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  1. Lilith

    other We lost a member of the B-Army (RIP KINGNACIO)

    So apparently ignacio and that Martijn guy started dating around August 2018 (perhaps slightly earlier like a month or so but approx it was august so) however from what it seems from their both media accounts their relationship wasn't rainbows and fairies like Martijn is trying to make it seem like on his last tweet. In fact Martijn has a really bad reputation and even ignacio's friends tried to warn him about him. From what it seems from their behavior on social media both Martijn and ignacio were assholes but Martijn was definitely the worst one. A friend of ignacio even stopped being friends with him bc of Martijn, it was either Martijn's jealousy for that close friend or that particular friend just stopped talking to ignacio bc of him. Let's check out some things in order right here: ^ This from December 2018. He is talking about his bf Martijn. More tweets bellow on the same day. ^ tha person clearly warned ignacio. ^ in response to @mariah's tweet. ^This is a response to ignacio's tweet. The one below Apparently they broke up (few times? certainly more than 1 time just dunno how many..) and fast forward to the last 2 months till today: January Martijn: the next day January 6th: ^ thought they were engaged?? Why asking for this but anyways yeah, this^ is a response to Martijn's tweets from previous days. ^this last one is completely unrelated I know, but from what it seems this is how he really felt abt Britney I guess. Too much for meeting her 500 times Anyways from what it seems their relationship was... rushed, rushed engagement and judging by ignacio's tweets and his new username "@well it's over" they seem they broke up. As for Martijn judging from all the above and his rushed tweets too (like... his bf literally died just few hours prior and the first thing he does is to run on twitter? who the f**k does that? and he even stayed ACTIVE on twitter for HOURS) isn't rly a genuine "loving bf". He rushed on twitter to save his face to try cover up for the bad sh!t. As for ignacio it's horrible he died, this problematic relationship he was in was definitely a huge part of this, who knows what other reasons played a part. Wish he could find another way to deal with his issues bc suicide is not the solution. RIP.
  2. First off, the car accident wasn't last year it was 10 YEARS AGO and it was his OWN fault actually. He was charged for it. He has gotten arrested for a DUI, reckless driving and possession of paraphernalia in 2016 too. He was found guilty on all charges. And now he did again the same sh!t. 2016 DRUGS. 2019 AGAIN DRUGS. He is driving DRUNK,RECKLESSLY,DRUGGED UP. He is a disgusting junkie and drunked up moron that needs to get stripped permanently of his driving licence too. Period. It's very possible JamieLynn doesn't even want his pathetic junkie ass around her daughter anymore, or Maddie not wanting to see him. And actually he has seen maddie many times, on his social media he has many pics with her. He even saw maddie after her accident too, there is pic of his mom/family with maddie as well. They didn't get cut off. However it's very possible JamieLynn doesn't want him around her daughter and I wouldn't blame her for it. He's been a drunk junkie for ages and keeps f**king up with his dangerous driving and messing with drugs too. Now that he has another kid and wife he better care for them and not f**k up eventho from what it seems apparently he hasn't changed at all.
  4. Lilith

    other Just imagine...

    "indisputably" lmfaoooo..... it's very much disputable actually. It's your opinion not a fact. and most things in the world are disputable as you should already know by now hunny
  5. Lilith


    "None" ? ariana, demi, xtina, kesha,meghan,cardi and a lot lot more ppl did female empowermentttt songssssSs the last year look it up yourself if u think I'm making this up So yeah, Britney doesn't need to join that bandwagon the super privileged popstar that used her sex image to death, making a #metoo empowering song for that hypocritical movement? Get serious please I will be totally fine with empowering song thats directed to everyone, and not a specific special group like womennnn or lgbt. She wants to make more mature songs or generally songs directed to ppl for a certain global issue? Sure, as long it's done right and not adding any certain views herself that would gear towards one side over another. She wants to keep making sex songs like she always does? Fine with that too. If she decides to make them more mature with better lyrics too then go for it. I don't rly care for what she's gonna make, as long it won't come off as hypocritical and stupid
  6. Lilith


    if u want ppl to make fun of her for her song choice then yeah it will be "controversial" just not in a positive light lmfa000 she's been always doing the same songs over and over it's not like she will change now and make mature songs unless she herself decides to make less sex songs in future. Empowering in the sense of supporting everyone and not target a specific group of ppl yes would work far better than jumping on the same bandwagon every other sorry popstar has been doing lately with the metoo bullshit and political songs they did as well. Not saying that Britney will do any political songs, she will fail hard if she does, but generally that's what a lot of popstars have been doing as of late. It's not a cute look, it comes off tryhard and hypocritical too. So let's not go there Britney has already enough sh!t on her for ppl to pick on, she doesn't need more
  7. Lilith


