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  1. I'm not an Iggy fan at all, I find her kinda annoying. But I'm glad she's not suicidal anymore. Group thinking can be vicious sometimes.
  2. brit4u1998

    rumor Celebrity Psychic Reads Britney's Future

    That psychic was right!
  3. I think that if she keeps promoting and releasing albums, and not give up with this album, she will do a bit better in sales. Even the biggest mainstream artists are struggling to meet 300,000+ sales nationally, in the USA.
  4. I think it did fine considering she kept delaying her release date.
  5. I'll always be a fan, but it's obvious she doesn't like the spotlight as much anymore. If she did, she'd be killing it on stage a lot more!
  6. It was a great time to be a Britney fan. I first saw her ...Baby One More Time video in January of 1999, about two days before winter break ended for school. I will never forget seeing the then 16/17 year old Britney dancing in the hallways! Although, from my research, the video had already came out in September/October of 1998. And then she took a break around August 2004. Little did I know, 1998 to 2004 will NEVER be repeated again. Oh well, I had a great 5/6 years seeing her shine so bright that she attracted hate, like honey attracts bees! She had so much charisma that everyone was talking about her! Everyone knew her! For a few years, she was the biggest thing walking on this earth, even Jennifer Lopez couldn't compete with her charisma.
  7. brit4u1998

    other Pet peeves people do in regards to Britney

    When Billboard rounds up her soundscan sales on her albums.
  8. brit4u1998

    exhale 1998 to 2004 will never be repeated

    She wasn't fully famous until about late Spring/early Summer 1999. And if we were to include 2005, maybe the first two, or three months? She was definitely not as popular in 2005 as she was in 2000/2001/2002.
  9. brit4u1998

    exhale 1998 to 2004 will never be repeated

    From 1999 to 2004, you could guarantee that you would have Britney in the news for doing something, somewhere. The first 4 album eras were GOAT!
  10. brit4u1998

    Summer Smash! Camila Cabello's Next Single Is...

    I was thinking this too. Misstep. It might derail her for a few months.
  11. brit4u1998

    exhale 1998 to 2004 will never be repeated

    I would compare it to Madonna's era of 1984 to 1992. But Madonna was bigger, obviously. But it's that era where an artist just shines, and can't do no wrong.