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  1. mid 2015 is when i noticed her face shifting and the joker smile made it's first appearance
  2. the guy who keeps mentioning her voice needs to shut up and enjoy the bops
  3. break the ice sends me into another dimension when i'm stoned, like i'm floating through a wormhole in space yes, it makes you feel like you're apart of the song, you can practically feel the melody flowing through your veins tip: get high, put in earphones, sit down, close your eyes, and play your favourite music best feeling ever
  4. I remember seeing a video from POM where she took out her in-ear monitor when talking to the Freakshow victim, it was her friend and she gave him the mic to sing BOMT imitating her voice
  5. I listen to How I Roll almost daily but barely ever listen to If I'm Dancing How I Roll is just more appealing to me
  6. yeah when i saw "wind machine" i was like....... sis don't u mean a fan
  7. I love Britney Jean, it's not a good album by any means but the songs are really catchy It's the first Britney album I ever bought
  8. i collect funko pops and it irritates me so much that they don't have pop stars (that people care about) they'd have so much to work with if they did stars like Gaga, britney, beyoncé, madonna, cher, and other pop icons ugh
  9. what? really? i thought pom had completely new dancers because they held auditions in the IABJ documentary
  10. i've always wondered this i've always assumed they get paid very well but i don't know
  11. so many people are voting bomt omg y'all are old but i became a fan during britney jean so i can't judge
  12. I really hope they come through and bring the Vegas props on tour this time... The problem with the Asian tour was that the stage was constantly empty, nothing to look at except Britney's ticks and her dancers. At least in Vegas there's the tree, the guitar, magic entrance, the dywco pole, the slave fountain pole thing, the ring of fire, angel wings, etc... On last year's tour there was a cheap stripper pole that was constantly on the verge of breaking. That's it... All we can do is pray.
  13. Britney is known for having huge, well produced, extravagant, visually stunning tours. Even when her performing wasn't at it's best (circus tour, femme fatale tour) she still delivered great production and the shows looked great. The problem with the upcoming POM tour, is that the production is not good, at all. In Vegas, the show looks amazing. But that's because the show was MADE for that theatre, and it includes all the props. But during the Asian tour last year, Britney barely brought any props and the show just looked SO cheap, it was embarrassing. The Asian tour was missing the tree, the guitar, magic entrance, the dywco pole, the slave fountain pole thing, the ring of fire, angel wings, etc... All it had was the cheap stripper pole and the MATM wooden wall things... That is literally it. I'm afraid that the general public are getting their hopes up and buying Britney tickets hoping for a great show, and they're just gonna be let down. If she replicated the Vegas stage and actually brought all the props, it'd be a different story. But walking out onto an empty stage with nothing but a screen behind you and performing the way she is now (ADHDney) and lipping to 20 year old vocals... It's just gonna be a mess. I LOVE her but this is just the tea.
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