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  1. I thought her cma performance outfit here screamed Britney https://images.app.goo.gl/Qyv284ftrZujrioo8 https://images.app.goo.gl/oqEYfy34MLpCRxff6
  2. I still wonder about the deleted threads from about a year ago, with a YouTube video link that was a possible promo vid. There were no names or brands on the vid, just a hot chick that looked like it could be Brit walking around, some men, and some mad 50 Shades of Grey vibes. The video was promptly deleted. The thread was promptly deleted. My thread asking wtf was going on.. Promply deleted. Then Domination promo started, which seemed to be in the same vein as the video, but- Never heard or saw anything about again.
  3. Billie is awesome. Her music is awesome. She is herself and gives no f**ks. Just bought both of her albums. They're awesome.
  4. “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” Jiddu Krishnamurti
  5. The way the last two pics are stretched out on my phone is making them literally look as skinny as a needle! I like her hoodie! And her hair!
  6. Can you believe that the actress who plays Kendra was still being cast as a high schooler 20 yrs later???!!! Better Kendra be dead than her career. Purple is Brits color, she needs to commit. Certain greens and blues, also, but she looks great in any shade of purple.
  7. Not the same dress tho She looks amazing in all the outfits, but can she burn that hideous blue/pink clown outfit, that's not even a good costume, let alone a good dress!
  8. Embracing her feminine spirit! Breaking free from the shackles of the patriarchy! Love it
  9. This, This, And THIS!! My opinion is that she is trying to put on the same persona she used to, but something's lost in translation between the dichotomy of the sweet naivety of yesteryear and the bad ***** boss she's matured into. Due to her situation, I don't think she has had an honest and healthy way to grow and meld those two sides.
  10. Is this about the vocal fry? Isn't everyone doing it now?? I really think it originated from societies overcompensation for female upspeak. Like total chippy valley girl to indifferent emo chick.
  11. Yeah, but to be fair, I think some fans and trolls might not know the differences either.
  12. The blind I read said Janets secret love child was pregnant and that Janet was going to pass this child off as her own, because she wasn't able to raise her daughter.
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