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    news Nope. Britney And Sam Did Not Break Up

    Well, that person has explained themselves about Persians before actually and she is Persian herself too so nop it's not overgeneralization out of nowhere. So since you said you've never met Persians perhaps the link below will broaden your knowledge on the said subject! Here is the link: https://www.breatheheavy.com/exhale/index.php?/topic/762088-britney-and-sam-asghari-broke-up-rumor/&do=findComment&comment=16382945
  2. Lilith

    news Nope. Britney And Sam Did Not Break Up

    @Chris87 @Chris88 are u guys waiting for ur long lost little brother @Chris89?
  3. Lilith

    news Nope. Britney And Sam Did Not Break Up

    That video was cringe and awkward LOLOLOL LMAO SAM CAN'T EVEN DANCE TO SAVE HIS LIFE. He's sooooo awkward and fake as hell LMFAO. And why britney f**king photoshops her belly picture? ugh
  4. Lilith

    news Would Britney ever do this?

    very few artists give a f**k for their fans.. like actual fucks it's clear that Britney is NOT one of those ppl you guys don't want Britney to be a robot but next minute you want her to act fake to spend more time with her fans to make them happy? she doesn't like you and is not your mom either. she simply doesn't give a flying f**k for her fans. she doesn't give a sh!t. period. what more do u want from her for you to finally get it? an IG vid with her saying: "i dont give a sh!t for my fans.leave me alone" ? whats tragic is that even if she does that, the deranged britards will say "SHE DIDNT MEAN IT. THEY MADE HER SAY IT"
  5. there isn't any #win. He lost the moment he got in here and called everyone names for criticizing Britney's shitfest of show. He's an idiot
  6. We knew already you loveee attention like 1-2 pages ago eventho u said u are #unfazed you clearly need it
  7. you clearly lack of #proper #reading #skills #too. In case you didn't notice other ppl bumped the thread. But hey I even gave u credits for ur hilariously stupid posts. Not surprised u would be ungrateful twat tho Ah yes like that will totally work! "Im not dealing with them directly but I keep obsessively reading their posts regardless" you mean? Yep thought so Go back on twitter honey. Stop embarrassing yourself. Just go
  8. I see the little buffoon being still pressed and checking this thread 😂😂😂 you are #unfazed thoooooo!! Go write some more hashtags and maybe make a song too: "Xander the Royal Hashtag"
  9. you can thank Xander the Royal for that. Not me He is the popstar in the making so
  10. Not sure how people expect me to get banned considering that I haven't broken any rules sooo
  11. Oh my god I think 12 yo was too much judging by that post. It must have been really hard for u to come up with this weak comeback wasn't it? LMAO Since u seem quite clueless lemme help you with a little fact kitty. My posts in a span of 4 years is very little amount actually. Do the math. Assuming u know how to even do that...! "getting fatter and losing your hairrrrrr" 23493209 stupid hashtags afterwards what are these middle school "insults" LMAOOO did u even finish school? nvm don't answer that Ah ofc ofc the goal of being a popstar? Xander the Royal popstar. The jokes write themselves LMAO since u wanted stupid hashagsss here's one for you! #LetMeKnowWhenYouSetUpAGoFundMeAccountForAPairOfBallsYouNeverHadAndIwillDonateSixDollars! Goodbye Xander! Thanks for the laughs! 😂😂
  12. Well that would require you to HAVE any balls tho LMFAOOOO
  13. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO how old are you btw? you sound like a 12 yo kid that hasn't dropped a pair yet "over 100 thousand ! streams ! on ! spotifyyy ! " assuming ofc that is even true bc god knows if u inflated that number you know by 99.000 thousands LMFAO nah it ain't obsession don't worry. Snowflakes like u are just simple fun. A joke to laugh abt. Thanks for the laughs btw!! your posts are amusing in this thread And keep your stupid ass song. I don't even know or care abt your song. Shove it up ur ass for all I care and don't forget the stool softener... the one u suggested in previous post Goodbye Xander! Happy hunting on ur daydream! Kisseeesss! and Oh! guess what! Checkmate indeed
  14. If you don't want people to click on your twitter then you shouldn't have it on your profile. It's that simple! Nah you just proved how #pressed you are. Understand what exactly little snowflake? That your popstar dreaaaammm is realistic? Calling others "no lifersss, hungryyy and in need of a new weave"? You make no sense. Period. I don't have to "win" the argument. I already did You keep proving my point continuously with every post and you were so bothered u even went on twitter to tweet abt it. Keep it up tho. You only embarrass yourself Xander the Royal p00pstar. How sad " Ive already wasted too much time on u but im not gonna let u think u somehow won an an argument or put me in my place cause u dont stop talking. " And you are immature too on top of that. The above says it all LMFAO #UNFASEEEDDD