    2) who is slut shamed sweetpie? I don't see any issues with women that want to be sexy and just go for it without issues. Of course there will be some dickheads that might/will try to slut shame but what can be done abt those? They are dickheads like hello? all that can be done is call them out and move on. It's not like there is jail penalty for it Also don't forget that there is another issue with some women going overboard just as much as the very same idiots that will attempt to slut shame for their reasons (stupid or not depends). An "inspiration" will be to see Britney in her lingerie walking around onstage and sing abt being okay to be sexyyy and b0p b0p b0p right? She doesn't have to. She already f**king has openly embrassed her sex image since decades to favor her career. She is not going to go further than that. If she does, it will be just another popstar that jumped on that bandwagon. Nothing more nothing less. 3) Hell yeah I will argue that they do have equality nowadays. And I say that as a privileged female myself Like I said, there is very little to do abt the equality arguments nowadays, it's major issue mainly in middle east, not the western world. Not anymore and definitely NOT extreme the #metoo movement is trash and can choke in a dumpster for all I give a f**k. It doesn't HELP the actual victims. It's just a hateful movement that has only one agenda, to target men and accuse them/destroy their lives WITHOUT PROOFS. It's not "a lot of men" sweetpea. Very few got actually indeed proved being predators, and heyyy a LOT of women also get away with being predators themselves btw, where is the outrage about them hmm??? I didn't see equally the same outrage for women predators. I mean lmfaooo even a leading FEMALE figure got exposed as predator but I didn't see even 1% of the same outrage abt her. That movement is absolute g-a-r-b-a-g-e. Period 4) Who is triggered honeykittiepie? If anything I explained why it's a sh!t idea for Britney to do a song like this. Your mumbo jumpo sh!t excuse abt Britneyyyy being controversial with such song makes no sense. She will be seen just like the rest popstars that did jump on the same bandwagon nothing more if anything it's very much likely she will make lots of eyebrows to raise in question if she does an "empowering" song for sex image and equality and sh!t due to how she is known as a popstar that has been using to this day the sex image to death oh and not to mention how she shamed sex workers in her Criminal video btw You better hope ppl won't catch up on that and point it out on media bc it will be f**king hilariously embarrassing shaming sex workers in one vid, using the sex workers in another vid (GM), using the strippers theme in another, dressing like one, boosting her sexy image and next minute she will start preaching abt ppl to be sexy and equality and #meToooooo movement? I need to laugh. a lot. 5) the grammys mean jack.sh!t. face it. MORE talented artists than britney will ever be never got a grammy, but somehow u think Britney getting one will totally deserve it rite? LMAO sure honey. 6) First off it's not your "gay website". Secondly I'm not a woman hater but i won't stand either listening to dumbass sh!t so. It's up to women to start getting more and more into more fields that where/or still are occupied mainly by men workers. The pay gap has been already been improving since YEARS actually, and in fact there is nowadays also lots of jobs where women can get hired over men too or get higher salaries than men. The gap is swifting in some fields, while it gets smaller and smaller in others. It's not so much about discrimination, it's a lot of other factors that do play a part like eg: the numbers of women in a said field that was predominably occupied by men only that has started changing and taking in more women, amount of experience,some workplaces still having discrimination existing but also the said women in those particular places not wanting to ask for a raise due to fear for losing their jobs, women also started getting into more and different fields/getting more degrees and getting absorbed by different industries that had mostly men workers. There is a LOT of improvement that has been made in the past decades and keeps getting better with each year. It's also up to women themselves too to make their choices in several other degrees as well and not wait for the gap to get fixed itself miraculously The more women start entering certain fields, the faster the issue will get fixed with time 7) You did get what u wanted thooo. You have equal rights with everyone else. Unless u live in middle east or smth? Being gay there is dangerous soooo How about u start seeing the wider picture and stop whining for things u already have? There will be always problematic ppl in the world and around us, just like how there will be still problematic ppl that have issue with women there will be ppl that have issue with lgbt as well. Sure it's ridiculous to have an issue at first place, but it's not something that will ever stop existing completely. As long everyone have their rights, their voice, the brains and means to fight/get what they need and want then i don't see an issue
  8. Lilith


