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  1. who said I'm offended tho? My title doesn't have anything to do or being offended You talked abt the things you loveee searching online and I pointed out your "interests" plus your creepy ass behavior including asking a porn section on a britney forum like a moron yet at the same time you defend nicki and her rapist/murderer boyfriend yet you call me vile? the audacity I know u have no shame in ur interests. Sex addicts, sex offenders and idiots in general don't have any shame! Shocking right?? LMAO Like I give a f.uck for Nicki's trash music LMAO. Living a rich life okk like many other people do actually! And getting a rapists/murderer D is not something to be proud of btw. Inb4 she ends up raped or murdered because she was THAT DUMB to date an attempted rapist and convicted murderer What are you going to say theeeeen? "its her lifeeee and we don't know the WH000LE truutHHhh" yeah like the truth will save anyone from getting raped/murdered by a f**king convicted psychopath LMAO Actually I along with many other sane ppl on planet we are all "winning" as you put it, because well.... we don't date rapists and murderers like this dumb bitch Nicki is doing L M F A O so yeah. Try again I know u are same age and immature as britney spears don't worry. CongratZ I guess!!
  2. Do you even know what trolling means?? Nevermind don't even answer that. Obviously you don't have a f**king clue What's downright sad is the fact you are like 40 yo with no BRAIN apparently since you defend this dumb trashbag Nicki and her filthy trash bf who is an attempted rapist and convicted murderer. Oh! Searching things you love huh? You mean the porn? LMFAO oh ... SO interesting.. You even asked before for a PORN section onsite... a Britney forum and a moderator told you no LMFAO you creepy buffoon you have the nerve to call me vile for calling out nicki for dating a murderer and attempted rapist... while at the same time you defend her and her murderer boyfriend?? Look at the mirror first before calling someone "vile" Now move on & along! To search for more porn like the creepy sex addict offender you seem to be LMAO oh boy...
  3. lmfao you talk about "maturity and evolving" yet YOU are the one showcasing how IMMATURE u are in this thread. Funny as f.uck. What entire truth you dumbo? We don't need the entire truth or any details about her relationship obviously and we don't care to know the entireeee "truuuuth". We only know of the few known FACTS. Here's the facts you idiot. - She has bailed out her CONVICTED pedophile brother. - She has defended sexual offenders publicly too. - And now she is dating for the SECOND TIME an attempted rapist AND CONVICTED murderer. No SANE woman would ever date an attempted rapist and murderer,defend sexual offenders and bail out convicted pedophiles. Nicki is a DUMB TRASH filthy hypocrite and she has proved it many times over and over. PERIOD. So tell us what the "entire truuuthhh" would change you idiot? Tell us. Would it change the fact that she is dating a dangerous man who attempted to rape a 16 year old girl and also served years in prison for murder? You will mature & evolve...hopefully indeed!!! You need it judging by your dumbass responses in this thread. Get the f.uck outta here LMFAO
  4. Lmfao at this tweet resurfacing "for christmas id like a bullet in my brain pls" Santa granted him his wish! his stinky soul can keep burning in hell
  5. Wooo! Another day another time Nicki Trash-Minaj is showing off quite shamelessly how much of a HYPOCRITE and a rotten human being she is So apparently her new boyfriend is Keneth "Zoo" Petty and guess what!!! He IS a CONVICTED murderer and a registered SEX OFFENDER. Like.... isn't she scared at ALL about her own safety? She dates an attempted rapist and a convicted murderer Her rumored beau was convicted of attempted rape involving a 16-year-old girl in 1995. He is a level two registered sex offender in the state of New York, which means there is a moderate risk he will repeat the offense and must be registered as a sex offender for life. Kenneth has been arrested multiple times over the years, as there are nearly a dozen arrests available to the public. According to records, Petty used a 'knife/cutting instrument' during the attempted assault. He was sentenced to 18 to 54 months in state prison, but the records did not contain any information about how much time he served. Kenneth's trouble with the law returned once again in 2006, when he was convicted of manslaughter for killing a man named Lamont Robinson. According to documents obtained by The Blast, Petty shot Robinson 'with a loaded handgun multiple times, thereby causing his death.' He served seven years in jail, released in 2013. Now that's some pretty colorful history right here!! In case anyones wondering how Nicki is introducing him exactly to her friends (if she has any sane ones) and/or family members, she's probably like: "Hey guys! This is Keneth "Zoo" my new boyfriend and an attempted rapist and convicted killer. Hope you guys like him!" Want to know the funny part? It's NOT the first time they are dating, they dated when nicki was like 16 years old ahhhh! an old flame it seems sparking in all the wrong directions kill it with fire.gif someone pls RECAP! - Nicki Trashcan-Minaj bailing out and defending her PEDOPHILE BROTHER. - Nicki Trashcan-Minaj DEFENDING 6ix9ine a SEX OFFENDER. - Nicki Trashcan-Minaj dating for the SECOND TIME a convicted murderer and attempted rapist. - *reserved slot for future f**k up right here!* - *reserved slot for future f**k up right here!* I guess we are going to add more to that list in the near future If anyone's interested to read moreeeee you guys click here! --> Trashcan-Minaj dating kenneth "Zoo"-story blah How come and Jordan DIDN'T write a mainpage about it? He is always running to write about Kanye instead Where is the hypocritical celebrities cows that ALL TRIED TO SLAM KANYE ON SOCIAL MEDIA BTW FOR SIMPLY HAVING HIS POLITICAL VIEWS THAT DIDN'T HARM ANYONE, BUT NONE OF THEM SPAT A SINGLE "PEEP" FOR NICKI DATING A MURDERER AND ATTEMPTED RAPIST??? oh wait. They are all huddled in their sh!t-ridden nest *looking at Lana Del Hypocrite* Thoughts???? Let me know on well... breatheheavy like Jordan says You too jordan! What are your thoughtsssssssssssssss! @breatheheavy