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  1. Awwww I was hoping it was gonna come with more pics from the shoot
  2. I think a lot of the GP would honestly still think Myah is Britney if they were under the pretense that it *is* Britney. But in all honesty, when Britney doesn’t sound exactly like she does in let’s say “3” (super baby voice) they get questionable. I remember in 2014 Chelsea Handler accused Perfume not being sung by Britney at all, which is funny considering that’s one of the only songs with her vocals entirely. I understand your point, I think I just started projecting my anger @ fans who *do* get mad whenever they realize a background singer who isnt Britney is present it reminds me of some time in 2014/15 when a fan went to the Britney store that was inside Planet Hollywood and they recorded a video that showed “Feet on the Ground” by Myah was playing (that store’s gimmick was that it ONLY played Britney)
  3. Girl no disrespect but come on lol first and foremost those demos sound NOTHING like her. Sure a non fan would probably believe it if they listened like once in the background and believe it’s her as long as they read “_____ - Britney Spears” but even a casual fan/non stan would be able to be like “wtf? lol that’s not Britney” Even back in 2013 when I was playing Britney Jean (before the Myah mess blew up) my mom was listening too and said “eh, this doesn’t sound like Britney at all” which I thought was funny because look what happened lol I think it’s easy to trick the GP with Myah songs but if they ever do another release where Myah is dubbing for Britney the fans will be so quick to call it out I wish fans would stop ranking SITS with Britney Jean. Yes there is a background singer who is a tad bit louder than Britney but the BGV are NOT meant to fill in for Britney nor is the singer even trying to copy Britney’s voice. There’s a difference between enhancing someone’s voice by adding BGV vs trying to pass off someone else’s vocals as the singer entirely. This is not the case if SITS My question for this entire fanbase is why don’t you guys give this same energy to Early Mornin’ and He About to Lose Me? Where the hooks are entirely sung by background singers? Heck, why don’t you guys give this same energy to Toxic where Britney is heavily backed up by Cathy Dennis?? Or the entirety of her first two albums where Britney is backed up by a choir and Max Martin? background singers have been with Britney her entire career but this fanbase swears they’ve been sold a lie for the last 20 years. We’ve had 1 badly produced album and you guys have to re-examine her entire career and question EVERYTHING. Background singers singing hooks, harmonizing, or being notably heard throughout entire songs is NOT just a Britney thing it is industry standard. This is the ONLY fanbase who gets pissed when they hear anyone but the main artist it is honestly really annoying lol ariana grande stans get excited when they hear Victoria Monet in the background. Victoria Money has an amazing similar tone to Ariana and is present on a lot of her songs. Victoria Monet isn’t trying to pass herself off as Ariana though, she’s just doing her job as a background vocalist. the producers for Britney Jean really messed up because Myah Marie was definitely lead on some parts of the album, but her vocals were beautifully mixed in Circus and Femme Fatale. No one complained then lol
  4. In knee’s mind this song and Boys went number 1 around the world and it’s more iconic than BOMT and Oops
  5. Break the Ice was the planned single version, though I don’t believe it was ever released officially Genuinely don’t know about Gimme More feat TI. Funnily enough I think in 2018(?) TI said he’s always dreamed of working with Britney. It seems he doesn’t even know about Tik Tik Boom i believe Scream & Shout and TTWE are real too, but again I’m not sure if they were ever “officially released” or just leaked on the web. these tracks all genuinely confuse me and I never knew where they came from. If I’m not mistaken they came from random radio airplay someone mentioned the gimme more remix with lil kim which IS official. You can find it on Britney’s page on streaming platforms as well as iTunes. The official release version is censored quite a bit but there’s a leaked version online that’s uncensored
  6. This is definitely the direction I saw them going for with B10. Still chill like Glory but a little more uptempo and electronic
  7. It’d be interesting if this docuseries was set up in a Tiger King kind of way. Where both parties think it’s gonna put then in a flattering light but it’s entirely obvious/up to the GP to determine how ****ed the entire situation is.
  8. is it possible this is being pushed out by her dad and her new business manager aka MJ’s former business manager? If so......not good
  9. Clumsy is a fun song! I would definitely say it deserved to be a bonus track and Mood Ring could’ve taken its place but it’s still a fun song. I like it more than Hard To Forget Ya (ironically the most forgettable track)
  10. In terms of “drugs” I mean it was probably just weed yes she’s high as a kite but like lol (maybe coke too, idk) it just wasn’t a good look. Britney seemed like she was trying to impress everyone around her ESPECIALLY Kevin. She honestly looked a lil desperate and then underneath all the trying to please everyone you get glimpses of her being really really sad. Like that whole part where she’s analyzing the painting. I’m not gonna lie, I watch it every now and again, but it was definitely a low point in her career
  11. I don’t like responses like this. Up until 2008 Britney always at least sang 1 song in her show live and during the ITZ era she typically sang along when doing live performances (only to be dubbed later). I really think the lip syncing is a byproduct of her team censoring her and keeping her mic OFF. Even with the POM soundboards leaking from 2014 she’s singing along with Perfume With that said this broke headlines. Miss Lou probably sent out a lot of cease and desists lol that’s why it’s so hard to find
  12. I’m pretty sure this is where matches came from
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