved it when she covered Double Je by Christophe Willem: She's just gorgeous!
  5. First time listening I'm like..."what is this?" Second time I'm like..."I could get into this..." Third time listening...."okay, this is a bop!"
  6. I think this song NEEDED Britney's breathy but honestly, she can't pull off the chorus. Britney's long notes are always shaky and this song kind of depends on them.
  7. I agree 100% While I think the song was well written and quite beautiful, the music and vocal production is horrific - to think she paid someone money to do this is crazy to me. Things that bother me the most: You can hear the audio clipping at times which tells me that the mic volume and EQ was not properly set in the original recording which is the most amateur thing a producer could do. While we know that songs are generally recorded in segments, you're supposed to edit the clips so that the vocals flow smoothly. You can literally hear where the clips were layered and combined and in some parts. The harmonies are horrible! You can hear how out of tune they are, like who approved this? Like you said, the album in general is poorly mixed and this acapella shines light on the cheap quality behind it.
  8. It’s so funny to me because I always heard people say Gloria Trevi was tacky but to me, Paulina was always the classless act. Again though I won’t lie, she’s got some bops! Her last song of hers I really liked was Suave Sutil!
  9. This and Agarrate are two of my all time favorites of hers. You can honestly say that there is nothing else out there like it.
  10. He was literally a parasite and I honestly think she was caught in this fantasy with him and probably didn’t realize what was happening around her.
  11. I love Paulina too, probably more than Thalia but I don’t think Paulina is as talented though. She’s not much of a singer either.
  12. Her music is so deep and yes this song is heartbreaking.
  13. I’ve never done one of these before but seeing some others, I felt compelled to create a tribute thread to one of MY first idols and favorite latin artists, Gloria Trevi! Gloria Trevi has long been known as the “Mexican Madonna” primarily for her controversial image, career and life. Gloria’s story is EXTREMELY fascinating and continues to be very controversial. In 1985 at the age of 17, she started out in a small girl group named Boquitas Pintadas (Painted Lips). With little success, the group broke up after only 3 years at which point she caught the eye of Mexican producer, Sergio Andrade. You could equate Sergio Andrade to Lou Pearlman, the mastermind behind the boy band craze in the late 90’s. Like Lou Peralman, Sergio Andrade ran a “talent factory” where he would take in young kids with the promise of turning them into big stars. Gloria Trevi was one of his “students” and arguably one the most talented. There were often rumors that Sergio would have inappropriate relationships with the girls he worked with, including Gloria, but despite the toxic environment, Gloria and Sergio made magic in the studio and in 1989, they released Gloria’s first solo album which spawned her first #1 Latin American hit, Dr. Psiquiatra (Dr. Psychiatrist). She went on to release 5 more studio albums through 1995 selling over 5 million albums in Latin America. While she was a talented singer/songwriter, she was best known for her provocative and controversial image and performances. Even with a strong following, to the general public she was seen as tacky and vulgar. Many today would argue that she was way ahead of her time and people of that generation just couldn’t handle her. Turmoil and Arrest In the late 90’s, several girls from the Sergio Andrade “factory” accused Sergio Andrade of sexual abuse and molestation and included Gloria as an accomplice in their complaint. Gloria, Sergio and other girls, still a part of the Gloria Trevi entourage, fled to Brazil following the accusations. Gloria always claimed she fled with Sergio in an effort to protect him as she was romantically involved with him at the time. While on the run, she gave birth to a baby girl who later died under mysterious circumstances. Gloria Trevi claims that she woke up one day to find her baby girl gone from the apartment she shared with Sergio and the other girls. It is believed that the baby suffocated in her sleep and that Sergio along with the girls took the baby away while Gloria had been drugged into a heavy sleep. To this day, Gloria claims to have no knowledge of where her baby is and rarely talks about the incident. In 2000, both Gloria and Sergio were arrested in Brazil in connection to the sexual abuse and molestation charges. After spending 4 years and 8 months in jail, Gloria was released and acquitted of all charges. To this day, Gloria maintains her innocence and claims that many of the allegations were fabricated by the girls. She is also currently involved in a legal battle with Latin TV network, TV Azteca, after suing them for defamation in connection to the sexual abuse and molestation charges. She claims they perpetuated the issue by spreading lies for years and being responsible for much of the backlash she received. The lawsuit is still pending. Post Prison Career Following her release from prison, Gloria took her newfound freedom and worked to regain her credibility as an artist. In 2004, she released her first album since her imprisonment which fans quickly noticed as having more of a pop sound compared to her earlier work. Since her comeback, she has released 6 studio albums and sold over 6 million units. Some might argue that she is more popular now than ever before. LGBTQ Support Gloria has long been a gay icon in the Latin community and more-so now. She often pays tribute to the LGBT community and says that she owes her success to the LGBT community and feels that she identifies with them in being misunderstood and their struggles. She is no stranger to pride festivals and often features gay themes in her music, videos, shows and even released an “I Will Survive” style anthem in the late 00’s named "Todos Me Miran" (Everyone Looks at Me). While her image and style may not be everyone’s cup of tea, this woman is brilliant, talented and truly an icon. As someone else mentioned in another thread, she is a phoenix. She has beat all the odds and came out on top and at the age of 52 is still a QUEEN! Also...her voice is one of a kind! Acoustic version of one of her earlier 90's hits, "El Recuento De Los Danos" (The Recount of the Damage) Some of her newer stuff... "Habla Blah Blah ft. Shy Carter" "Que Me Duela" "Me Rio De Ti"
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