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  1. That audio is filtered. That snippet is from a rehearsal video the choreographers posted. The grunting effect is filtered.
  2. The OP said SoundCloud detects the tracks and deletes them ASAP. So they only uploaded small snippets. The Everytime track is longer to try to prove their validity. Idk if y’all recall Cosmik’s studio version, but that was definitely NOT Brit in his recreation of that interlude. Again, unless it’s a great filter of a fan’s audio, I think we have the real things right here.
  3. That's what I said. I distinctly remember Break the Ice getting frequent pre-recorded vocal changes during this time (unless these were live vocals). You can hear them CLEARLY in Gimme More, which is easier to find on YouTube than it is for BTI
  4. I get what you mean I think. I guess they turned her mic down low to the audience but it would still be heard in the soundboard? Not sure how that works but it would be interesting to hear if these files are real, which they really sound to be IMO
  5. I don’t know what you’re talking about exactly. The Japan soundboard audio has all of her speeches too. So why is this unusual?
  6. Part of me really wishes this happened because I think the music would’ve been x10000000 better which would’ve helped soften the blow for how lame the whole era played out (no promo, two singles, etc) but part of me is also grateful because I feel like Britney would’ve suffered some backlash. Miley came out with an “urban” album and people attacked her for cultural appropriation. Woke culture became really big later that year. Britney didn’t need to be subjected to that imo
  7. https://soundcloud.com/jaxon-*******s-763978284/real-piece-of-me-show-soundboard-clips https://soundcloud.com/jaxon-*******s-763978284/100-real-lightnesseverytime-interlude-soundboard-clip HOLY CRAP GUYS "THIS IS 10000% REAL!!!! NO BULL. This is a real direct live soundboard given to me from the band members themselves. This audio is exactly what came out of the planet Hollywood speakers! Enjoy" That is the description from the Soundcloud clip! Before anyone tries calling these out as fake you guys need to listen closely! Listen to the tiny bit of the Lucky snippet! It doesn't sound filtered and even if it is it sounds GREAT. Also the Angelic/Everytime interlude!!! AHHH! And also you can hear the pre-recorded vocals that lasted from 2013-2016 very clearly!! This is huge! The OP says these came straight from the band and they're from 2014. In case you're wondering why the Perfume audio sounds like it has pre-recorded vocals (because for those of you that remember, the band seemingly just turned on Britney Jean and skipped to track 3) those are actually live vocals! Here is a comment on the track for those of you who can't see it: Britney Studio Version! at 1:05: @mathcarmignani You cant here it live. Her mic was turned as low as possible as said my her band. Her band told me that she defentily sang but you cant here it live. So without the audience you can hear it. Its 100% real and live Posted 2 days ago2 days ago Britney Studio Version! at 1:05: @mathcarmignani they said she didnt always sing but you could never hear it on videos or in person anyway because it was turned so low. So you can hear it in this real audio since theres less screaming. Hope that makes you belive it 😊 What do you guys think? Someone try to get this user to send them the full file! I WANNA HEAR LUCKY AGAIN I ONLY HEARD IT LIVE ONCE AND IT WAS BEAUTIFUL
  8. This was the direction for B8. Danja and a bunch of other hip-hop producers were confirmed. Then all of a sudden we got what we got lmao i love the instrumental in this version!! Drag the choreography all you want but I really wonder what they were gonna do visually for the Domination performance. At least in person with the overhead projections+main screen, the S&S interlude was really cool in POM. Especially when they added the lasers.
  9. Exactly this!!! I was in sixth grade when OOTB came out and I loved it! The pop-rock direction seemed super authentic and she only proved that more during her MTV Unplugged which I still love to this day. That cover of Hackensack? Beautiful. “Lost” is a song that has resonated with me more as I got older and I love that a lot. Katy lost me with Teenage Dream. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I didn’t love pop music at the time (trust me I did) but it just didn’t sound authentic for her. It sounded so forced. It was cool to see my peers getting more into her but the album was such a huge shift from OOTB. To this day, despite Teenage Dream being praised so much by others, I STILL can’t get into it. It’s so childish. I still bop to ET though, but literally any singer could have sang that. Prism was a decent album. I definitely enjoyed it more than Teenage Dream, but it was then that I gave up on Katy being the cool pop rock chick I discovered. She was just someone who made cute but forgettable pop songs. I never listened to Witness beyond the singles and still don’t have much of a desire to. I really hope that one day she goes back and strips down her music more to what One of the Boys was like. I love *that* Katy Perry
  10. PLEASE do a cool hard hitting remix of Oops!! That song seriously lacks any cool remixes that have brought it into present day whilst still keeping the same energy as the original
  11. The timing of when this cover came out has always been...interesting to me For some reason I imagine this is what they were gonna use for the intro for Domination (especially when that unverified source described the show’s intro as “orchestral”)
  12. THANK 👏🏼 YOU 👏🏼 Glory was the perfect example that Britney doesn’t “need” the producers that this fanbase love to play safe with. Everybody here will always cry about how she needs to work with Danja or Max Martin again and create “2.0’s” instead of embracing growth and new ideas as an artist. when I heard 911 by Gaga I immediately thought of Britney. Gaga’s kinda flighty tone she has throughout the song, the epic instrumental intro, the out of this world production. This song is killer. The rest of Chromatica still has to grow on me but this track was an immediate love. I would LOVE if Britney sang this song/a song like this. It’s trippy, it’s weird, it’s cool, hip, and fun!
  13. pls remake the slave 4 u domination remix. Actually pls remix any Britney track so it has trap influences.
  14. I’ve thought this too. But the album is not cohesive by any means in my opinion. The first four tracks of the album are such a rollercoaster. The somber sounds of Alien, segues into the hard EDM track Work *****, then the soft ballad Perfume, and back into a hard hitting EDM track It Should Be Easy. It’s ALL over the place. I don’t support Dr. Luke, but if he did anything else for Britney Jean I’d be interested in hearing it. But like someone else said, I think it’s likely that he was more focused on Prism. As far as the tracks recorded, I share the popular theory that Britney didn’t record anything else for the album. That’s why we haven’t gotten any demos from the album that weren’t used on the album. Also stop coming for Myah! Lol she had no control of her vocals being used for lead. That is the producer’s fault.
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