    2) she doesn't have to tho. She was always openly using her sex image to this day, it's not something she would be shy about and she doesn't have to say it. What's the point? Telling ppl to be sexy and do what they want? They already do that. 3) they already HAVE equality. What else is left there to use? The #metoo movement? Because we already established that's a hypocritical hateful movement that's only targeting men without proofs. And many leading figures behind the movement got exposed being sexual predators themselves. 4) there won't be any controversy. Just the typical sheepish praisal for an "empoweringggggg" song eventho there isn't anything to empower LMAO i mean lgbt do have their rights, women as well and so on. She will be just another artist that jumped on that bandwagon like everybody else did. It won't be "new", won't be controversial or shocking or whatever else. And yes it will be a bandwagon just like how she jumped on the lgbt supp000rt bandwagon when she started flopping, to gain the favor of lgbt base. 5) ah because the grammys are somehow 100% legit right? they are totally legit and anyone who gets a grammy totally deserves it right? give a sh!t for grammys. There's artists that are super talented and far more talented that never got a grammy. So 6) ummmmmmm gender pay gaps keep getting smaller each year and theres also jobs where women do earn more than men in the same field and do get hired over men too while this issue still exists it's not just discrimination, in lots of cases it's not even discrimination but an issue of the field they work on which has more men applying for it than women. I won't analyze this further it will open a whole new convo. What about birth control btw and abortions? Any problem with those? Women can get those if they want so whats the problem? Years ago it was more of a problem for abortions due to social standards but nowadays it's not, not that extreme anyways, besides each case is rly unique so we can't even enforce specific standards abt abortion bc theres literally dozens of reasons for getting one the world is not perfect sweetie but let's not act like there is a hugeeeeee issueeee with equal rights because nowadays there is not and the gaps do get smaller each year little by little so. The major issue with huge gender problems and equality is in bumf**k middle east countries, not in the western world sweetheart 7) a song of a movement supposedly for equal rights would be f**king cringe as hell. Every sorry ass p00pstar has tried that already. You want Britney to jump on that too? Lame af we don't need such song. Women already got what they wanted, lgbt already got what they wanted too. They need to stfu abt it at this point if anything
  9. Lilith


    Big fat no 1) this wouldn't do jack sh!t for her fanbase. 2) her "past" image? it's her image to this day tho, she keeps using it to sell more but yes why not! it will look totally sane Britney that has been always using that image since forever to suddenly start making fun of it 3) empowering for what reason exactly? there isn't anything else left for empowering or sh!t, women and lgbt have their rights just fine. And the #metoo movement is actually trash. It doesn't even help the real victims, it's a hypocritical hateful "movement" that started targeting and accussing men of sexual harassment and sh!t without any solid proofs. The hilarious thing also is that leading figures and organizers of the metoo movement got exposed as sexual predators themselves. Hypocrites 4) ah u mean just like how everyone now suddenly remembered to use it to scream "hayyy i support lgbt/women/victims/ #METOOO #METHREEE" for positive pointS? Then yeah lets have Britney to jump on that bandwagon too. She already jumped on the "i luvvv my gays" bandwagon too years ago when she started flopping to use her gay fanbase. 5) the critics won't say anything different from what they do now. If anything the smart ones will question how come and Britney who has been always using that image to this day to benefit her career suddenly is making fun of it? So ... 6) the rallies and empower movements are embarrassing nowadays for the most part. There isn't anything else left to rally for. they have the rights they wanted and even more actually. The feminazis need to shut the f**k up too 7) "iconic" ... sorry I had to laugh here and Work Bitch needs to get a painful and slow death. This EDM trash song should have never been released.