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  1. I Love if she do somethin like Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814, she even did a cover of Black Cat
  2. Pampita.. lol actually she is so beautiful and her boyfriend is
  3. Omg me too!! and when sings: "My hearts on fire when you're around" i thought she was singing : "My hearts on fire but you're a gun" i was like WTF??
  4. Not alone, Not alone, not alone

    Not alone, Not alone, not alone

    (well actually i am)


    1. BritneyEra

      Lol thank you it was a joke.. but you are cute :)

  5. Sounds Great, at least is not the crazy ***** ***** of Rybellion
  6. There's no beginning and there's no end, feels like i'm dreaming but i'm not sleeping :martin:

  7. Honey that place is infected with one thing **** and perverts, pedophillia and sort of terrible things..
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