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  1. This is also true for Me Against the Music, right? I always thought it was funny seeing videos of Britney performing MATM internationally and the crowd singing along & loving it vs when I saw her live in Vegas 2 times and the crowd sorta just went quiet lol
  2. THANK YOUUUUUU. The Britney album is one of my least favorites because of this very fact. The difference in sound/themes is so jarring. If the whole album sounded like Slave/Boys I would be really into it (I think she wanted to call it Shock Your Mind, initially). I always found the parallels between the Britney album and Britney Jean interesting. Britney was her third album, Britney Jean was the third album after Britney’s comeback. Both albums were marketed as extremely personal, and let’s be honest, this can be debated for both albums. Also both albums were overshadowed by bigger projects, and thus suffered from them: Crossroads & Piece of Me (I say suffered because Britney got an inconsistent sound due to the merging of two albums and Britney Jean...well, let’s stop there) and also yes! Britney’s tour was sponsored by Pepsi
  3. This! for some reason I understood the topic as her actual dancing skills if she underperformed lol Watch any nonfan’s reaction to her discography/videography, they never seem to know anything between Slave-Toxic and that is 100% because of the radio ban. “Britney” is considered her peak, but ironically the music/singles didn’t leave much of a lasting impact besides Slave 4 U. It really is a shame.
  4. Lambs literally say Bryan, or “Tanaka” (lol), is the third member of “dem babies” lol it’s not just us. They aren’t fans of him either. The reasons are pretty similar, as well. I feel like the disliking of Sam started so randomly. I logged on one day and people just hated him. I don’t understand why. We know so little about him. Britney seems happy around him and this is her longest relationship. I think it’ll be interesting if she drops him once the conservatorship is dropped, but until then I can’t form a good opinion
  5. It’s clear as day Britney has anxiety, which is totally normal. Everyone accepts that. No one believes she has dementia lmfao
  6. I peed my pants to 4 minutes whilst driving home in traffic alskdskfmfkg
  7. Jamie was an abusive drunk. I don’t think it’s unfair to rule it out
  8. Coupure Électrique was the best sequel to Blackout I could have asked for. It’s moody atmospheric production, despite not sounding anything like Blackout, captured the essence and energy of what made Blackout so special. Perhaps it was the haunting instrumental, her distorted vocals, whatever. Something about the song, to me at least, was the best “2.0” I could ask for. The tribute was perfect, I don’t want Britney to rehash old ideas or work with producers who haven’t grown since 2006/07. Danja hasn’t grown as an artist. His music STILL sounds like Blackout. That’s not exciting or new. but also I don’t want anything new til this girl is FREE and she’s doing it on her OWN terms
  9. I mean nothing about Oops I Did It Again tells me it should be set on Mars in all honesty the video sounded interesting. Like a grown up version of Stronger/meets Criminal. I think the timing was unfortunate for that concept though, which I feel is the likely reason it was canned
  10. I doubt if that’s the reason, honestly. In all fairness, it’s probably best this was scrapped. Gun violence in the US was becoming an extremely rampant issue by the time this video was released. I want to say the Sandy Hook shooting happened only less than a year before this video premiered. On top of that, I think they wanted to avoid another Criminal situation. Team B and Britney, no pun intended, really dodged a bullet on this video IMO. Also that pic of Britney with a gun always sends me
  11. the ignoring of Piece of Me's performance of the song..................... lmao i love 2000s VMAs. It is the greatest remix of the song ever and she passion that night is just insane. I also did like Piece of Me's remix of the song too, ngl. I was just let down by the actual performance itself
  12. I’m really tired of the idea of Britney being/not being “Primeney”. Isn’t it time for us fans to stop with that? Britney is never going to be 19 again. She also said in 2005/06 that she knew her dancing wouldn’t ever be the same after her injury. Why do we continue to hold our favorite stars at an impossible level of perfection? no, this performance wasn’t “Primeney” or close to it. But I absolutely loved it. She slayed the hell out of it. She was clearly really into it and the crowd was into it too. It’s my favorite performance of the 2010s
  13. i agree! I wasn’t a fan of the BTI bit that we did see, but I am not going to let a 10 second clip determine my opinion for the entire number, let alone the ENTIRE show (we didn’t even see production, just plain sound stage dance rehearsal and fans are like IT WAZ JUST GuNA bE pIeCE Of mE 3.0!!) NappyTabs is INCREDIBLE at what they do. The rumors about what they were gonna do for the show sounded INCREDIBLE. Even if I wasn’t a fan of some of the choreography, I know the production was going to be INCREDIBLE. if anything, the show was going to be a TCSBS 2.0 in that regard. I was really hyped up for the show. I hope stuff for it leaks tbh
  14. Rumors floating around at the time suggested Miley wanted to film a music video for it ASAP but Britney couldn’t fit it into her schedule. This happened again in 2015 when Giorgio Moroder said he wanted Tom’s Diner to have the full single treatment but talked about how Britney was unavailable due to how busy she was in Vegas. Fans called this reason bull**** because we went in to see Pretty Girls and Glory roll out with music videos and more. There were however rumors that circulated pre-2016 that Britney’s Vegas contact said there were to be no performances outside of Planet Hollywood (including MVs too I guess?) with that said this song is a whole *** bop. I was like 16 when this album came out and I remember EVERYONE at school was talking about it. I was extremely indifferent towards SMS when I first heard it but was genuinely shocked to hear that everyone thought it was a good song?!
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